Helpful Hint: Cellular Data Usage

In a world where we can stream movies and music straight to our devices, data usage has become a concern for many users.



We understand that data is a precious commodity among smartphone users. Here at CoPilot, we want you to be able to watch that really cute cat video on YouTube without worrying about our app contributing to your data decrease. Our new connection settings feature allows our users to control how much of their data CoPilot uses while helping you navigate the open road.

You can manage your Cellular Data Usage by tapping Settings -> Cellular Data Usage. Once there, you’ll have the option of enabling your treasurable data only for the services you wish to use. Please remember, when downloading our maps always connect to a WiFi network to avoid data charges.


Need more ways to minimize data? Check out CNET’s HowTo to help manage your data.




Helpful Hint: CoPilot Saves Your (Battery) Life!

With any smartphone or tablet, battery life is a hot commodity meant to be rationed by any means necessary. Rest assured, CoPilot users, we know and understand this logic and have given you a way to save on power while navigating. In addition to lowering screen brightness and turning off vibrate mode, CoPilot offers a way to help reduce the amount of battery used.

Inside the CoPilot app, you can go to Settings and choose Power Saving. Once there, choose a lower setting which will move the map display fewer times per second and help save your battery.

Power Saving

If you’re using CoPilot in the car, it’s best to keep a car charger handy too. Need more ways to save battery? Check out this video by MinuteHacks:

Make Memorial Day Memorable with CoPilot!

Memorial Day Weekend is fast approaching and CoPilot wants to make sure you’re taking full advantage of your extra day (or days!) off from work.

Don’t miss out on our Memorial Day Sale and get 10% off CoPilot Live Premium USA  in the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store.  Our millions of Points of Interest and search options from Yelp can help you find some fun for MDW.



Still not sure what to do with an extra 24 hours? We’ve got some ideas for you!

Point-Pleasant-BeachHead to the beach!

The beach is a great place to relax and unwind with friends and family. If you’re not located near one of the coasts, head to the nearest lake or bay for some great water activities like kayaking, waterskiing or windsurfing!






Plan a BBQ!memorial-day-food

A more low-key celebration that’s sure to bring all day fun! Grilling in the backyard with your family and friends is a great way to spend MDW. You’ll probably be able to play a few impromptu games of basketball or kickball, too!








Memorial Day 03-31-10Catch the parade!

Small towns and big cities across the US put on a great parade on Memorial Day that highlights community veterans and military personnel. Check your local government’s website, or maybe a neighboring town, to see the closest parade to you.





Take yourself out to the ball game!citi field

Take the family to see America’s favorite pastime live. Baseball season is still going strong with many teams playing on Monday. If you’re favorite team is on the road, organize a game all your own in your town with a few neighbors.









Honor our armed forces!

There are plenty of ways to honor the great Americans who keep us and our constitutional rights safe. Check out a list of charities benefitting military families and veterans.



Where you decide to go, CoPilot can help you get there.

Have a safe and memorable Memorial Day!

Helpful Hint: Remember Where You Parked!

After enjoying a great concert or perhaps a long happy hour, it may be easy to forget where you left your car. Luckily, CoPilot can help sort this out.

Once you park your car, you can save the location by going to More > Parking. Once there, simply tap to save this location. You can also leave yourself a note in case you want to remember the price of the garage or what time the meter runs out.


For more information, check out our video demonstration:

Be A Greener Driver On Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! Today is a great day to become aware of your carbon footprint and how you can help alleviate the waste you contribute to the planet. CoPilot can help you conserve fuel as well as time.

Check your tires: Properly inflated tires can improve your car’s overall fuel efficiency.

Drive less with Trip Optimization: Try bundling errands together to reduce how far you need to travel. Going back-and-forth to the same part of town on different days to run errands uses more gas than if you planned and did everything in the same area all at once.

You’ve Got Options: Walk, bike, ride the bus or carpool. CoPilot lets you change your method of travel so no matter what you can still get the same directions while being environmentally conscience.

Bike prefences

Lessen Your Load: Don’t carry too much weight in your trunk and remove your car’s roofrack when not in use. This will decrease the amount of fuel being used.

Optimize your speed: You will consume up to 25% less fuel if you drive no more than 90 MPH. Our Speed Limit feature allows you to receive an audible warning when you reach or exceed the speed limit by whatever amount of MPH you set.

Speed Limit

Plan Ahead: Whenever possible only drive during non-peak hours.

Obey The Rules: Don’t be an aggressive driver. Studies show that fast starts, weaving in and out of traffic, and accelerating to and from a stop sign or traffic light don’t save much time, but do waste fuel.


These are just a few of the many ways that we can help reduce our carbon footprints as drivers. Got any more ideas? Leave them in the comments!



5 MORE Tips to Avoid Distracted Driving With GPS

We want you to be as prepared as possible so in addition to the tips we gave you on Tuesday, here are 5 more ways to keep  you worry-free on the road.  Please take the time to visit the National Safety Council’s page on Distracted Driving.


1. Know your vehicle’s restrictions

If you are cruising the country on the Great American Roadtrip, you might travel in an RV or other large vehicle. Make sure you know your vehicle’s height, weight, and cargo restrictions. Last thing you want is to approach a bridge and not know if your roof will make it to the other side. CoPilot can help with specific routing options for RVs or other large vehicles.


If you are operating a commercial grade truck, the federal government is issuing recommendations for use of truck-specific GPS applications. CoPilot Truck meets these requirements and would be a great option for any driver in need of a truck-specific GPS app.

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5 Tips to Avoid Distracted Driving With GPS

Recently, a California appeals court ruled that it is illegal to manipulate a cell phone’s GPS app while driving. You are still allowed to use a mapping app, as long as you don’t interact with it while behind the wheel.

We at CoPilot have always been advocates for safe use of technology while driving and we’ve specifically designed our CoPilot family of in-vehicle guidance apps to be as non-distracting as possible. Our turn icons are large and clear, maps uncluttered, voice-guided directions precise, and we avoid having the user input information or need to touch the screen while driving.

That said, there are some additional ways in which you can adjust your CoPilot to maximize safety and minimize distraction. Please consider the following tips when using the app. Safe driving!

– Barry Glick, EVP & General Manager, ALK


1. Plan your route before you go

The most distracting thing about any GPS application is entering the destination address. Even if you are selecting an address from your saved places, or one of the millions of CoPilot points of interest, your eyes are off the road. Keep your focus where it should be by planning ahead before you drive off.

If you have multiple stops to make, take advantage of CoPilot’s trip optimization feature. It allows you to plan the optimal route around even the most complex itinerary.

trip optimize stops

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Find Your Way To Beautiful Gardens This Spring

Spring has come at last and with it- flowers! Take in the beautiful sights of the season by finding some of the most breathtaking gardens right around you.

CoPilot POIs can tell you what’s nearby and how to get there easily.

Garden POI 2


Why not trek to Portland, OR – the official “City of Roses”? Portland is home to the International Rose Test Garden with over 550 different varieties of the flower.

Portland rose garden












Check out some more beautiful gardens from all around the world in the gallery below




Helpful Hint: Trip Optimization

If you’re looking to hit the road with multiple destinations, CoPilot’s Trip Optimization feature will help you save time and money no matter how many stops you have.

trip optimize 4

The Trip Optimization feature allows you to plan for 20 different stops which is especially helpful if you’ve volunteered to chauffer your friends to college open houses this weekend. Continue reading