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CoPilot Tips & Tricks III – Customize CoPilot

We know that every driver is different. Whether you are a daily commuter, RVer or long-distance driver, with CoPilot you can personalize the app to fit your needs. Since the first version of CoPilot in 1997 (!), we have developed CoPilot so you can adapt the app to your needs. We are in good company when it comes to the trend towards software personalization as both Google and Apple have jumped on the bandwagon. Find out how you can customize your CoPilot:

How can I customize my CoPilot?

To start, head to the Settings menu. You will see the following options:

  • Map Display & Guidance: In this menu you can personalize the location info display, POI display (for example if you want to see all fuel stations on the map), zoom and rotation of the map, turn restrictions display and settings regarding ClearTurn and turn warnings.
  • Vehicle Routing Profiles: Create and name your own routing profile depending on your vehicle. You drive a car during the week and a motorcycle on the weekends? No problem with CoPilot: Easily switch between different profiles and customize routing settings for quickest/shortest route, congestion zone warnings, toll roads, ferries and overall road preference.
  • Safety Alerts & Warnings: Head here to set your speed limit warnings and activate safety camera alerts. Say goodbye to fines!
  • ActiveTraffic™: Who wants to be stuck in traffic? Enable ActiveTraffic™ and display the traffic bar to know about road congestion in advance and get automatically rerouted if there is a traffic jam ahead. Find out more here >
  • Regional & Voices: With CoPilot you won’t need to do any mental gymnastics to calculate your distance to destination in kilometres or wonder how much a 30km/h speed limit is in mph. Set your units to metric or imperial in this menu and feel confident if you drive in Europe. Additionally, you can use CoPilot in 32 (!) languages, so next time you want to brush up on your Spanish skills, head here 🙂
  • Styles: We know you have your own style, so you need a map that fits you. Choose between eleven dark or light map styles and customize your day and night interface.
  • Sound: You want to listen to music during your drive? Personalize your sound settings in this menu.
  • Data & Battery: We give you full control over how/if CoPilot uses data and your battery. You are heading to Europe and want to make sure CoPilot does not use data? Additionally to your device settings, you can de-activate cellular data usage directly in CoPilot or decide if the app should use low power mode.

Have questions? Get more information about customisation in CoPilot in our FAQs.

CoPilot Tips & Tricks II – Multi-Stop Trip Planning

Fall and winter can be busy periods for drivers: The kids are back at school and need to be picked up from their sports or music lessons. Christmas is looming on the horizon and so is the inevitable shopping spree. The holidays are well-deserved break to visit relatives or go on a small city adventure.

How do you find the best route to your destination when you have many stops on your way? With CoPilot’s multi-stop trip planning tools you can add up to 100 stops to your route and CoPilot will calculate the best route. Here’s how it works:

How to plan a multi-stop trip?

First, add all your stops (yellow dots) and final destination (red dot) by using the Plan menu and tapping Add Stop. You can use any of CoPilot’s search tools to find the correct address:

  • Home or Work
  • Address
  • POIs (such as petrol stations, banks, parking, shopping centres,…)
  • Recents
  • Favorites
  • Search Online

Once you have found the right stop, add it to your route with the blue plus sign. CoPilot lets you calculate routes with up to 100 stops (!).

How to bring your stops in the best order?

Now that you have added all your stops, tap the three dots menu on the upper right hand corner. Choose Optimize Stops to arrange the stops in the best order. You can choose if you want to include your final destination or not. If your final destination is your home or work for example, we recommend you do not include it in the optimisation. Select Calculate and you’re all set.

You want to find out more about trip planning? Check out this handy video tutorial:

CoPilot Tips & Tricks I – Traffic

You know the feeling: You need to be at your meeting in 30 minutes but you’re stuck in traffic. You are tired after a long day at work and your drive home is turning into a commuter nightmare. Perhaps you want to go for a long weekend trip, but one million other drivers had the same idea.

With CoPilot’s ActiveTraffic™ real-time service, you can see road congestion on your route ahead of time and automatically receive an alternative route to get to your destination on time. Here is how you can make the most of ActiveTraffic™:

How to get ActiveTraffic™?

If you are a CoPilot GPS user (grey app icon) you can test drive ActiveTraffic™ for 7 days for free within your trial period. Great news if you have purchased one of our CoPilot or CoPilot RV apps, you get 1 year traffic information for free. To buy or extend your ActiveTraffic™ for another year, go to the Main Menu > Store and tap on ActiveTraffic™Sign in with your Apple ID/Touch ID/Google ID. Make sure that your payment information is correctly set up in iTunes or Google Play. Once you confirm the purchase, you will see a green checkmark  next to the feature.

How to activate the feature?

Before getting behind the wheel, make sure to activate traffic by going to Settings > ActiveTraffic™ and tap Enable Traffic Service. We also recommend to activate Display Traffic Bar so you can see congestion on your route ahead of time. Please note that although CoPilot allows offline navigation, our traffic service requires a data connection to update you in real time. You can find out more about average data usage in our FAQ.

Driving with ActiveTraffic™

You have activated your ActiveTraffic™, now it’s time to hit the road. Once you have planned a route and you’re ready to go, ActiveTraffic provides you with a traffic bar on your screen to show the traffic along your route in a way that you can understand. Plus, you’ve got the most accurate ETA with real-time information for your drive.

Before you hit the road, make sure to check the traffic map by tapping on the traffic bar. The map will outline your route, show you the traffic nearby and display your current delay. If the route is looking too congested for your liking, just tap the Alternate Route option at the bottom of the screen. Incident reports let you know about detours, closed roads and other events as you drive.

Get traffic alerts with a faster alternate route option if it’s available.

If you have further questions about ActiveTraffic™, please visit our website or our FAQ. Happy travels!


Thanksgiving Traffic Travel Tips

No matter what your plans are for Thanksgiving weekend, it is very likely you will end up in your car driving somewhere at some point. According to driving group AAA, nearly 50.1 million Americans plan to hit the road over Thanksgiving weekend – which only means one thing…traffic. Thanksgiving weekend is one the most, if not the most, traveled weekends of the year. CoPilot can help getting you to your families or shopping malls quickly and efficiently.

With real-time traffic info you can avoid delays before they happen and make sure to arrive on time for the turkey! PS. Our real-time traffic service is on sale for 50% off – happy turkey day 🙂

Okay, now for some travel tips for Thanksgiving Weekend:

1.Fuel up beforehand! Gas prices might be a little high but fueling up closer to home before getting on a major highway will save you some money this year.


2. Avoid traveling on the Tuesday and Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Try and do most of your traveling the day of.

3. As just mentioned, the days before are going to be the busiest on the roads. You’ll start to see an increase in traffic between noon and 4pm. It’s best to hit the road in the morning or evening to avoid congestion. [source]

4. Wondering when’s a good time to travel home? That Saturday and Sunday can still be brutal with traffic. Either day, get on the road before 10am or just wait until after 6pm.

5. Last but not least, get an ActiveTraffic subscription with any CoPilot app install. Not only will it help you avoid the delays but you can see what’s on your route before getting on the road.

Learn More Here >

Latest North American Maps Available

Get your new map update now bringing you over 38,000 miles of roads and more than 600 new POIs. We are happy that we are offering our CoPilot users a free map update to ensure everyone has reliable offline maps wherever they are heading to.

How do I install a map update?

Make sure you have the latest update for your CoPilot app installed and make sure you have a strong WiFi connection. In CoPilot, go to MyCoPilot and select My Maps. Then select your map region (e.g. North America) and download the map update when prompted. Find the full instructions here >

How do I check if I have the latest map data?

Go to Settings > About CoPilot. Here you will see the map data version number (2017.2). Find out more details here >

How do I manage my maps?

You can store maps directly on your device, but you don’t need to download all of the maps at once thanks to our intelligent map management. Once you’ve licensed a region such as  North America, you can manage which regions/countries, for example Midwest, you need maps for and save a lot of space on your device.

Map Coverage

You can find a complete list of all the countries included in our North American apps here >

*The latest maps are available for your licensed region only. 

What’s New in Apple’s iOS 11

Apple has launched iOS 11 and we had a closer look at some of the new features and changes (see our WWDC overview here >). Here’s what’s new:

Do Not Disturb While Driving

“Do Not Disturb While Driving” is a fantastic new feature from Apple that will enhance driver safety by blocking incoming calls, messages and notifications while you’re on the road. Our developers have been driving with the feature already and really liked it. It’s similar to the night time feature “Do Not Disturb” that is currently available under iOS 10. Go to Settings > Do Not Disturb and you will be able to choose from three options:

  1. Automatically: The “Do Not Disturb” feature will be activated once your device recognises that you’re travelling at a speed which would suggest you are driving or in a vehicle (this could also activate while you’re on a bus or in the passenger seat, so use with caution).
  2. While Connected to Car Bluetooth: “Do Not Disturb” will be enabled if you are pairing your device with a Bluetooth car stereo. This has the advantage that it won’t enable if you are a passenger in a car or using another form of transport.
  3. Manually: Lets you turn the feature on an off manually

Once “Do not disturb” is enabled, you will see a message notification on your Lock Screen or in your pull down notifications screen that says “You will not receive Notifications while you are driving”.

How does this affect your drive with CoPilot? Most drivers use their device with CoPilot in foreground. However, for those that use CoPilot in the background, you will still be able to get voice-guided navigation if you enable it within the app. Open CoPilot and go to Settings > Data & Battery > Battery Usage > Enable background voice instructions.

More Control Over Location Services

Users will now have more control over apps accessing their device’s location services. If you have an app that uses location service, you will get prompted to choose from three options: Always, While Using The App, or Never. The good news is that this doesn’t affect CoPilot (yeah!). We have already allowed users to select the option ‘While Using The App’ in the past, not like some other apps 🙂

Shiny New App Store

The App Store has a new look and feel under iOS 11. Open the App Store app and you will now see promoted in-app purchases for apps that offer them, a new “Today” section and promo texts.

Updated Control Center

Good news for all Control Center fans, iOS 11 will bring the option to customize its appearance. To personalize your UI experience, go to Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls. Tip: Add the “Do Not Disturb While Driving” control to the Center so you can switch the feature on and off with less taps.

Improved Screenshot Tool

Press the power + home button  and you will see the screen flash and a sound (as usual). Then a small thumbnail preview of the screenshot will appear. Tap on it and you will be able to edit the screenshot (write, draw, crop). If you decide to edit itlater, you can still do so by going to your camera roll and choosing the Markup tool.

You want to try iOS 11 for yourself? Download the software update for your iPhone or iPad as follows:

  1. Make sure you have WiFi enabled and enough device space
  2. Go to Settings > General > Software Update
  3. Tap Download and Install

Every Trip Is a Journey – Part 2

Can you walk the walk?

When you are in Ireland, you might want to get outside and take a look around the beautiful scenery. But how do you get around? Walking mode on CoPilot will navigate you even without a car. Tom used the walking mode at least 3 or 4 times to stay on track and not get lost on a Dublin side street after an unusually long visit to the Guinness brewery.

So you may be asking yourself: who won the super traveler award?

Tom came in first place by saving the trip with reliable navigation. The drivers of the other cars asked Tom how to get CoPilot on their smartphones so the downloads began at the next good WiFi spot (good WiFi is hard to find).

Every trip you take is a journey and with all the planning – the journey will soon become your destination. Enjoy the adventures, appreciate the time with your family and by the end of it…you’ll be planning the next one! Get CoPilot and start your next journey.

See part 1 here >

Every Trip Is a Journey – Part 1

Meet Tom. He just returned from a wonderful 2 week trip in Ireland. With 4 rental cars and 10 people – I mean come on, who doesn’t love a family vacation?

Trip planning: Where to go?

Tom used CoPilot for 18 trips to different destinations across the country. These trips included finding the typical rural towns throughout his journey, provided Tom spelled them correctly. With CoPilot he just had to type in the name of the place and the city…it’s that easy.

All of the tech savvy people had their own navigation system so they could show it off and win the super traveler award but Tom kept a low profile.  After a few trips to places like the Blue Stack mountains, the bad routes from the first car using an alternative GPS app (you know that one that uses wifi…that rhymes with ‘Oogle’)  brought everyone to a screeching halt.

This is when things get interesting…


His brother-in-law got kicked out of the first car and had to walk along the edge of a cliff to Tom’s car.  He asked Tom to swap with him in the front car and told Tom to bring his phone with CoPilot.  I think it’s safe to say, the previously mentioned GPS app was not working. Driving in and out of cell signals only leads to one thing-you get lost!

With CoPilot, Tom knew he would be safe with offline navigation for the rest of the trip. Stay tuned to find out how Tom’s journey continued…


Download CoPilot GPS Now for a Chance to Win

The journey is the destination this summer! Download CoPilot GPS now for a chance to win a great prize for your travels: A summer travel pack including a travel hammock, car mount and CoPilot app of your choice.

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Download CoPilot GPS on the App Store or Google Play Store
  2. Make sure to create a CoPilot ID to enter the prize draw
  3. Like and share the contest with your friends and family through CoPilot Facebook or CoPilot Twitter

The sweepstake closes on July 31st, 2017 and the winner will be announced later on the CoPilot Facebook page and CoPilot Twitter. Remember to like or follow to check if you have won. You can find the full Terms and Conditions here >

Good luck!