The Difference Between Free GPS Navigation Apps and CoPilot

Sometimes you get what you pay for. Unfortunately, if that includes a free GPS navigation app, the results can leave you lost and stranded with no way to find your way home.

Many free or cheap GPS navigation apps are “online,” meaning they rely on a mobile data network to stream the map you see on your device. This means no connection, no map. No map, no navigation.

This is most likely to happen at the most inopportune time when you’re farthest away from civilization in an unknown location.

CoPilot, however, all maps are stored onboard your device. This way, no matter where you travel, even if you have zero bars and no data, you will still have ready to use maps and navigation. It gives you peace of mind to travel how and where you want.



Video Transcription:

Many of the free apps and the cheaper apps out there, are what we would call “online” navigation apps. So they are reliant on the mobile data network to provide you with mapping. Which is great when you have a great 4G or 3G signal. But if you’re in a situation where there is no coverage then there’s always a change you could be left without maps.

When you’re driving that could be a pretty dramatic situation. So with CoPilot, all of the maps are stored onboard your device. The intention is to ensure that you always have maps, no matter where you go and no matter what the status is of your data connection.

CoPilot Cloud saves your favs

Losing or breaking your phone is such an hassle. Besides the cost of a replacement device, you have to spend time reinstalling all your apps and re-entering hundreds of pieces of information.


We know the feeling. To make things a little easier we’ve introduced CoPilot Cloud. With this feature, you can automatically backup your important CoPilot information (licenses, maps, contacts, favorites, etc.) to the cloud. So, if you drop your phone in the pool or leave it on vacation, you don’t waste time manually re-entering all your information.


Our senior software engineer Rob Irving explains more in this video.


Video Transcription:

The state of mobile right now is people are used to losing their phones or getting a new phone every two years. CoPilot Cloud is a feature that allows you to back up your saved places and recent destinations so that if you lose your phone or break your phone, when you get a new one and reinstall CoPilot, you can get all your favorites and recents right there, without having to re-enter everything.

GPS Navigation Voice Commands for Windows Phone 8


Microsoft is making a big push for the usability, versatility and intelligence of Cortana, the virtual personal assistant on Windows Phone. Like Apple’s Siri, Cortana enables voice command functionality for phones running Windows Mobile 8.1 operating system.


We were able to take advantage of this amazing technology for our CoPilot Premium and GPS apps.


Without even opening your CoPilot app, you can activate Cortana and tell it to take you to work or home (it’s definitely more fun to have it take you home). This will automatically launch CoPilot and plot your trip for you. It’s a great feature for anyone (everyone) who is ever running late or has both hands already occupied.

Helpful Hint: ActiveRoutes Shows Your Best Way To Go

Whether you’re traveling on roads you know – or some you don’t – one thing is for sure: you don’t want to be stuck in traffic.

Powered by INRIX, our new ActiveRoutes feature will select the best route for you based on actual road speeds.

So if you’re used to taking highway 55 every morning at 8am but you’re running late and won’t get to that road until 9:30am, historically there could be slower traffic at that specific time. ActiveRoutes will actively (see what we did there?) route you to your destination faster by choosing a different way.

To select ActiveRoutes as your preferred routing method, go to Route menu and select Vehicle Preferences



ActiveRoutes  requires a subscription to our ActiveTraffic service. We offer you 12 months free ActiveTraffic when you purchase CoPilot Premium.

If your subscription has expired and you need to purchase ActiveTraffic, go to Settings > ActiveTraffic and select Buy Now.

activetraffic buy


Safe – and traffic free – travels!

Team CoPilot

Helpful Hint: Master Map Management

In the world of Candy Crush, 2048 and Boom Beach, we know that storage is precious on any smartphone. Rather than having to choose between deleting pictures you intend to Instagram at some point or your podcasts, let CoPilot give you some much needed space back.

If you’ve got the entire region of North America or USA  downloaded – good for you! – but did you know you can select maps by smaller regions to cut down on some of that storage space.


You’re either licensed to the entire North America (USA & Canada)  or United States map so the maps are yours to keep but you don’t need them downloaded all at once. You can switch between your map regions depending on what part of the country you’re in.

If you’re unsure which states are in the specific regions, simply tap on Map Info to learn more.


Beat the Heat: Save your devices from overheating

As temperatures rise, devices are at risk of overheating whether trapped in the car or laying outside during summer BBQs or pool parties.

burned phone

To keep your device functioning properly, follow these simple rules:

Shade is your friend

Avoid using your device in direct sunlight. Opt instead to take a break from the sun and use your device in a nice shady area.

Let it breathe

If you think your phone is slowing down and not able to perform basic tasks, it’s probably started to overheat. Take off any protective case on the device to let the cooler air help lower the temperature.

Use CoPilot offline

We already have your maps and that’s all you need if your phone is beginning to overheat. Go to the Settings > Cellular Data Usage and control your data. Closing all other apps will also help to keep your phone from working too hard and becoming too hot.

And don’t forget – our summer sale is on now. Get 10% off select CoPilot apps until August 10.

Safe Travels,

Team CoPilot

Helpful Hint: Find POIs on your route!

Our trip planning feature on CoPilot make it the perfect app for planning out your day. Whether you’re doing it in advance or the morning of, you can rely on our smart trip optimization and our millions of points of interest to keep your trip stress-free.

So, let’s say you’re headed to multiple beaches on this beautiful summer weekend. But you know you’ll be hungry on your route so you need to plan to stop for food.  First, load your stops into CoPilot.


Continue reading

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We know you’re all ready to fire up the grill or head to the beach so download CoPilot Premium today to make your MDW travel a (sea) breeze!


Making a long trek to the shore and need to get gas/food/time out of the car? It’s now easier to add POIs to your trip with our latest app update. Find out how to get specific POIs on your route.

Our sale is on now until May 28th. Don’t miss out on your chance to save on clear, accurate voice-guided directions and superior, intelligent routing.

Safe travels,

Team CoPilot



Helpful Hint: Drive your way, every day with CommuteMe™

Our new feature CommuteMe™ learns your preferred daily commute and provides real-time traffic* and ETA info along that personal route you love. You know the one that gets you to work and home for dinner on time!

CommuteMe uses ActiveTraffic™ to automatically scan your route and display any delays that will affect your daily drive.  You will need to have ActiveTraffic activated to receive the real time traffic information. If you don’t already have it, go to MyCoPilot > Features & Upgrades.

Getting started with CommuteMe

  1. First, make sure to enter your Home and Work addresses in My Places. To do this,  tap Go To>  My Place  > Favorites
  2. When you’re ready to begin your daily drive, select Go To>  My Place  > Favorites. Once there, choose Work (or Home if you’re leaving work) from the list of your favorties.
  3. This next step is easy – tap GO and just drive your commute.  CommuteMe will  automatically recognize when you begin driving near your home/work and when you arrive at the other end of the commute.  CommuteMe learns the unique route for both directions of your drive.
  4. Once you’ve reached your destination, you will be asked to if this is the preferred route that you’d like to save.DrivingToWork-Device-Wireframes
  5. With your preferred commute route saved, CoPilot will check your location each time it is started.  If CoPilot recognizes you are near a commute starting location – you will be prompted to take your preferred route and you are shown traffic and ETA for that route.




  1. If for any reason your commute changes just begin driving the new route and, after a couple trips, CoPilot will learn the new route.
  2. You can also choose which days you’d like to use CommuteMe in the feature settings. Simply check which days you’ll be using your preferred route.CommuteMe-Device
  3. If you’re not heading home or to work, you can simply exit the commute screen by tapping the x at the top right.



We hope you enjoy this new feature from Team CoPilot. Let us know what you think in the comments!


*ActiveTraffic subscription required. ActiveTraffic requires a mobile Internet connection and may incur data charges from your mobile network.


NEW! We’ve added time windows to help make your CommuteMe even more of a brilliant feature. Select a time before you head to work and home. CoPilot will automatically load your route within an hour before or after the time you’ve selected.