Saving maps to SD card – Now for Android users


Good news to our Android audience – You can now save maps to your SD card to keep from using the memory on your device.

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In order to enable the SD card feature in CoPilot, please do the following which will both enable the external map download and back up any saved trips/routes:

First – save your Favorites and recent trips:

  • Connect your device to a computer and access the following folder com.alk.copilot > EU (or NA, SA, ME depending upon your map region).
  • Copy the Favorites.lst and Recent.lst files to your computer desktop.
  • Disconnect device from computer.

If you backed up your favourites and recent destinations as described above before uninstalling the software, you will be able to restore them by once again connecting your device to a computer, and copying the backed-up Favourites.lst and Recent.lst files from your desktop to the com.alk.copilot > EU (or NA, SA, ME depending upon your map region) folder.

Then – download your maps again.

  • First you’ll need to connect your device to a computer and access the following folder: com.alk.copilot and then your licensed region (NA, EU, ME, etc).
  • Delete the maps from your internal memory and re-download them. Once you do, the SD card feature should now be enabled.

As always, we strongly recommend downloading your required map regions via Wi-Fi. Before you start, please make sure you have Wi-Fi switched on and are connected to a network with a good signal. You can also download maps via 3G/4G, although this may incur data charges from your mobile provider.

This feature is available on certain devices only and requires Android 4.4 KitKat or above.

For more information on this feature and information on how to transfer maps, Recents and Favorites check out our copilot support forum.

Be Sure With ALK MapSure™

No maps, no GPS navigation. It’s as simple as that.

Worse than that, though, are bad maps that lead to bad GPS navigation.

We know that roads are constantly changing. And while we are always vigilant for these changes, there’s no one better than you, the driver, to let us know about what’s new.

To harness your power, you can use the ALK MapSure™  program. This allows you to let us know directly from the app what changes you see.

New traffic pattern? Street name change? Two-way street is now one way? You can report all these to us. We’ll verify and add them to our free  map updates. That way, you’ll always have the most accurate maps at your disposal, and never for an additional fee.



Maps are at the heart of any navigation product. It can’t provide you with directions without it. We’re highly aware that maps continue to evolve and change. Roads change. Neighborhoods are expanding.

 We have a facility within CoPilot that enables drivers and our customers to report changes to the road network. We call that “MapSure.”

 This enables you to report a change, either to the street, to a house number, to some road layout, even a point of interest. You can report that from within the app. We will commit to update our maps and feeding those out in our quarterly releases.

CoPilot in the news: December 2014

The new year is here and we couldn’t be more excited. So excited in fact that we’ve extended our holiday sale until January 12th! Get 30% off select CoPilot apps now.


We ended the year with these great reviews! Looking forward to reading even more good news in 2015. Thanks for the support!


podcast_wpcentral_600“All of the versions have received bug fixes and “Enhanced ActiveTraffic” service, which CoPilot says will offer users “better routing around road closures”.”

Read More




“On our iPad Mini, we connected to Wi-Fi and downloaded all of North America for free. Well, the roads and roadside attractions anyway. Restaurants too, of course, and if you tap on anything CoPilot automatically displays the way there. It’s all there, even when we’re offline.”

Read More


TodaysTrucking“ALK offers a new update to its CoPilot Truck mobile GPS navigation app for iOS and Android. The update, v9.6.2, includes a revamped and restyled user interface and a full map update. ”


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Cool (but not chilly) Places for Holiday Fun

Holiday travel season is upon us. Need an idea of where to get away? We’ve got some ideas in mind.

Don’t forget to take advantage of our sale on now!


If you like tradition:


You’ll find strong tradition of the legend of Sinterklass (that’s Santa Claus) in Amsterdam.


If you like hot temperatures:

paraty brazil

Why not spend Christimas in the sand? The beautiful Brazilian beaches found Paraty, Brazil may not be your winter wonderland but it will definitely be a holiday.


If you like cool climates:

quebec city

When it comes to a white Christmas, no one does it quite like quaint Quebec City, Canada. The snow-dusted cobblestone streets and small town feeling are straight from a holiday postcard.

If you like adventures:

great barrier reef

Ever wanted to go snorkeling on the world’s largest coral reef?  You can go say hi to Nemo & Co by travelling to Cairns, Australia and then taking a boat to the Great Barrier Reef.



If you like relaxing:

lech zues am arleberg

Get a massage, have a drink and take in the views of the alps covered in snow with a spa break in Lech am Arlberg, Austria.


Wherever you end up for the holidays, we hope you’ll take your CoPilot with you. We love holiday fun!


CoPilot’s New App and Map Update for Holiday Fun

header_964 blog

Season’s Greetings, CoPilot fans. We’re bringing you a new app update just in time for the holidays which is packed with new maps and features to keep you from having to walk your way through a winter wonderland.

Our latest version is now available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8.

For iOS users, we‘re now compatible with the new iPhone 6 Plus. We’ve also added the ability to navigate straight to your Favorites directly from the Notification Center.

Important for iOS 6 users: We’ve discovered an issue which prevents CoPilot from running properly with iOS 6. If you are running iOS 6, please do NOT update your CoPilot to our latest version We’re working on a fix and we’ll release it soon, so please stay tuned.

For Android users, we’ve improved our resolution on many devices and added support for the Lollipop OS.

But most importantly, we have a gift for all you Android fans straight from our developers at the North Pole – you can now save your maps to your SD card. 

Top avoid the traffic jams this season, we’ve also enhanced our ActiveTraffic service for better routing around road closures.  Learn more about ActiveTraffic.

We’ve had a great time guiding you this year. Next destination —> 2015.


Destination –> 2015

The holidays are  here and shopping season is already in full swing. If you’re looking forward to (or dreading) driving in a Winter Wonderland, we’ve got a way of making things look merry and bright.



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Start 2015 headed in the right direction with our premium mobile navigation.

Wherever you or your loved ones are driving this holiday, CoPilot’s got you covered. With quality offline maps stored on your smartphone or tablet, smart route planning features and clear turn-by-turn directions, you can navigate safely through 2015 – without using your data.

Avoid holiday traffic easily with our real-time traffic service and innovative features like  ActiveRoutes! With our premium navigation apps, you’ll get a 12 month subscription for free – our gift to you for every day of the year.

Planning to travel in 2015?

CoPilot Gps Icon

Fulfill your New Years travel resolutions with up to 30% off full voice-guided navigation for CoPilot GPS users!

Let your 2015 adventures and journeys begin with CoPilot – we’ll help you discover new places around the world.

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Safe Winter Driving with CoPilot

Winter weather makes all of us very cautious drivers, and this winter we want to make sure our CoPilot users know how to make the most out of our features for safe driving.



Stock up

Make sure your car is equipped with:

  • Flashlights
  • Snow shovel
  • Blankets
  • Water
  • Food
  • …and your cell phone charger!

Tank half empty – Tank half full

Doesn’t matter how you see it – you need to keep half a tank of gas in your car at all times. This helps to avoid gas line freeze up as well as keep your vehicle working during unexpected traffic or detours due to poor weather conditions. Check our POIs to find the gas stations on your route.

Check all conditions

Weather, traffic, and road conditions will all play a major role in getting you where you need to go. Make sure to check those before you leave the house and have your ActiveTraffic ready and activated.

Plan your route ahead of time

CoPilot allows you to plan up to 50 different stops. This helps you visualize how long it will take you to get to all your activities and make it home in time before a storm. Preview your turns beforehand and make sure to keep checking your ETA along the way. Let others know when you’ll arrive and don’t rush!

Stay home

If you’re not comfortable driving in bad weather, just stay where you are. CoPilot will be ready to go the next time you need to navigate anywhere.


For more tips on what to do when you encounter bad weather this winter, head to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s safe winter driving tips.

Holiday Fun All Mapped Out

Holiday activities are filling your calendar up quick. To get to the mall and the parties on time, let CoPilot help map out all of your holiday fun.




plan_edit Our trip planning feature on CoPilot makes it the perfect app for planning out your day. Whether you’re doing it in advance or the morning of, you can rely on our smart trip optimization and our millions of points of interest to keep your trip stress-free. You can add over 20 stops and CoPilot will optimize the route for you.



POIWith millions of POIs and search powered by Yelp, you’ll definitely feel like one of Santa’s helpers using our POI search this holiday. You can search for POIs right along your route (in case you don’t want to be that guest who shows up empty handed at the party). Only looking for kids toys? Or just need to find a place to refuel while you’re out? You can display only certain POIs on your map so that only gift stores or gas stations will appear. Find out how.




Save your friend’s houses in as your favorites for quick and easy navigation to their festive parties.




You can also navigate there by allowing CoPilot access to your contacts.





activetrafficSave yourself extra time out on the road by activating ActiveTraffic to keep you informed with real-time traffic info. No one likes a late party guest.



However you decide to plan, CoPilot makes an excellent guide. Just call us Rudolph.


Save Travels,

Team CoPilot

Which Holiday CoPilot Are You? [QUIZ]




All of us have our own CoPiloting style. How will you be helping guide the sleigh over the river and through the woods? Completely merrily?  Or a bit Frosty?

Take our quiz to find out!


Already assuming the driving responsibilities this holiday? Pass on the quiz to your chosen CoPilot and find out whether your drive will be gleeful or grinchy. Don’t forget to share your results with your friends on Facebook or Twitter!

Happy holidays and safe travels to all our fellow CoPilots!

CoPilot GPS Now Available for Fire OS

We’re thrilled to announce that CoPilot GPS is available now on the Amazon Appstore! We’ve brought our free offline trip planning, mapping and GPS navigation app to the new Amazon Fire phone and Android based tablets and smartphones.

With the announcement of the Amazon Fire, there’s been a lot of buzz surrounding this new platform. We want to give the Amazon audience the same great navigation experience. Download Copilot GPS today and get comprehensive trip planning and of course quality street maps stored on-board for offline use.

Fire-Phone-CoPilotGPS-USAs with all the other platforms, users can choose to upgrade to CoPilot’s award-winning full voice-guided, turn-by-turn GPS navigation experience through in-app purchase.

The amazing, free features in CoPilot GPS include:

–    Premium quality street maps stored on your device for offline use.

–     Millions of POIs built-in.

–     Powerful trip planning with a choice of three routes and drag-and-drop route editing.

–     Unique itinerary optimizer to calculate the best route for multiple stops.

–     Comprehensive integrated local search with Yelp

–    Additional global map regions available to purchase and store on your device for data-free roaming abroad.



Need more information? Check out this short video:

Get it for free today on the Amazon Appstore