Just released: New driver-friendly menus, re-designed landscape view, improved traffic & more

The good stuff stays the same but this update brings you improvements based on what is important to drivers. Things like the map zoom buttons, heard that was an important one so we brought them back for iOS users. Find out what’s in it for you:

Landscape View

We know that 52% of drivers use their navigation app in landscape mode and we heard from you that you would like to see more of the map when using CoPilot in landscape mode. With the newest app update you’ll now see more of the map view with directions & ETAs.

Split Screen for iPad

Are you an iPad or Android tablet user? We have great news for you: The new split screen now shows a 3D or 2D map view with directions for clearer guidance. Simple tap on the menu icon and choose “Split Screen” to try it out.

Zoom Buttons

The map zoom buttons are back for iOS! After popular request we re-introduced the plus/minus zoom buttons for easy adjustment of your navigation view. You will find the zoom buttons on the lower left side of the screen.

Improved Menus

We want to make it easy for drivers to access all the tools they need on the road. That’s why we have created bigger buttons in the menus for smooth tapping.

Better Search

We have tweaked the search screen so you can find any place, anywhere. Look for an address by tapping on the “Address” field, search for petrol stations, parking or other POIs, find places online or navigate to one of your contacts or a specific coordinate. Additionally, you can add your home and work address and navigate to your favourites.

Accurate Traffic

With our new smarter traffic updates we’ll frequently check for delays up ahead and further away so you know about changing conditions more quickly. Find out more >

To get the app update, open your App Store or Google Play, find your CoPilot app and install the update. Here is a detailed step-by-step guide >

Your Guide to the Holidays – Plan Ahead and Optimize Stops

Do you know you can easily find the best shops, restaurants and entertainment that are preloaded offline with CoPilot? You know you have to make a stop on the way to dinner to grab a gift and maybe you need gas. With CoPilot, you can find where you need to go whether it’s nearby, along your route or at your destination. 

Before you head out, plan all your stops and we’ll reorder them in the best order. Just plug in where you are going and let CoPilot optimize it for you. Saving you time and money for presents! Oh, and don’t forget to save your trip to keep yourself organized for next year.

No need to drive around to find what you are looking for, you have a CoPilot this holiday season.

North America Map Update Has Arrived

Your new map update for CoPilot North America is here! The update includes thousands of new miles of roads in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico. This free update is available to download immediately for the following apps: CoPilot Premium USA & North America, CoPilot GPS (if North America is your licensed region), CoPilot RV, CoPilot Truck USA & North America and CoPilot Truck GPS.

Visiting a new place? Or maybe a quick weekend getaway? Stay up-to-date with the latest North American map improvements.

cpt logo
Truck routing has also been enhanced!  New York City was updated with specific routing designations for truck through-travel restrictions within the city’s limits plus 53’ truck routing rules were updated for the state of New Jersey.

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Offline maps are important because they provide the driver peace of mind – updated roads and no data costs to you. You have access to all the detailed, street-level maps directly on your device so you can use your navigation offline without having to rely on your mobile network.   No matter where you are, CoPilot will guide you with full-spoken, turn-by-turn directions along your route which is safer than having to wait for map data to update over a mobile network.

You can store maps onto your device but you don’t need them all at once. Once you’re licensed to a region, you can manage which area you need maps for and save some space on your device.

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We take pride in bringing you the best routing and maps that any navigation app can offer. For more tips on mapping, routing and our features please visit our website.

Safe Travels


Best Dates to Travel with CoPilot

Planning a trip this year or a quick weekend get-away?

If you are…check out the best dates to fly and how CoPilot can help. According to WLTX 19, moving an itinerary a single day could make the difference between a fare that’s a deal or a deal-breaker.


More travel tips…

skyscanner logo

Skyscanner compares millions of flights to find you the cheapest deal, fast-you can chose between the entire month you want to fly or just a single day.

Plus, you can even pick the option to rent a car and with CoPilot you will always know where you are. For example, take a flight to Florence and then rent a car to drive around the smaller villages. GPS units in the rental car usually cost a pretty penny so make sure you have the correct maps installed and CoPilot will guide you.

Let’s Talk About Traffic

teaser-nyc-traffic-flickr-cc-by-2-david-goehringAvoid the jams with CoPilot!

You just got out of work, you’re on your way home and then all you see is brake light after brake light!

It’s a common occurrence for so many of us as we face the daily commute, when dropping the kids off to school or taking a trip to the shopping mall. Being stuck in bumper to bumper traffic can be so frustrating (just try not to imagine all the ways you could better spend that time) and can even burn a hole in your pocket with gas costs.

According to USA Today, commuters collectively lost 6.9 billion hours and 3.1 billion gallons of fuel due to traffic delays in the last year. If that makes you throw your hands up in despair, you’re not alone. We feel your pain.

Well, despair no more. With CoPilot’s real-time traffic updates you’ll get peace of mind knowing you’re always taking the best route possible and avoiding the jams. Continue reading

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Benefits of Offline Maps this Holiday Season!

Everyone’s talking about Offline Maps but CoPilot has always been offline!

We are in no way new to the game, everyone else is just following because it is such an awesome solution.

CoPilot’s Offline Maps capability saves in so many ways!

Traveling to visit your family this season or taking a trip somewhere new for the holidays? I know some of you are concerned about data and unnecessary costs. CoPilot can help! CoPilot allows maps to be accessed without Wi-Fi or cellular connection once they are downloaded on to your mobile device.  CoPilot’s Offline maps feature provides fantastic benefits that you’ll want to take advantage this holiday season.

Other apps make you download a huge file and turn your phone on airplane mode for it to navigate you without data usage.  While CoPilot allows you to download smaller regions with flexible map management PLUS you can select CoPilot not to use cellular data while keeping your phone capabilities on (no airplane mode needed here). Why break the bank with data charges when you can get GPS navigation with turn by turn directions all without using data.



Remember to download your maps using Wi-Fi (to limit data charges) at home or work before you get on the road.

Once maps are downloaded, they can be used just like a classic “gas station” map, but without having to fold it back up when you are done.  Whether you have turned off data usage or lost cellular connection, use the + or – buttons to zoom in or out or you can pinch the map with two fingers,  You can pan the map by dragging up, down, left or right. This applies to the My Route screen as well as the Guidance Map.  In addition, CoPilot comes with pre-loaded POI’s so again, you don’t need a connection to find things on the road.


Say No to retro crumpled maps and high roaming charges

map   cost

And say Yes to CoPilot this Holiday Season!!

***Bonus Tip***

If your traveling internationally and do not speak/read the native language CoPilot will translate road signs and have clear turn directions in your offline map


P.S. We think our offline maps are great and so does Time Magazine & USA Today! Check out the articles at TIME Article  USA Today Article



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We know you love your CoPilot GPS and we’ve got even more ways for you to enjoy navigating!

Upgrade your GPS experience to get lifetime use of:

  • Voice-guided, turn by turn navigation
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  • Automatic route recalculation
  • Speed limit warnings
  • Realistic ClearTurn™ display
  • Lane arrows and sign info at highway exits

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Choose Voice-Guided Navigation 


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