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Summer is here and there is no better time to make most of it and travel!  It’s the perfect season to get CoPilot GPS with offline maps to avoid roaming costs when navigating abroad. Plus for a limited time you can save 50% off the regular price of our USA Apps.


copilot-premiumCoPilot’s USA apps include premium quality street maps so wherever you are heading you can always be sure to find your way. There is no need to store ALL of the US on your device though – simply add and remove just the  regions you need – when you need them – to save precious space on your mobile.



Summer Sale: Get USA  CoPilot GPS with 50% off! (sale ends on August 10th 2015)


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Already have our CoPilot GPS app? No worries, we’ve got a great Summer Travel Offer for you too:

copilot-gpsGet 20% off full 3D voice navigation in-app upgrade and/or North America maps for Android, iOS and Amazon*

Tap MyCoPilot > Features & Upgrades

Our CoPilot Premium & CoPilot GPS apps are available on Google Play , the iTunes App Store, Amazon Appstore and the Windows Phone Store. You can purchase additional map regions via in-app purchase.  Go to MyCoPilot Features & Upgrades

If you have questions visit us at the CoPilot community forum where we’re always available to help: or say hello on FacebookGoogle+ or Twitter.:)

Wherever you are travelling this summer, we wish you safe travels from everyone at team CoPilot!

*NA maps requires a purchase of full 3d voice navigation first

Celebrate this 4th of July with 50% off USA Apps

4th of July Travel Facts**

  • AAA projects 41.9 million Americans will journey 50 miles or more from home this Independence Day, the most since 2007 and a 0.7 percent increase from the 41.6 million people who traveled last year.
  • Nearly 85 percent of travelers (35.5 million) will drive to their holiday destinations
  • Lowest Independence Day gas prices in at least five years expected


Because of this high volume of travelers during the holiday there is bound to be lots of traffic!


Not to mention traveling to places you’ve never been.



All great reasons why you need a CoPilot app on your phone or tablet before your holiday road-trip!

O’ say can you see…50% off all USA Apps this 4th of July! See the rockets red glare at a baseball game this summer and take advantage of our Active Traffic feature.


The land of the free and the home of the road-trippers! Already a CoPilot user? Share this limited time Independence Day deal with your friends so they can have a reliable CoPilot on their 4th of July weekend adventure.

Offer ends July 6, 2015



The Role of A GPS Navigation App

Technology is supposed to make life easier. Apps should be designed to help you. They should give you the information needed to make better, more informed decisions.

Then why do some GPS navigation apps require you to give it the information?

We at CoPilot think that’s backwards. For example, you shouldn’t tell the app where there’s traffic. The app should tell you.

CoPilot is designed to help you navigate safely and with as few distractions as possible. You can rely on the app to give you information so you can keep your focus on driving. That’s what we believe a GPS app should do.

Video Transcription

We take the view that navigation is all about helping you find your way. But it isn’t actually doing the driving for you.

The last thing we would want people to be doing is to try and compare what they see on the CoPilot screen, or their navigation screen, with the real world. Because the real world is, well, a lot more real and potentially more dangerous.

CoPilot’s job is to help you navigate around that while providing you with prompts.

Follow Your Heart & Travel This Valentine’s Day!

While most couples are flocking to all of the hottest restaurants in town, why not take this time to get away? Whether you’re single or in a relationship, you know your first love is travel. And that’s where CoPilot comes in. Need inspiration? Take in these heart-shaped attractions across the US & Canada and then get moving!

Humbolt Beach, California


chicago lakes colorado
Chicago Lakes, Colorado


Harbor Island , Maine


cactus nm
Carlsbad Caverns National Park, New Mexico


The heart shaped, Valentine Lake, Vancouver, Canada


Safe (and lovely) travels,

Team CoPilot


CoPilot in the news: January 2015

We’ve had a great start to 2015 and are looking forward to once again attending Mobile World Congress this year in Barcelona. If you’re attending, please stop by the CoPilot booth for a look into our latest innovations in mobile navigation.

We started the year with these great reviews. As always, thanks for the support!



CoPilot GPS Navigation for mobile devices

“CoPilot stores all map information directly on your device. This allows for reliable navigation even without a network connection, minimizes use of driver’s data plan and prevents expensive overseas data fees. Users can customize which map regions they wish to download, saving space on their mobile device.”

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download (1)Top Ten Paid And Free Travel & Local App Downloads from the Google Play Store

“The rest of the incumbents that include the No Ads version of the TripIt Travel Organizer and CoPilot’s Premium USA Maps have clung on to their respective places. It would seem that when it comes to Travel & Local Apps, people are pretty happy with what they’ve been using.”

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The traffic of two cities – Seattle vs Boston

Super Bowl Sunday is here and while we can’t predict the game winner, we can tell you which city’s residents are winning the ever-important, Traffic Bowl.

Stats taken from the INRIX scorecard and city censuses give us our results. (Note: Yes, technically the Patriots play in Foxborough but we wanted it to be a fair fight so Boston it is!)


Average Commute:

Seattle: 25.4 min

Boston: 28.8 min

Car Transport to Work- means more cars on the road and more time in traffic

Seattle: 52%

Boston: 38%

Time in traffic:

Seattle: 37 hours (up 2 hours from 2012)

Boston:  38 hours (up 7 hours from 2012)

Worst Corridor Delay:

Seattle: I-5 SB    From130th St/Exit 174   to Union St/Exit 165- 95 hours delay

Boston: I-93 NB From MA-37/Granite St/Exit 6 to Columbia Rd/Exit 15- 94 hours delay

Increase in traffic from 2012:

Seattle: 7%

Boston: 22%

 Winner: Seattle


Boston’s traffic went up a total of 7 hours this year increasing their total travel time by 18%. Drivers in Seattle are getting to work faster even with all that annoying rain and not enough people taking public transportation.

So we’re calling it for Seattle this year…based purely on traffic.

Safe travels this Sunday,

Team CoPilot

Top 5 Road Trip Apps To Use With CoPilot

We know you can’t always be the driver and with CoPilot navigating, you don’t have much else to worry about in the passenger seat.

So what can you do to make the road trip more enjoyable and keep your driver entertained?


Here’s some of the best apps to help pass the time on the road.


Spotify (FREE) Make playlists and enjoy full albums on the fly with Spotify’s extensive music library. Subscription required for Premium services.

TVFoodMaps (FREE) Big fan of foodie shows? Check out what around you has been on popular shows like “Best Thing I Ever Ate” or “Man vs. Food.”

TriviaCrack (FREE) Challenge friends and randoms to the ultimate general knowledge competition with questions from Science, Entertainment, History, Geography, Sports and Art.

Audible (FREE) Subscription required. Not really into music? Get swept up in a story with an audiobook that you and the driver can experience together.

Roadside America ($2.99)  Created by America’s foremost experts in roadside attractions and oddities, you’ll get to off-the-beaten path attractions like Carhenge.

Windows 10: The Big Unifier for Microsoft Devices and PCs

Straight from the Microsoft campus in Redmond, Washington, we got the first look at Windows 10. The latest update will be available across smartphones, tablets, PCS and Xbox One.

Having Cortana on the PC was impressive and interesting during today’s demonstration. Cortana on the PC provides a way for the user to interact with their PC with notifications from “the world’s first digital assistant.”

We also got the first look at Windows 10 running on devices under 8 inches (phones and small tablets), which as app developers, we were anxious to see.

Windows 10 was demoed on a Lumia 1520. There’s an improvements to the Action Center with a refreshed app list and changes to the Settings page that Windows users have been asking for as well as having recently installed apps put toward the top of the Action Center.

Windows messaging interacts seamlessly with Skype, SMS and other apps. With this new update, you can move the keyboard around the screen so that it floats and doesn’t block certain parts your screen when responding to inline messages. This will probably be very popular with phablet users.

Microsoft is offering more synchronicity with the update and allowing users to dismiss notifications from their devices and their PC and unifying their apps to work on mobile and desktop seamlessly.

The upgrade to Windows 10 will be free for any phone running Windows Phone 8.1. The first build of Windows 10 for phones will be made available to members of the Windows Insider Program in February. We’ll definitely be looking at this platform closely to make the CoPilot experience even better for Windows users.

For more information on the Windows 10 press event head to The Verge.

Forgotten car charger is not the end of the world with CoPilot

GPS navigation apps use almost every function of your smartphone or tablet. They employ your GPS receiver, processor, graphics processor, data connection, screen and sound to safely guide you to your destination. This can result in reduced battery life if you don’t have your charger with you.

To extend battery life and let you navigate for longer, CoPilot has a Power Saving Mode. When activated, this setting reduces the need to refresh your map as often, resulting in less power used and longer battery life. It’s perfect for long distance travel when your next turn isn’t for 100 miles.

One of the key benefits of CoPilot is the ability to customize the app to suit your own preferences. A good example of that is our Power Saving Mode.

In Power Saving you can choose, quite simple, how frequently the map refreshes. By reducing the amount and the frequency with which the map refreshes, you can actually reduce battery life substantially. This is really important if you’ve left your car charger behind.

Saving maps to SD card – Now for Android users


Good news to our Android audience – You can now save maps to your SD card to keep from using the memory on your device.

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In order to enable the SD card feature in CoPilot, please do the following which will both enable the external map download and back up any saved trips/routes:

First – save your Favorites and recent trips:

  • Connect your device to a computer and access the following folder com.alk.copilot > EU (or NA, SA, ME depending upon your map region).
  • Copy the Favorites.lst and Recent.lst files to your computer desktop.
  • Disconnect device from computer.

If you backed up your favourites and recent destinations as described above before uninstalling the software, you will be able to restore them by once again connecting your device to a computer, and copying the backed-up Favourites.lst and Recent.lst files from your desktop to the com.alk.copilot > EU (or NA, SA, ME depending upon your map region) folder.

Then – download your maps again.

  • First you’ll need to connect your device to a computer and access the following folder: com.alk.copilot and then your licensed region (NA, EU, ME, etc).
  • Delete the maps from your internal memory and re-download them. Once you do, the SD card feature should now be enabled.

As always, we strongly recommend downloading your required map regions via Wi-Fi. Before you start, please make sure you have Wi-Fi switched on and are connected to a network with a good signal. You can also download maps via 3G/4G, although this may incur data charges from your mobile provider.

This feature is available on certain devices only and requires Android 4.4 KitKat or above.

For more information on this feature and information on how to transfer maps, Recents and Favorites check out our copilot support forum.