5 MORE Tips to Avoid Distracted Driving With GPS

We want you to be as prepared as possible so in addition to the tips we gave you on Tuesday, here are 5 more ways to keep  you worry-free on the road.  Please take the time to visit the National Safety Council’s page on Distracted Driving.


1. Know your vehicle’s restrictions

If you are cruising the country on the Great American Roadtrip, you might travel in an RV or other large vehicle. Make sure you know your vehicle’s height, weight, and cargo restrictions. Last thing you want is to approach a bridge and not know if your roof will make it to the other side. CoPilot can help with specific routing options for RVs or other large vehicles.


If you are operating a commercial grade truck, the federal government is issuing recommendations for use of truck-specific GPS applications. CoPilot Truck meets these requirements and would be a great option for any driver in need of a truck-specific GPS app.

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Helpful Hint: Trip Optimization

If you’re looking to hit the road with multiple destinations, CoPilot’s Trip Optimization feature will help you save time and money no matter how many stops you have.

trip optimize 4

The Trip Optimization feature allows you to plan for 20 different stops which is especially helpful if you’ve volunteered to chauffer your friends to college open houses this weekend. Continue reading

Celebrate the Start of Spring with CoPilot!

Spring is here and so is the beginning of travel season! Soon the roads will be filled with families, friends and even solo road-trippers looking to put the windows down and the music up! CoPilot’s new versions have been released just in time for the start of warm weather and we’re giving you even more incentive with our Spring Sale.

SPRING SALE: 10% off CoPilot Apps – only until midnight on April, 8th



Save 10% off our iOS and Android apps during these first few weeks of spring. Whether you’re heading to see family or taking a scenic drive, CoPilot will help you get there with no trouble. ActiveTraffic™ helps you to avoid traffic jams and the offline maps you downloaded will get you home even if you lose your mobile signal.

Wherever you are travelling this Spring, we wish you happy, and safe, travels!


January and February MapSure Updates Now Available!


We’ve just released our new MapSure™ update which includes updates reported by users via MapSure during the months of January and February and other map improvements. The updates are available for the following CoPilot North America/USA,  Android and iOS customers:

  • CoPilot GPS,
  • CoPilot Live Premium,
  • CoPilot Live Premium HD,
  •  CoPilot Truck,
  • and CoPilot Truck HD 



Here’s how to get the latest  MapSure update:

– Go to MyCoPilot > News & Updates and tap “MapSure Map Update Available for Download”

– Tap the orange Install button at the bottom of the message. You do not need to restart to begin using the new map data.

Quarterly Maps

IMPORTANT for CoPilot Customers: In order to receive the latest map update you MUST have the latest 2012 Q4 Quarterly Maps.

Instructions on how to get the 2012 Q4 Quarterly Maps can be found here.


This free update is part of our MapSure service that guarantees you always have the very latest maps of North America and USA on your CoPilot app.

Click here to report a map improvement through MapSure today or you can now report MapSure updates directly from within CoPilot Live.

To learn more about the ALK MapSure Service visit copilotlive.com/mapsure

5 Hilarious GPS Scenes You Don’t Have To Worry About

GPS mistakes are a common source of comedy for television and movies. Luckily for you, CoPilot is your GPS! With our award-winning navigation and quarterly map updates, we’ve got plenty of ways to keep you from becoming the butt of a joke in a Hollywood script. Have a good laugh watching these videos knowing that you’ve made the right choice in navigation!

In 2011’s Larry Crowne, Julia Roberts uses opera music to drown out the annoying and overly complicated in-car navigation, Map Genie.


In this episode of The Office, Michael Scott follows his GPS directions and finds himself in troubled water.

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CoPilot in the News: February

February may be shortest month of the year but we still have a long list of people to thank for the amazing coverage given to CoPilot! This month held an amazing showcase at Mobile World Congress and the exciting news that CoPilot bringing it’s award-winning navigation to Windows Phone and Windows 8.

Here’s a comprehensive roundup of all the wonderful reactions CoPilot received this month. A huge thank you to everyone who took the time to write about us, we appreciate your support!


tumblr_inline_mhrf6cJQTn1qz4rgp“The CoPilot Live lets you download maps of the entire United States, so you can keep the maps permanently on your phone. That way you can look up navigation data even when you’re offline. ”

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boston-globe-logo1“CoPilot Live has a bunch of other clever features. If you use your iDevice to take geo-tagged photos, CoPilot can instantly display a map showing where each picture was taken.”


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podcast_wpcentral_600“By concentrating on being “clear and non-distracting” including a neat feature called Direction Screen (which only shows the maps/directions when a turn is approaching), CoPilot hope to bring a more polished and feature-complete driving experience. In short, CoPilot knows that they have to out-do and out-perform Nokia and even though they rely on the same mapping information (Navteq), CoPilot seems confident that they can bring their A-game to Windows Phone 8.”

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“While most Windows Phone 8 users have at least one option for driving directions, that doesn’t preclude them opting for a little extra. ALK Technologies at least believes we’re willing to splurge, as it’s bringing versions of its CoPilot GPS apps to both Windows Phone 8 as well as Windows 8.”

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Introducing CoPilot for Windows Phone 8!

nokia lumia usThe CoPilot team have been long time fans of Microsoft’s mobile platforms, much like many of our users. Did you know our original CoPilot GPS navigation app, “Pocket CoPilot,” was developed for Microsoft’s Pocket PC? Back in those days apps were called applications and we had pioneered mobile navigation on Windows Mobile. Now here we are in 2013 announcing an app for Windows Phone 8 –and Windows 8 – at Mobile World Congress 2013.


Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 is gaining momentum as an alternative to Android and iOS in the global battle for smartphone supremacy. With some fantastic handsets from the likes of Nokia, HTC and Samsung, an innovative and polished user experience and a robust app store, it has become an ideal platform for CoPilot too.


So we are bringing the full CoPilot voice-guided navigation experience to Windows Phone 8 handsets and Windows 8 devices, with advanced turn-by-turn guidance features, comprehensive trip planning and of course quality street maps stored on-board for offline use. There’s a full suite of real-time ‘Live’ services include ActiveTraffic™ and Yelp to keep you fully prepared and informed on the road.


We are showcasing the app on a variety of Windows Phones at Mobile World Congress in Hall 8.1, stand F6. The app itself will be available soon through the Windows Phone Store – so stay tuned!.


Meanwhile, here’s a gallery of pictures to browse. Read the full press release here.



FREE Quarterly Map Update for All CoPilot Customers

We’ve released a complete map update featuring our latest 2012 Q4 map data for all CoPilot North America customers.  The update includes thousands of new miles of roads in the U.S. and Canada and hundreds of map improvements submitted by our customers through the ALK MapSure service.

How to download your quarterly map update:

1) Download the latest free app update from iTunesGoogle Play or the CoPilot Web Store

2) Now you’re ready to download your maps via WiFi

3) Within your CoPilot app, go to MyCoPilot and select My Maps


copilot map update 1

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CoPilot in the News: January

It’s been another great month for CoPilot. The New Year started with BadElf bringing GPS accessibility to Wi-Fi only devices and another successful MacWorld-iWorld event. We’re on par to have a fantastic 2013 and we hope you are too!

We are very pleased to see the positive reaction to our exciting news this month and we’d like to extend a very special thank you to everyone that took the time to feature CoPilot on their site this month.  As always, we greatly appreciate your support!






Watch here.


WiredCoPilot Live is your inexpensive, updatable-for-life GPS app available for multiple smart device and computer platforms.”
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Mens-Health-231x62-logo-1“If you don’t have a megabyte to spare, download the CoPilot GPS. Unlike Waze, this app is usable off the cell-grid. And unlike the downloadable competition, you can load maps by region—slashing the amount of memory the app hogs.”


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“Merging together Bad Elf’s high performance GPS and CoPilot Live’s fully offline maps and routing, consumers can now use their iOS devices to the full potential – all without having to add on additional monthly data charges or require another mobile Internet connection.”

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CoPilot Live at MacWorld-iWorld 2013


We are happy to be back at the Macworld -iWorld 2013 Event, showcasing CoPilot Live to the eager assembly of iFans. Stop by Booth 718 in the Mobile Apps Showcase (in The Moscone Center’s West Hall) to see our GPS navigation solution demoed on the iPhone 5, iPad mini and the other latest Apple products. While you’re with us, don’t forget to scan your badge for a chance to win a free CoPilot Live App.

For those of you that can’t make the trek to San Fransisco, you can still see CoPilot Live in action for a price way cheaper than a plane ticket. Our MacWorld Sale starts Wednesday , Jan 30th  with up to 33% off our CoPilot Live Premium USA and CoPilot Live Premium USA HD apps for iOS devices. Continue reading