Tip #4: Easy Way To Move Your Stops

You’ve planned your route across the US with multiple stops, but noticed that the sequence of the stops does not make sense? No worries!

Simply move the order of your stops by going to the Plan or Edit Trip menu.  Tap and hold the stop and then move it with your fingertip into its correct place. Tap Calculate Route to start your drive.Photo 08-05-2015 10 23 15

So next time you are planning your trip use the touch screen to rearrange the stops and save your time and nerves!

Tip #3: How To Navigate To A Photo

The summer holidays are the perfect time for snapshots. But did you ever wonder later where that beautiful beach was you found in Oregon or where exactly you took that selfie in New York?

With CoPilot you can navigate to the place your picture was taken. Simply take a (geotagged) picture, launch CoPilot, open Go To > Photonav and select the pic you want to locate on the map. You can then see the location and set it as a destination.


So next time you take that food picture for Instagram, remember to geotag it. If that plate was good enough to take photo of, for sure you’d like to return to that restaurant next time you are back!

Tip #2: Avoid The Summer Jams With ActiveTraffic

A CoPilot classic that is always good for a mention. ActiveTrafficTM will ease your drive considerably whether you are a daily commuter or whether you are on your summer road trip. There is nothing worse than getting stuck for hours on a highway on a hot summer day, so make sure you have traffic activated.

Go to Settings > ActiveTrafficTM > and enable the feature. If you do not have our traffic service yet or if your annual subscription ran out, go to MyCoPilot > Features and Upgrades > ActiveTrafficTM. And the best thing? ActiveTrafficTM comes for less than $1 per month! A very small price to pay compared to the substantial time and money you’ll save from using ActiveTrafficTM every day.  Every minute you save avoiding traffic means lower fuel costs and most importantly more time to do things you enjoy!

 Photo 14-05-2015 15 00 54

So next time you plan your route, check your traffic information for any delays. But don’t worry – if we spot a delay on your route while you are driving, we’ll give you an alternative route automatically so you can avoid the jams for good.

The Best Tips For Your CoPilot Truck – Part 1

Customize your truck routing

Professional drivers know that taking the wrong route can compromise efficiency and safety. CoPilot Truck is truck-specific GPS navigation designed to provide safe and reliable routing on truck-legal roads.

Unlike standard car navigation systems, it calculates efficient routes based on the vehicle profile information, routing parameters and load type, with additional settings for the transportation of hazardous materials.

Here is how you can customize your truck routing:

1. To set up your Truck Routing Profile, tap Route > Truck Routing Profile


2. You can select from a list of industry standard vehicle dimensions or use the ‘Custom size restrictions’ option to enter the Max Height, Max Width, Total Length and Total Weight of your truck.


3. CoPilot Truck routing can also take into account the transportation of hazardous materials. Select one or all from the following categories:

    • Explosives
    • Flammable
    • Harmful to water


4. You can choose whether or not to display truck restrictions on the map.

5. Choose to UseAvoid if Possible or Always Avoid toll roads along your route


6. You can also customize roads and speeds by choosing to Avoid or Favor the following road types:

    1. Motorways
    2. Dual Carriageways
    3. Primary roads
    4. Secondary roads
    5. Local streets

7. Choose whether or not to display truck warnings of known potential hazards on your route.

Tip #1: Alternative Routes With 3 Ways To Go

Did you know you can choose between three different routes to get to your destination in CoPilot?

Enter your destination and the My Route screen will appear. Then select “Alternate” and you will have the choice between three different route options. Just tap the route you prefer, use the back arrow and hit GO.

Photo 08-05-2015 10 22 22

Each route will also provide the distance to your destination, as well as the amount of time it will take for you to arrive there. So next time, before you drive off for your summer holidays, remember to pick the best available route.

News from the WWDC 2015

Apple kicked off their annual Developer Conference yesterday with a 2-hour keynote showing off the forthcoming versions of their operating systems, OS X for Macs, iOS for iPhones and iPads and WatchOS for Apple Watch.

The focus of iOS 9 is on intelligence and performance. Featuring a smarter proactive Siri voice assistant with improvements to search and reminders, Siri borrows some of the useful features which Android devices have been used to with Google Now. Third-party app developers can now add capabilities to apps to take advantage of the improved search. There’s improved multi-tasking too, with a new iPad-only split screen mode available.


Under the hood, there are lots of improvements to performance and security too. Battery life will be improved by using the ambient light and proximity sensors to detect if its facing down on a table and will prevent the screen from turning on, even when a notification is received. A new low power mode will extend battery life even further when you’re low on power.

A new ‘News’ app (which replaces the Newsstand app) focuses on articles and content rather than individual single issues of print publications. Content providers can take advantage of a range of interactive features and visual affects to make articles engaging. A number of big name publications are already signed up. Users will be able to follow specific titles as well as interests/topics. It’ll also suggest news articles to you based on what you’ve read.

Apple Pay, previously only available in the US, is coming to the UK next month. Not only are eight banks signed up already – but you’ll also be able to use your iPhone 6 (or Apple Watch) to pay for the London underground and buses.

iOS 9 will be available to all in the Autumn, with a public beta available to everyone for the first time from next month. (link to https://beta.apple.com/sp/betaprogram/ )

The Apple Watch has only started shipping to customers six weeks ago, and already a ‘WatchOS 2’ update is coming soon with a number of big improvements. Native apps will be available for the first time and a range of new capabilities are available to developers to make more advanced apps with access to using the microphone, playing back video and audio and using the Apple Watch’s built in speaker.

Apple also demoed ‘Apple Music’ its new streaming music service set to launch at the end of the month. The service features a new 24/7 radio station called ‘Beats 1’ along with a Connect service for artists to post music, video and photo updates directly to fans. The new music app will be available at launch for iOS, Windows PCs and Macs – with Android and Apple TV support coming later in the year. A three month trial will be available for free for all users.

What did you think of the announcements? Let us know in the comments!

[FIXED] CoPilot GPS app update for iPhone/iPad

Great news! Apple have fixed the issue with the CoPilot GPS app update not installing after downloading. You can now download and install it on your iPhone or iPad:

  • Please launch the App Store on your iPhone/iPad and make sure you have your WIFI activated
  • In case you deleted the CoPilot GPS app, please find it on the App Store and download it. In case you did NOT delete the CoPilot GPS app, simply download the app.
  • You can now use your CoPilot GPS app again

Again, thank you for your patience while we worked with Apple to fix the issue.

Team CoPilot

***IMPORTANT: Info regarding CoPilot GPS App Update on iPhone/iPad***


Unfortunately there is a problem with this update that occurs when trying to download the app directly through your iPhone / iPad’s App Store.

The good news is that you can still install the update via iTunes on a computer. To do this:

1) Restart your device

2) Download the app via iTunes on your computer

3) Connect your iPhone / iPad to your computer

4) Reinstall the app

5) Start navigating with the latest app


Please be patient while we are working closely with Apple to identify and fix the problem. We will release a fix soon. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

News from the Google IO 2015


Google kicked off their annual IO Developer event yesterday with a 2.5 hour keynote. Though there were no massive standout announcements and unusually no new hardware, there were a wide range of announcements and news related to the Android ecosystem.

The next version of Android, codenamed ‘M’ was announced. Although it looks much like Lollipop it has a number of improvements and optimisations. App permissions have been revamped and will request permission to access (for example) your Contacts or your Photos as and when the app uses specific features instead of when you install the app. Google Now is now more integrated and can be called upon when in other apps. Also coming to Android is support for fingerprint scanners which will work with Android Pay to make secure payments (much like Apple Pay with the iPhone 6). Google also confirmed that USB Type-C ports would be coming to devices which offer faster charging and can be used for other functions such as external storage or accessories. Android M is expected to ship to customers later this year.

Google showed off Android Pay – a successor to the old Google Wallet payments platform – for the first time. It will reportedly work at over 700,000 stores that accept contactless payments in the US. There’s no news right now on a Europe launch right now though.

A new Photos app was unveiled and now offers backup for an unlimited number of photos and videos for free. Much like rival Flickr has done for a while, it organises them as a timeline and automatically groups them together by location and type. There’s an advanced search available which works surprisingly well as it auto-tags all of your photos using image recognition and the EXIF metadata and geolocation. The new Photos app is available today on the web and for Android and iOS.




Improvements to Android Wear noted here covered always-on apps, a new app launcher and more improvements to extend battery life (with a new low-power black and white mode for ). New apps from Foursquare, Spotify were also shown.

A new version of Android’s Cardboard VR headset was shown and the SDK now supports iOS as well as Android. The new cardboard headset works with bigger phones too, up to 6”.

7 Handy Tips To Save Your Battery

Using apps like CoPilot in your smartphone can cause your battery to drain quicker than usual. However, there’s a number of things you can do on your Android or iPhone/iPad when using CoPilot to extend your battery life if you’re driving for long distances.

Turn the screen brightness down

Screenshot_2015-04-30-14-12-06Photo 30-04-2015 12 20 38

Enable ‘Power Saving’ mode in CoPilot (Settings > Power Saving)

Photo 30-04-2015 12 20 56

Use Directions view in CoPilot

Photo 30-04-2015 12 23 05

Invest in a portable battery charger or car charger

Photo 30-04-2015 12 38 03

 Use a plain background/wallpaper

Screenshot_2015-04-30-14-17-38Photo 30-04-2015 12 24 23

De-activate Bluetooth and WIFI if not needed

Screenshot_2015-04-30-14-18-13Photo 30-04-2015 12 24 47

Close apps that are not used running in the background
Screenshot_2015-04-30-14-19-48Photo 30-04-2015 12 28 23