Unlock CoPilot’s Next Generation App Features # 1

Detailed traffic map

A better way with the least delay: Plan a route > tap on the traffic bar on the right side and you will see a traffic map of the area surrounding your route. The streets on the map are color-coded:

  • Green = you’re good to go
  • Orange = expect some minor delays
  • Red = severe traffic

If you see a traffic warning triangle on the map, tap on the symbol and you will get a detailed description of the traffic incident, for example lane closure, accident…Tap on alternate route to see if there is a better route available.

While on your route, CoPilot might find a faster route before you notice the traffic. We will notify you and give you the option to view, accept or exit to continue driving.


Quick directions and safety view

If you would like to concentrate on voice directions and simple turn directions instead of 2D or 3D maps, tap on the street name in the drive window and you will have the option between directions and safety view.

img_3983 img_3984

Instant alternate routes

Enter a destination, hit the blue + sign and CoPilot will instantly calculate up to three alternate route for you. Choose your preferred route by either tapping on the ETA time or swiping the route overview in the bottom of the window.


Search online

Additionally to CoPilot’s offline search, if you have your data or WIFI activated, you can search for places online. Tap on the search icon, select Search online and enter a keyword, for example “Pizza”. The search results powered by Yelp will then show you a list of relevant places nearby. And the best part: The search results appear together with a Yelp rating, so say goodbye to underwhelming hotel or restaurant experiences.


Customize your speed limit warnings

Simply tap on the speed limit symbol on your driving menu and customize which warnings you want to see at which point.



Change your mode of travel

Did you know that with CoPilot you can use a variety of vehicles and modes of travel?  Change your mode of travel by tapping on the round vehicle icon in the route planning menu. You will be able to choose between car, RV, motorcycle, bicycle and walking mode.


Quickly add a stop or avoid a road

You want to add a stop to your route or avoid a specific road? Go to the planning screen and tap anywhere on the map. You will see a little pop-up with the street name. Tap on it to do any of the following:

  • Add the address as a stop (blue plus sign)
  • Set it as a new trip
  • Avoid this road
  • Set a waypoint by routing through here

Find out how to update here
New generation of CoPilot apps are available on iOS, coming soon for Android!

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Summer of Sport – Rio 2016

Do you remember the fantastic 2012 Summer Olympics in London? Continue the spirit and get ready for the highlight of this year’s Summer of Sport: The 2016 Olympics in Rio.

Watch the games with your friends and family, at the bar, at someone’s house or – lucky you! – at site in Rio. Don’t forget to pack your CoPilot so you won’t get lost on your way to your friend’s Olympics party or – if you’re in Brazil – in Rio’s traffic.

Photo 02-08-2016, 11 14 01  Photo 02-08-2016, 11 14 22

Find out our Top 5 event picks and venues here:

  1. Opening Ceremony – 5th August – Maracanã Stadium, Rio
  2. Swimming – 50m Freestyle – 12th August – Olympic Aquatics Stadium, Rio
  3. Athletics – 100m Sprint – 14th August – Olympic Stadium, Rio
  4. Gymnastics – Floor – 16th August – Rio Olympic Arena, Rio
  5. Football – Men’s Finale – 20th August – Maracanã Stadium, Rio

CapturePS: Get CoPilot Brazil from Google Play and iOS so you will find your way to all venues.

Click here for more information on schedules and venues

The 10 Best Summer Songs to Sing Along to

funny-gif-happy-baby-carFinally summer has arrived and it’s time to get out of the house. What better way to enjoy the sunshine than going somewhere nice and having a little sing-a-long in the car driving there?

Here are your top 10 picks for 2016 summer songs. Make your drives more fun and get ready to sing along:

CoPilot Hacks Part #1

The sun is starting to shine and traveling season is upon us. Whether you’re planning a long trip or just a weekend getaway, make the most of your CoPilot navigation app this Summer with these ‘CoPilot Hacks’. And the best news is: If you don’t have a CoPilot app yet or if you want to upgrade in CoPilot GPS, you now get 20% off for a limited time only. Check out our offers here >

Download the CoPilot App That’s Right for You

Because we know that everyone is different and want you to have the best experience possible, you may have noticed that there are quite a few different versions of CoPilot on the app stores. Whether you’re traveling home or on vacation, you’re an RV or a truck driver, quickly compare the different benefits of each app and which application best suits your needs on our CoPilot Compare page >

Avoid Data Consumption

CoPilot’s high quality maps are offline, so they work perfectly without an internet connection. To avoid accidentally using up your mobile data when using CoPilot in spotty areas, make sure you’ve switched off your mobile data in your settings.

output_PSOlIS (1)

Enjoy your travels without being constantly connected to the world for once. You’ll be able to fully enjoy that well-deserved break and save money at the same time.

Download Your Maps Before You Go

When you arrive in an airport you don’t want to hang around trying to find a WiFi spot or to use your cellular data. We recommend that you download all maps you may need before you leave. Use WiFi to download your maps in the quickest and most data-efficient way, and make sure you’re fully prepared for the road ahead before you leave.nmaps

Organize Your Favorites

If you’re regularly going to the same places or if you’re planning any trips in advance, make use of your favorites list – it can really save time and effort. You don’t want to be putting in the same address information all the time or spending your precious vacation time searching for destinations. One particularly helpful feature is setting your Home and Work addresses for easy commuting. Simply save, click and go!



If you have any other clever CoPilot tips and tricks, please do share them with the community in the comments below.

6 Best Countries to Travel to on a Budget

The temperatures are rising – at least for some lucky people in North America – so it’s time to put your winter clothes in a box, dust off your sunglasses and discover new places. If you are on a budget but you don’t want to miss out on traveling, check out this handy guide on when to book flights and the following list of budget destinations. Before you take off, don’t forget to download your maps in CoPilot so you don’t need any cellular network to drive, bike or walk in another country. Here are our top picks:


Croatia has been coming to recent (Internet-)fame with several Game of Thrones filming locations set in the country. However, for many sun-worshippers the country has been a travel favorite for years. Old cobble-stoned cities, beautiful beaches and delicious food can rival many destinations in countries like Spain, Italy and Portugal. And all of this for a wallet-friendly price. What’s not to like? Tip: Hire a rental car and discover the breathtaking nature in Plitvice Lakes National Park.



Once you have the flight costs to Thailand covered, food and accommodation won’t cost you much. Whether you want to go island-hopping in southern Thailand, experience the hustle and bustle of Bangkok or visit the quieter sights of northern Thailand, the country offers something for everyone. Tip: Learn how to cook a real Thai curry in Bangkok.


Iceland is for those of us who want to escape the heat (a minority position, but still…). The country usually has a reputation for being on the pricier side of things, but budget flights to Reykjavík from the biggest airports put this destination back on the map. Tip: Drive into the highlands for the most spectacular nature sights.



Are you looking for a beach holiday to take the kids? The “Bulgarian Riviera” boasts golden beaches and a mild climate making it a perfect spring or summer escape for any budget-conscious family. Tip: Take a day trip to Balchik, a small sea-side town with an old castle.



It is possible to visit Greece on a budget and still enjoy world-famous sights. Head to the island of Crete in September or October after the high summer travel season is over to take advantage of cheaper flight/hotel prices and quieter beaches. Since Crete is one of the southern-most islands of Greece, the air and sea temperatures stay high even in fall. Tip: If you’re a history buff, head to Knossos near Heraklion, supposedly Europe’s oldest city.



Visit Hungary’s capital Budapest for beautiful monuments, crazy nightlife and trendy cafes. Cheap prizes for airfare, hotels and food allow for a city trip on a shoestring. Tip: Drive to Gödöllő and visit the impressive baroque castle.

If you are not sure which maps you can get with CoPilot, check out our map coverage page. Happy travels!

Best Dates to Travel with CoPilot

Planning a trip this year or a quick weekend get-away?

If you are…check out the best dates to fly and how CoPilot can help. According to WLTX 19, moving an itinerary a single day could make the difference between a fare that’s a deal or a deal-breaker.


More travel tips…

skyscanner logo

Skyscanner compares millions of flights to find you the cheapest deal, fast-you can chose between the entire month you want to fly or just a single day.

Plus, you can even pick the option to rent a car and with CoPilot you will always know where you are. For example, take a flight to Florence and then rent a car to drive around the smaller villages. GPS units in the rental car usually cost a pretty penny so make sure you have the correct maps installed and CoPilot will guide you.

Don’t forget to pack your CoPilot travel essentials

Plan, pack and drive this spring. You know where your journey will go, but did you remember to pack your CoPilot travel essentials? Make sure you pack these CoPilot travel essentials before you start your journey.

1) Sunglasses
We are shameless optimists and hopeful that the weather will be nice all spring long, every day (OK, maybe not in the Seattle). Since the sun is still quite low at this time of the year, pack your sunglasses to avoid glare and look cool.driving-691751_1280

2) Maps
Whether you will drive to another state for a sunny spring trip or whether you will visit family and friends, make sure you have the necessary maps packed. Go to MyCoPilot > My Maps > North America and check if you have all the regions/countries you need downloaded. You can purchase additional map regions at MyCoPilot > Features & Upgrades.nmaps

3) Battery Charger
You’re on the road, the sun is shining and the view out of the window is just great. But, oh no! Your phone gives that unmistakeable beep to warn you that the battery is getting low. Please say you packed the phone charger?Photo 30-04-2015 12 38 03

4) Music
What’s a road trip without a little sing-a-long? Make sure you prepare your favorite songs before you get behind the wheel to make your trip memorable.



How Can I Calculate 3 Alternative Routes In CoPilot?


Now that you’ve read about how CoPilot’s ActiveTraffic™ feature can help you find your best route, we thought we’d let you know about how you can further customize your CoPilot to make it work for you.

One of the best ways to achieve this is our ‘Alternate Routes’ feature.

We Lead, But You’re in Control

When you input your destination address and journey requirements into CoPilot, the first route to come up will be optimal one, with all factors and calculations considered (such as traffic, speed limits and distance).

However, should you have any personal preferences, you’re able to control your best way. CoPilot will automatically generate up to three different route alternatives for you, so you can make a selection. These three routes will be calculated using the same algorithm but will vary slightly – to give you some control over your route, should you have any personal preferences. The differing distances and ETAs will be displayed to help you make your decision.


To access these options, click on ‘Alternate’ in the bottom left corner and you’ll be given the option to choose your preferred route.

It’s extremely easy to select from the different variants: simply click on your favored route and then on the ‘back’ arrow in the top left hand corner to return to the ‘My Route’ screen. If you’ve changed your route you will see a popup saying ‘Alternate Route X is now your Current Route’.

This new course will now display on screen.

alternate route 1

If you choose to change your route in reaction to the traffic bar, you’re able to choose again from three different routes, just like when you first mapped out your journey.

You can change your route again at any point during your journey, simply click back to the main menu, click ‘My Route’ and click again on the ‘Alternate’ button.

This vital CoPilot feature is sure to become integral to the way you make your journeys: whether they’re one off trips in a new places where you don’t want any nasty surprises, or just to help you optimize your daily duties.

Is there anything more satisfying than beating the crowds and saving time? What are you going to do with all that saved time and money?

Check out more Traffic Tips with CoPilot & Stay Connected with CoPilot News

Let’s Talk About Traffic

teaser-nyc-traffic-flickr-cc-by-2-david-goehringAvoid the jams with CoPilot!

You just got out of work, you’re on your way home and then all you see is brake light after brake light!

It’s a common occurrence for so many of us as we face the daily commute, when dropping the kids off to school or taking a trip to the shopping mall. Being stuck in bumper to bumper traffic can be so frustrating (just try not to imagine all the ways you could better spend that time) and can even burn a hole in your pocket with gas costs.

According to USA Today, commuters collectively lost 6.9 billion hours and 3.1 billion gallons of fuel due to traffic delays in the last year. If that makes you throw your hands up in despair, you’re not alone. We feel your pain.

Well, despair no more. With CoPilot’s real-time traffic updates you’ll get peace of mind knowing you’re always taking the best route possible and avoiding the jams. Continue reading