Test Drive The New CoPilot Truck GPS App For iOS

Calling all iPhone and iPad truck drivers: The new CoPilot Truck GPS app for iOS is now available to download! Drivers can hit the road with confidence, knowing that CoPilot Truck GPS  provides them with industry standard offline truck navigation and commercial vehicle route planning powered by PC*MILER.

So…what’s in it for you, the truck driver?

Enhanced Driver Safety

Driver distraction has remained a huge concern among truck drivers. A redesigned safety view allows drivers to focus on the most important thing, driving. The improved safety view provides you all the information you need such as next turn, ETA, speed limits, distance and any approaching delays. 

Powerful Route Planning Powered by PC*MILER

With industry standard PC*MILER  routing, CoPilot Truck calculates your route according to your vehicle size/class and the load you’re hauling to ensure you’re always safe and compliant while avoiding costly fines or vehicle damage. A choice of 3 routes and comprehensive multi-stop trip planning for up to 100 stops. Plan or modify all your routes with our trip optimization feature and CoPilot Truck will put them in the best order.

Simplified Menus for a Driver-friendly Interface

CoPilot Truck’s user interface has been completely redesigned to put the tools drivers need on the road a tap away. Providing you with quick, easy access to search and planning tools…enabling you to stay focused on the road, improving both your efficiency and satisfaction.

Reliable Offline Maps

CoPilot Truck does not need a mobile connection so there’s no risk of being left stranded in mobile dead spots. The maps are stored directly on your phone or tablet. Say goodbye to high data costs or interrupted service 🙂

Test Drive Experience

Includes 14 days FREE offline truck navigation, traffic & route planning all in one app. That’s right, you can try the app without any commitment. If you like the app (we’re sure you will!) you can upgrade to 1 year use of voice-guided navigation and traffic or to the 30 day subscription. Go to Menu > Store to get the upgrade.

Those are just the highlights, so jump in and explore! Download the app update from the App Store today. We hope you enjoy your new CoPilot.

Share your experience with a review or on our user forum.

Just released: New driver-friendly menus, re-designed landscape view & more for iOS users

The good stuff stays the same but this update brings you improvements based on what is important to drivers.  Things like the map zoom buttons, heard that was an important one so we brought them back. Oh, and for all our landscape users, now you can see more of the map. Find out what’s in it for you:

Landscape View

We know that 52% of drivers use their navigation app in landscape mode and we heard from you that you would like to see more of the map when using CoPilot in landscape mode. With the newest app update you’ll now see more of the map view with directions & ETAs.

Split Screen for iPad

Are you an iPad user? We have great news for you: The new split screen now shows a 3D or 2D map view with directions for clearer guidance. Simple tap on the menu icon and choose “Split Screen” to try it out.

Zoom Buttons

The map zoom buttons are back! After popular request we re-introduced the plus/minus zoom buttons for easy adjustment of your navigation view. You will find the zoom buttons on the lower left side of the screen.

Improved Menus

We want to make it easy for drivers to access all the tools they need on the road. That’s why we have created bigger buttons in the menus for smooth tapping.

Better Search

We have tweaked the search screen so you can find any place, anywhere. Look for an address by tapping on the “Address” field, search for petrol stations, parking or other POIs, find places online or navigate to one of your contacts or a specific coordinate. Additionally, you can add your home and work address and navigate to your favourites.

Accurate Traffic

With our new smarter traffic updates we’ll frequently check for delays up ahead and further away so you know about changing conditions more quickly. Find out more >

The app update is immediately available for iOS users with CoPilot USA, CoPilot HD USA, CoPilot USA & Canada and CoPilot HD USA & Canada apps. It’s coming soon to CoPilot GPS. To get the app update, open your App Store, find your CoPilot app and install the update. Here is a detailed step-by-step guide >

This update will be available soon for Android – stay tuned.

Highlights from Apple’s WWDC 2017

Tim Cook took to the stage at the annual Apple Developer Conference yesterday to introduce iOS 11, the latest major version of their mobile operating system which powers iPhones and iPads. There are lots of system-wide refinements and new features. See the highlights below:

Do Not Disturb While Driving Mode

The iPhone can detect when you may be driving and automatically silence your incoming alerts and notifications. This should make for a safer driving experience and to not be interrupted while at the wheel. You can turn this mode off in case you are a passenger in the car for example. Driver safety has always been central to CoPilot so we’re pleased to see Apple add driver-safety feature directly in iOS.

Augmented Reality Platform

There are new functions available to developers to build AR apps using the device’s inbuilt motion sensors and cameras. The demos they showed looked really impressive.

A Redesigned App Store

For the first-time since its launch, the App Store is getting an overhaul, similar to the look and feel of Apple’s own Music and News apps. There will be a new ‘Today’ section highlighting an app of the day, along with collections of suggested apps and a new section dedicated to just Games which offers highlighted in-app purchases. Plus app store listings can now include additional videos.

iPad Productivity Features

A whole range of iPad-only features were demo’ed including drag & drop, a new app switcher for improved multitasking, customizable dockbar at the bottom which can now have more apps. There’s an improved QuickType keyboard with suggestions based on Apple News articles you’ve read and quicker access to numbers and punctuation. Instant Markup allows you to markup a PDF or screenshot with notes and there’s a new document scanner which can automatically crop the edges. In all it makes the iPad a more productive device for working between multiple apps.

Redesigned Control Center

The layout has been rearranged and now fits on one screen and implements 3D touch for additional options, sliders to adjust volume and brightness. Many of the options are now customizable for the first time too.

Smarter Siri

There are new male and female voices which sound more natural and a new learning system will adapt to the way you use your device to offer more personalized responses based on the time, your location, your interests and Safari favorites etc. A new translation feature for Chinese, French, German, Italian or Spanish be available (in beta) too.

Improved Messages App

A drawer at the bottom offers options for stickers and message apps. You can now use the app to send money to contacts directly via Apple Pay.

iOS 11 is expected to be released this fall.

Apple also announced new iPad Pro models with improved brighter screens which now supports HDR video and faster refresh rates along with faster processors, improved cameras, and Touch ID 2. The 9.7” model has been replaced with a 10.5” screen model which has a similar sized footprint and smaller bezels.

See more at: https://www.apple.com/

How Do Drivers Use CoPilot?

Have you ever wondered how drivers use GPS apps? Are you more of a long-distance road warrior or a daily commuter? With over 16 million drivers, there is a wide variety in how drivers use our apps. Some prefer landscape mode while others would always use their smartphone in portrait mode while navigating. We asked our CoPilot app fans and received over 2500 responses in the UK and in the US about how they use their app. Check out the highlights in our infographic:

How do you use CoPilot? Tell us in the comments below.

How to Avoid Bridge Strikes?

You’ve seen the videos.  A 53 foot trailer hitting a low bridge.  You think, “Why was that driver even routed there in the first place?” The likely answer – they were following a generic, non-truck specific navigation system, designed for use by drivers of smaller, lighter passenger vehicles.  The result?  Costly damages to the truck and any goods being hauled, potential harm to the driver and countless other drivers on the road, and fines for driving on a truck-restricted road. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation we saw a staggering number of 4,209 bridge strikes in the US in 2014.

Bridge Strikes Problem Across the Country:


Red = major problem. Green = minor problem. Yellow = no response.

Bridge strikes are a safety risk to drivers and pedestrians. Since critical strikes cause road traffic delays as well as repair costs for vehicles and infrastructure, they become very expensive for truck drivers. Here are some steps to avoid bridge strikes:

1. Know your vehicle dimensions


Before you set off, make sure that you know your vehicle height and width by heart. Please note that your truck’s weight can vary slightly according to what type of load you are hauling.  By adhering to routes tailored to your load and trailer specifications, you can avoid fines and low bridges.

2. Plan a truck-safe route


Use CoPilot Truck to plan a route that is safe and compliant on truck-legal roads. First, enter your vehicle dimensions in the app. Second, plan your trip. CoPilot will calculate the best route available for your vehicle. Don’t forget to use a GPS that is built for truck drivers and not for cars and takes into account your truck’s size. When your daily life exists on the road as a truck driver, your decisions are impacted by safety, compliance and cost savings.  If you think truck specific navigation isn’t for you – guess again. It pays to have truck specific navigation.

3. Check traffic signs


Last but not least, make sure you always check for traffic signs and other warnings when you approach a bridge.

Here you can find a good practice guide for truck drivers to avoid bridge strikes:


Plan Ahead during Inclement Weather

Staying safe and alert during inclement weather while driving is important.

Learn more below on how weather impacts drivers and traffic flow:

Your Guide to the Holidays – Customize Your Perfect Route

So you’ve planned all the stops you have to make and you even added in the stop to grab a last minute gift. Now you’re wondering what would be the best route to complete all your stops and arrive on time for dinner? With CoPilot, you can pick which route fits your needs best.

You might want to avoid a curvy road if the weather starts to get a little bad outside or you really just don’t want to go down the street with all the traffic lights. No worries, CoPilot gives you three route options with accurate ETA’s so you can customize the perfect route for you.


No need to stress, you have a CoPilot this holiday season.

Meet Your All New CoPilot


CoPilot version 10 to be precise, and it’s a complete overhaul built specifically to meet the demands of you, the driver. We’ve left no stone unturned to improve every detail of the app, from the driving screens and maps to the routing and menu options.


CoPilot is now safer, faster and easier to use.  Here are some of the features:

  • Strikingly simpler to use. Menus are redesigned to put the tools you need on the road a tap away. Enjoy quick, easy access to search and planning tools, mute directions and end navigation.
  • Transformed maps. CoPilot’s non-distracting maps are now lightning fast too, with pinch zoom, fluid map panning and scrolling!
  • Re-engineered ActiveTraffic. New, improved live traffic status sidebar, accurate ETAs that factor in live traffic conditions in planning and better re-routing around delays.
  • More efficient trip planning. Now automatically view and compare 3 route options with accurate ETAs for every route. Effectively plan even the most complex itineraries.
  • Polished driver-friendly screens. Guidance screens are even clearer and easier to read and follow at a glance while driving
  • Easier destination search. A new search screen makes it easier to find addresses and search millions of Points of Interest
  • More prominent speed limit alerts. Know immediately if you stray over the local limit

And much more, so jump in and explore! Download the app update from the App Store or Google Play today. We hope you enjoy your new CoPilot.  Share your experience with a review or on our user forum.

Holiday Sweepstake 2016


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Good luck!

Top 10 Tips to Get Your Car Winter Ready

With the season changing, driving requires much more than just being cautious. Sometimes you car needs attention too.

Here are our top tips to avoid bad surprises this upcoming season:

1.Plan your route ahead of time

CoPilot allows you to plan up to 52 different stops with accurate ETA’s for your entire trip. We’ll let you know how long it will take you to get to all your errands done and you’ll make it home in time before a storm. Preview your trip beforehand and make sure to keep checking your ETA along the way. Let others know when you’ll arrive and don’t rush!

2. Stock up on things you may need

Before you get behind the wheel, make sure your car is equipped with:

  • Flashlights
  • Window scraper
  • Blankets
  • Water
  • Snacks
  • Sunglasses against low sun glare and snow blending
  • …and of course your phone charger!

3. Check the lights

Winter driving often means driving in low light, darkness, snow or rain. Regularly clean your car’s lights and check that the bulbs are in good condition.

4. Refill cooling system

Check your coolant/antifreeze levels regularly before you start your drive to avoid engine damage. Make sure that the car is cooled off before you remove the cap on the coolant reservoir. Here is a handy how-to video here.

5. Check the brakes & tires 

Leaves, ice and snow on the roads are every driver’s enemies. Good tires are therefore a must-have if you drive in the winter. Make sure to check that the tread is deep enough and that the pressure is correct. Also look out for damage or bulges on the tires due to glass, cuts, etc and replace if necessary. If you expect snowy conditions in your area, you might want to invest in some winter tires or snow tires.

6. Check all conditions

Weather, traffic, and road conditions will all play a major role in getting you where you need to go. Make sure to check those before you leave the house and have ActiveTraffic™ ready and activated. Find out more about ActiveTraffic >

7. Have the battery checked

The most common cause of breakdown in the winter is battery failure. If your battery already has a few years under its belt, get it checked and replace if necessary.

8. Replace Wiper Blades 

A clean windshield is essential for your road safety. Make sure that the wiper blades are in good condition and that the windshield washer fluid is filled up.

9. Tank half empty – Tank half full

Doesn’t matter how you see it – you need to keep half a tank of gas in your car at all times. This helps to avoid gas line freeze up as well as keeping your vehicle working during unexpected traffic or detours due to poor weather conditions. With CoPilot you can find gas stations nearby, along your route or at your destination.

 10. Stay home?

If you’re not comfortable driving in bad weather, just stay where you are and enjoy a nice warm cup of hot chocolate. CoPilot will be ready to go the next time you need to navigate anywhere.

For more safe driving tips, click here.