Test Drive The New CoPilot Truck GPS App For iOS

Calling all iPhone and iPad truck drivers: The new CoPilot Truck GPS app for iOS is now available to download! Drivers can hit the road with confidence, knowing that CoPilot Truck GPS  provides them with industry standard offline truck navigation and commercial vehicle route planning powered by PC*MILER.

So…what’s in it for you, the truck driver?

Enhanced Driver Safety

Driver distraction has remained a huge concern among truck drivers. A redesigned safety view allows drivers to focus on the most important thing, driving. The improved safety view provides you all the information you need such as next turn, ETA, speed limits, distance and any approaching delays. 

Powerful Route Planning Powered by PC*MILER

With industry standard PC*MILER  routing, CoPilot Truck calculates your route according to your vehicle size/class and the load you’re hauling to ensure you’re always safe and compliant while avoiding costly fines or vehicle damage. A choice of 3 routes and comprehensive multi-stop trip planning for up to 100 stops. Plan or modify all your routes with our trip optimization feature and CoPilot Truck will put them in the best order.

Simplified Menus for a Driver-friendly Interface

CoPilot Truck’s user interface has been completely redesigned to put the tools drivers need on the road a tap away. Providing you with quick, easy access to search and planning tools…enabling you to stay focused on the road, improving both your efficiency and satisfaction.

Reliable Offline Maps

CoPilot Truck does not need a mobile connection so there’s no risk of being left stranded in mobile dead spots. The maps are stored directly on your phone or tablet. Say goodbye to high data costs or interrupted service 🙂

Test Drive Experience

Includes 14 days FREE offline truck navigation, traffic & route planning all in one app. That’s right, you can try the app without any commitment. If you like the app (we’re sure you will!) you can upgrade to 1 year use of voice-guided navigation and traffic or to the 30 day subscription. Go to Menu > Store to get the upgrade.

Those are just the highlights, so jump in and explore! Download the app update from the App Store today. We hope you enjoy your new CoPilot.

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Good luck! 

How to Avoid Bridge Strikes?

You’ve seen the videos.  A 53 foot trailer hitting a low bridge.  You think, “Why was that driver even routed there in the first place?” The likely answer – they were following a generic, non-truck specific navigation system, designed for use by drivers of smaller, lighter passenger vehicles.  The result?  Costly damages to the truck and any goods being hauled, potential harm to the driver and countless other drivers on the road, and fines for driving on a truck-restricted road. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation we saw a staggering number of 4,209 bridge strikes in the US in 2014.

Bridge Strikes Problem Across the Country:


Red = major problem. Green = minor problem. Yellow = no response.

Bridge strikes are a safety risk to drivers and pedestrians. Since critical strikes cause road traffic delays as well as repair costs for vehicles and infrastructure, they become very expensive for truck drivers. Here are some steps to avoid bridge strikes:

1. Know your vehicle dimensions


Before you set off, make sure that you know your vehicle height and width by heart. Please note that your truck’s weight can vary slightly according to what type of load you are hauling.  By adhering to routes tailored to your load and trailer specifications, you can avoid fines and low bridges.

2. Plan a truck-safe route


Use CoPilot Truck to plan a route that is safe and compliant on truck-legal roads. First, enter your vehicle dimensions in the app. Second, plan your trip. CoPilot will calculate the best route available for your vehicle. Don’t forget to use a GPS that is built for truck drivers and not for cars and takes into account your truck’s size. When your daily life exists on the road as a truck driver, your decisions are impacted by safety, compliance and cost savings.  If you think truck specific navigation isn’t for you – guess again. It pays to have truck specific navigation.

3. Check traffic signs


Last but not least, make sure you always check for traffic signs and other warnings when you approach a bridge.

Here you can find a good practice guide for truck drivers to avoid bridge strikes:


Top 5 Reasons to Upgrade in CoPilot Truck GPS


You have the CoPilot Truck GPS App, but your 14 day trial period has expired? No problem: Upgrade in Copilot Truck GPS now and get 20% off for a limited time only. Just open the app and we’ll guide you from there! Hurry, the offer ends soon. Here are the top 5 reasons to upgrade in CoPilot Truck GPS:

1. Safe and reliable navigation on truck-legal roads


2. Free traffic to help you find the fastest route through traffic


3. Millions of truck POIs including truck services, fuel and rest areas


4. Find the Best Route for Multi-stop Trips


5. Lane assist guidance with road signage and unique ClearTurn™ view


You don’t have the CoPilot Truck GPS app yet? Go to the Google PlayStore, download the app and test truck navigation for 14 days for free.

Traffic is Costing Truckers, Avoid the Jams with CoPilot Truck

According to the American Transport Research Institute’s study of the national highway system, truckers lost 728 million hours in delivery time to traffic jams in 2014.

 A missed or late delivery time ultimately means more costs and less money made.

Get accurate ETAs that factor in traffic so you know if you’re going to miss your delivery time and call ahead to alert them. The CoPilot Truck apps come with real-time traffic service to help you see what traffic is headed your way along your route so you can plan accordingly.

traffic truckers

With ActiveTraffic™ you’ll drive smarter while always having the fastest route plus more importantly, save time & money.

To renew or purchase a 12 month ActiveTraffic™ subscription at any time, please follow the steps below:

MyCoPilot > Features & Upgrades and select ActiveTraffic


CoPilot Truck Salutes America’s Veterans

We Salute All Veterans!

CoPilot Truck stands and proudly salutes the millions of American Veterans who have so bravely fought for our country. We thank our Veterans and their families for the sacrifices they’ve made and all they have done for American throughout history.

Veterans are all around us – you just may not recognize them without their uniforms. They’re among us as construction workers, engineers, and very commonly, truck drivers!

In fact, 32% of veterans between the ages of 45-54, as well as 31% between the ages of 55-64, are employed in the transportation industry. Just as they moved America forward during their time in the service, they continue to do so on roads and highways across the country, safely delivering essential goods for our daily lives.

CPT Veterans

Hiring our Heroes is a U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation that helps veterans and transitioning service men and women find employment. Join us in donating to this meaningful foundation and help make a difference in the life of a veteran and their family.

 Remember to Thank a Vet!
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National Driver Appreciation Week!

It’s National Driver Appreciation Week and we’d like to thank the 3.4 million professional men and woman behind the wheel ensuring our goods are delivered safely and on time.

Over eighty percent of our communities solely depend on the delivery of these goods each and every day. We honor you as you keep moving America forward!

To celebrate we’re having a Truck Driver Appreciation Contest!

ENTER NOW on Facebook or Twitter to win our Premier CoPilot Truck Prize Pack.


Prize pack includes: a CoPilot Truck app for your iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone or tablet, car charger, a portable phone charger and more!

Again thank you to all the drivers on the road and their families worldwide!

Check out our CoPilot Truck Tips:

Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Truck GPS

Best Tips for CoPilot Truck

CoPilot Truck Sale and GATS 2015!

Get CoPilot Truck for 33% Off!

gps for truckers

The key difference between truck-specific navigation compared to a driver using a consumer based app, is a consumer navigation app is going to route you thinking you are a small car while the CoPilot Truck app is taking into account vehicle dimensions and the load you are hauling.

So this does two things, it makes sure you are safe above all else and for example you’re not driving in a tunnel when you’re carrying hazmat materials or going under a low bridge where you can cause expensive vehicle damage and hurt yourself and others around you. Secondly, it’s going to keep you compliant on truck legal road that are designated specifically for your type of truck and restrict you based on any hazmat material you’re hauling.

CoPilot Truck is the only GPS app with industry standard PC*MILER routing for truckers. Sale price is for a limited time only-don’t miss out on connection to real-time ActiveTraffic™ and millions of truck specific POIs.

Want CoPilot Truck? Download Now

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Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Truck GPS

Display POIs along route

Wouldn’t it be great if you could see ONLY gas stations or Truck service POIs while you are driving? Well the good news is – with CoPilot Truck GPS App you can.

Here is how:

  1. Go to Settings and select Map Display
  2. Select “Show POIs on Map
  3. Set POIs on maps to “Always” and tap “Currently displayed POIs
  4. Select POIs you wish to see, for example “Diesel Exhaust Fluid” or “Parking”
  5. Enjoy – you can now see the POIs you want while you drive and easily find the nearest gas station on the route.

gps app for truckers

Save battery power

Enable ‘Power Saving’ mode in CoPilot: The power saver mode under Settings > Power Saving updates the map screen display less frequently and in turn causes less drain on the battery. The trade-off is that your movement along the map will seem a little less smooth than normal, however this will significantly reduce battery consumption. You can switch to ‘Always use low power mode’ for optimum battery performance or automatically switch to low power when the battery drops to 30%.

 gps app for truckers

Manage your maps and save space

If you have downloaded maps of all of North America we’ve got some great news for you: you can cut down on some of that storage.

You don’t actually have to download ALL North America maps, but to save precious space on your mobile/ tablet, you can pick and choose just the maps you need.

For example, if you drive from Boston to Philadelphia you only need to download maps of Eastern US and if you drive from L.A. to Seattle you would only need Southwest and Northwest maps. After the trip you can delete the maps you don’t need, and enjoy the freed space. Just go to MyCoPilot > My Maps.

gps app for truckers

Drive without distraction

We at CoPilot have always been advocates for safe use of technology while driving and we’ve specifically designed our CoPilot truck apps to be as non-distracting as possible. In addition, there are some other ways in which you can adjust your CoPilot Truck GPS App to maximize safety and minimize distraction.

  1. Plan your route before you go
  2. Use the Motion Lock feature under Settings > Motion Lock
  3. Pull over if your route changes
  4. Use ActiveTraffic™ to avoid delays on-route
  5. Customize your route
  6. Use a dash or windshield mount
  7. Know your vehicle’s restrictions
  8. Make sure you are using offline maps
  9. Get rid of screen clutter
  10. Plug your phone into a charger
  11. Resist the urge to fiddle with the device

gps app for truckers

The Best Tips For Your CoPilot Truck – Part 1

Customize your truck routing

Professional drivers know that taking the wrong route can compromise efficiency and safety. CoPilot Truck is truck-specific GPS navigation designed to provide safe and reliable routing on truck-legal roads.

Unlike standard car navigation systems, it calculates efficient routes based on the vehicle profile information, routing parameters and load type, with additional settings for the transportation of hazardous materials.

Here is how you can customize your truck routing:

1. To set up your Truck Routing Profile, tap Route > Truck Routing Profile


2. You can select from a list of industry standard vehicle dimensions or use the ‘Custom size restrictions’ option to enter the Max Height, Max Width, Total Length and Total Weight of your truck.


3. CoPilot Truck routing can also take into account the transportation of hazardous materials. Select one or all from the following categories:

    • Explosives
    • Flammable
    • Harmful to water


4. You can choose whether or not to display truck restrictions on the map.

5. Choose to UseAvoid if Possible or Always Avoid toll roads along your route


6. You can also customize roads and speeds by choosing to Avoid or Favor the following road types:

    1. Motorways
    2. Dual Carriageways
    3. Primary roads
    4. Secondary roads
    5. Local streets

7. Choose whether or not to display truck warnings of known potential hazards on your route.