Benefits of Offline Maps this Holiday Season!

Everyone’s talking about Offline Maps but CoPilot has always been offline!

We are in no way new to the game, everyone else is just following because it is such an awesome solution.

CoPilot’s Offline Maps capability saves in so many ways!

Traveling to visit your family this season or taking a trip somewhere new for the holidays? I know some of you are concerned about data and unnecessary costs. CoPilot can help! CoPilot allows maps to be accessed without Wi-Fi or cellular connection once they are downloaded on to your mobile device.  CoPilot’s Offline maps feature provides fantastic benefits that you’ll want to take advantage this holiday season.

Other apps make you download a huge file and turn your phone on airplane mode for it to navigate you without data usage.  While CoPilot allows you to download smaller regions with flexible map management PLUS you can select CoPilot not to use cellular data while keeping your phone capabilities on (no airplane mode needed here). Why break the bank with data charges when you can get GPS navigation with turn by turn directions all without using data.



Remember to download your maps using Wi-Fi (to limit data charges) at home or work before you get on the road.

Once maps are downloaded, they can be used just like a classic “gas station” map, but without having to fold it back up when you are done.  Whether you have turned off data usage or lost cellular connection, use the + or – buttons to zoom in or out or you can pinch the map with two fingers,  You can pan the map by dragging up, down, left or right. This applies to the My Route screen as well as the Guidance Map.  In addition, CoPilot comes with pre-loaded POI’s so again, you don’t need a connection to find things on the road.


Say No to retro crumpled maps and high roaming charges

map   cost

And say Yes to CoPilot this Holiday Season!!

***Bonus Tip***

If your traveling internationally and do not speak/read the native language CoPilot will translate road signs and have clear turn directions in your offline map


P.S. We think our offline maps are great and so does Time Magazine & USA Today! Check out the articles at TIME Article  USA Today Article



Optimize Your Route With A Few Taps


Driving all over town for some holiday shopping or to visit family and friends in another state, but not sure which order to arrange your stops to get there the fastest? We’ve got the perfect tip for you!

Plan your trip with CoPilot and optimize your stops. Use our multi-stop trip tool and CoPilot will automatically order your stops to get you around town the fastest.

Go to Route > Plan or Edit Trip > Options > Optimize Stops. CoPilot will then automatically put the stops in the most practical order.


So start planning your holiday shopping and don’t worry about how to trek all around town to each stop. CoPilot will take care of that, so you can spend more time selecting the perfect gift!

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Top 10 Tips To Get Your Car Winter-Ready

Thanksgiving Day Parades-Avoid Traffic!

thanksgiving day parade

Thanksgiving Day Parades-avoid the traffic with CoPilot!

Getting in the Thanksgiving spirit? Complete with a parade that has giant character balloons, awesome floats and tons of marching bands. Here are the Travel Channels Top 5 Picks for Thanksgiving Day Parade around the country.

The most popular being the years 89th Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. The NYC spectacle is only a couple days away and we have got the 411 on traffic. With almost 3.5 million attendees, the parade features about 30 parade floats, a thousand dancers and clowns with nearly 8,000 participants each year!

Make sure you have ActiveTraffic™ enabled to keep you away from all the craze of any Thanksgiving Day Parade and don’t miss the turkey!

Go To Settings>ActiveTraffic™>Click on Enable Traffic Service

Check out the parade route below:

thanksgiving day parade

Items to prepare for if traveling in New York or in the tristate area:

Mass Transit

Buses & Subways will be operating on a Sunday schedule.

Find more about street closures here

Street Closures

Try to avoid the Upper West Side tomorrow, Wednesday November 26th, 2015.

Find more about street closures here

Stay in touch for more news:

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Top 5 Reasons You Need CoPilot for Black Friday & Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving and Black Friday are right around the corner.

 Make sure you have your CoPilot GPS app ready to make your drive easier. Thanksgiving is one the most, if not the most, traveled day of the year. CoPilot can help with getting you to your families safely, quickly and efficiently.

With offline maps, you can spend more money on gifts and not data costs. Plus, having real-time traffic provides an accurate ETA so you don’t miss out on the turkey!

Find out how CoPilot GPS can optimize your stops, avoid traffic jams this & much more holiday season:

Get CoPilot now and plan your Black Friday shopping in advance to stay away from all the craze!

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Top 10 Tips To Get Your Car Winter-Ready

winter road

Is your car ready for the winter?

Here are our top tips to avoid bad surprises this upcoming season:

1. Stock up

Before you get behind the wheel, make sure your car is equipped with:

  • Flashlights
  • Window scraper
  • Blankets
  • Water
  • Snacks
  • Sunglasses against low sun glare and snow blending
  • …and of course your phone charger!

2. Lights

Winter driving often means driving in low light, darkness, snow or rain. Regularly clean your car’s lights and check that the bulbs are in good condition.

3. Antifreeze/Coolant

Check your coolant/antifreeze levels regularly before you start your drive to avoid engine damage. Make sure that the car is cooled off before you remove the cap on the coolant reservoir. Here is a handy how-to video here.

4. Tires

Leaves, ice and snow on the roads are every driver’s enemies. Good tires are therefore a must-have if you drive in the winter. Make sure to check that the tread is deep enough and that the pressure is correct. Also look out for damage or bulges on the tyres due to glass, cuts, etc and replace if necessary. If you expect snowy conditions in your area, you might want to invest in some winter tires or snow tires.

5. Battery

The most common cause of breakdown in the winter is battery failure. If your battery already has a few years under its belt, get it checked and replace if necessary.

6. Windshield washer fluid and wiper blades

A clean windshield is essential for your road safety. Make sure that the wiper blades are in good condition and that the windshield washer fluid is filled up.

7. Tank half empty – Tank half full

Doesn’t matter how you see it – you need to keep half a tank of gas in your car at all times. This helps to avoid gas line freeze up as well as keeping your vehicle working during unexpected traffic or detours due to poor weather conditions. Check our POIs to find gas stations on your route, tap Points of Interest > Gas Station.

8. Check all conditions

Weather, traffic, and road conditions will all play a major role in getting you where you need to go. Make sure to check those before you leave the house and have ActiveTraffic™ ready and activated. Find out more about ActiveTraffic >

9. Plan your route ahead of time

CoPilot allows you to plan up to 50 different stops. This helps you visualise how long it will take you to get to all your activities and make it home in time before a storm. Preview your turns beforehand and make sure to keep checking your ETA along the way. Let others know when you’ll arrive and don’t rush! Try it out in Route > Plan or Edit Trip.

10. Stay home?

If you’re not comfortable driving in bad weather, just stay where you are and enjoy a nice warm cup of tea. CoPilot will be ready to go the next time you need to navigate anywhere.

For more safe driving tips, click here.

iOS 9 Eating Up Your Data? Not with CoPilot!


So you downloaded the new iOS 9 for the awesome new features. But now your cellular data is suddenly getting used more than usual?


It is due to a new default feature called Wi-Fi Assist. It is activated when your Wi-Fi signal is low, it will automatically switch to cellular data without any prior notice. This produces the likelihood of data overages to users that do not have an unlimited data plan plus quicker battery depletion.

No worries if you have CoPilot!

See how CoPilot can help ease the worry of data overages and battery:

CoPilot Cellular Data Usage

Also keep in mind CoPilot has its own cellular data feature where you can switch on and off where you want cellular data to be used or keep the app completely offline! Another great way to keep your data usage low and no sudden overages to be worried about! Go to Settings>Cellular Data


CoPilot Power Saving

It’s worth remembering that CoPilot has its own power saving features to help you maximise battery life. The most obvious is our own Low Power mode which you can switch-on in Settings > Power Saving.

Another great way to reduce power consumption is by enabling Directions View. This minimizes the amount of time we show the battery-hungry map display. For more info take a look at our blog post from earlier this year.Photo 30-04-2015 12 20 56

Want to shut off Wi-Fi Assist all together?

Learn How to Shut it Off Here

wifi assist

iOS 9 Powers to Life

iOS 9 Powers to Life

It’s been several months since Apple announced iOS 9 at WWDC. Now it’s finally here and at first glance you’d be forgiven for thinking not much really changed.

Spend a few minutes with iOS 9 though and the numerous subtle changes it brings start to become apparent. There’s a superbly detailed list here.

Photo 21-09-2015, 12 13 53
iOS 9 and CoPilot

New versions of the major mobile operating systems we support are always big news for us. Our devs have been testing CoPilot with iOS 9 ever since the first betas came available in the summer. We’ve made some tweaks under the hood to make sure everything’s running fine, and we are exploring new features like Slide Over which allows newer iPads to display two apps side by side in split screen mode.

However there’s one new feature for iPhones which is of particular interest to us here at CoPilot: Low Power Mode.

As with all apps which use your phone’s GPS receiver, CoPilot can eat-up your phone’s battery during use. iOS 9’s new Low Power mode can help reduce this with a few tricks such as lowering the screen brightness and switching-off some background services. We highly recommend you switch this on if you are using CoPilot without a car charger for any length of time – and probably even when you do have power.

You can also now choose to see the % battery remaining on the iPhone status bar for a more granular view of battery life remaining. It’s a useful option although slightly disconcertingly the battery status is yellow all the time when this is switched on.

Finally, iOS 9 shows how much power each of your apps – including CoPilot – is using.


CoPilot Power Saving

It’s worth remembering that CoPilot has its own power saving features to help you maximise battery life. The most obvious is our own Low Power mode which you can switch-on in Settings > Power Saving.

Another great way to reduce power consumption is by enabling Directions View. This minimizes the amount of time we show the battery-hungry map display. For more info take a look at our blog post from earlier this year.

Photo 30-04-2015 12 20 56

Brake Safety Week-Top 7 Signs of Weakening Brakes

brake safetyTake a Break for Brake Safety!

September 6-12 is Brake Safety Awareness Week. Even though the travel peaks of summer have passed, you still have places to go, people to see, and things to do, meaning you need to make sure your brakes are in good, working condition for the roads ahead!


There are several indicators that you should take your vehicle in to get a brake inspection. The Car Care Council reports the seven most common signs of weakening brakes:


A few of these are quite obvious, such as hearing strange noises and seeing your brake light on, but what about the others: “pulling, low pedal, hard pedal, and grabbing brakes?”

  • Pulling: the car pulls to one side when applying the brakes
  • Low pedal: the brakes do not engage until the pedal is nearly touching the floor
  • Hard pedal: extreme pressure must be applied before the brakes engage
  • Grabbing: the brakes engage even with minimal touch


No matter your destination, CoPilot wants to get you there safely. Be observant while driving and make sure to schedule an appointment if you notice any of these indictors of damaged brakes.

Take the responsibility and keep yourself and others safe on the road by inspecting your brakes today!

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Commute Smarter with your GPS

Like the weather, we know traffic patterns on certain roads change in the summer and are not the same during winter and school holidays.

Use your CoPilot GPS to the fullest and be a pro commuter!

With ActiveRoutesTM feature we will select the best route for you based on the time of the day and day of the week. That means you will get incredibly accurate routing, ETAs and – of course – less delays on your (daily) drive.

To select ActiveRoutesTM as your preferred routing method, go to Route > Vehicle Preferences.  Please note ActiveRoutesTM requires a subscription to ActiveTrafficTM.


You can even click on the ActiveTrafficTM Map and view current delays in the surrounding area!


So next time you commute, commute smarter.

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Just Drive, I’ll Guide

Do you ever just want to ride around with the windows down, music on and enjoy a drive?

Sometimes we don’t want to plan a route, but still want to see the map for useful information.

If you want to know which POIs are around you (i.e. parking, petrol stations) or how fast you are driving in which direction, Go to Route > Plan or edit trip and delete all stops (tool icon > red X). Then hit the arrow back and click Map in the upper left corner. You will now see your surroundings plus compass and speedometer.


Enjoy the freedom of summer and Just Drive!

This is also a nice little feature if you happen to travel on a bus or a train – with our speedometer you can check how fast you really are traveling!

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