iOS 9 Powers to Life

iOS 9 Powers to Life

It’s been several months since Apple announced iOS 9 at WWDC. Now it’s finally here and at first glance you’d be forgiven for thinking not much really changed.

Spend a few minutes with iOS 9 though and the numerous subtle changes it brings start to become apparent. There’s a superbly detailed list here.

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iOS 9 and CoPilot

New versions of the major mobile operating systems we support are always big news for us. Our devs have been testing CoPilot with iOS 9 ever since the first betas came available in the summer. We’ve made some tweaks under the hood to make sure everything’s running fine, and we are exploring new features like Slide Over which allows newer iPads to display two apps side by side in split screen mode.

However there’s one new feature for iPhones which is of particular interest to us here at CoPilot: Low Power Mode.

As with all apps which use your phone’s GPS receiver, CoPilot can eat-up your phone’s battery during use. iOS 9’s new Low Power mode can help reduce this with a few tricks such as lowering the screen brightness and switching-off some background services. We highly recommend you switch this on if you are using CoPilot without a car charger for any length of time – and probably even when you do have power.

You can also now choose to see the % battery remaining on the iPhone status bar for a more granular view of battery life remaining. It’s a useful option although slightly disconcertingly the battery status is yellow all the time when this is switched on.

Finally, iOS 9 shows how much power each of your apps – including CoPilot – is using.


CoPilot Power Saving

It’s worth remembering that CoPilot has its own power saving features to help you maximise battery life. The most obvious is our own Low Power mode which you can switch-on in Settings > Power Saving.

Another great way to reduce power consumption is by enabling Directions View. This minimizes the amount of time we show the battery-hungry map display. For more info take a look at our blog post from earlier this year.

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Apple Unveils iPhone 6S/ iPhone 6S+, iPad Pro, Apple TV and many more

Apple took to the stage at a special event in San Francisco yesterday to announce a range of new and updated products.

iPhone 6S/iPhone 6S Plus

The 9th generation of iPhone – the 4.7″ iPhone 6 and 5.5″ iPhone 6S Plus – look near identical to their predecessors, but feature a range of internal improvements starting with the new A9 processor which is 80% faster than before. LTE Advanced is now supported for faster data speeds. The Touch ID sensor has been improved for faster finger-print scanning and unlocking and the screen features ‘Touch 3D’ which allows users to press the screen to give more input methods such as bringing popup shortcut menus and quicker ways of multitasking between different apps.

On the back there’s a 12 megapixel camera which is capable of recording 4K video. There’s an improved front-facing 5 megapixel camera too with a software-based flash which uses the iPhones screen – great for talking selfies in low-light.

Both will ship with iOS 9 and can be pre-ordered starting 12 September and available to buy from 25 September.


iPhone Upgrade Program

A new program was announced giving customers a way to get a new iPhone every year. The iPhones are unlocked so you can choose any carrier and you pay in monthly instalments. AppleCare+ is included too which gives two years of hardware repairs and accidental damage coverage. We can imagine this will be popular with users who prefer to get a new phone every year


iPad Pro

The oft-rumoured larger iPad was confirmed, packing with it a 12.9″ display (50% larger than the iPad Air) and the new A9X processor (80% faster than the iPad Air 2). Two new accessories will be available separately too; Apple Pencil, a stylus with a pressure sensitive nib and a Smart Keyboard cover (which looks similar to Microsoft’s Surface Pro keyboard)

The iPad Pro will be available from November starting at $799.


iPad mini 4

Although it didn’t get much stage time, a new iPad mini was announced featuring a faster processor and improved camera.


Apple TV

A revamped Apple TV set-top box was announced featuring the new tvOS. The new model features the faster dual-core A8 processor, a Siri remote control with voice search, touch control, Bluetooth 4 as well as gyroscope and accelerometer. The Apple TV App Store will allow games and apps to be downloaded – and apps from Hulu, Netflix, ESPN, HBONow will be available at launch.

The new Apple TV will be available in late October at $149 for 32GB model and $199 for the 64GB model.


More info at:


What do you think of the announcements? Will you be getting a new iPhone? Let us know in the comments below.




Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Truck GPS

Display POIs along route

Wouldn’t it be great if you could see ONLY gas stations or Truck service POIs while you are driving? Well the good news is – with CoPilot Truck GPS App you can.

Here is how:

  1. Go to Settings and select Map Display
  2. Select “Show POIs on Map
  3. Set POIs on maps to “Always” and tap “Currently displayed POIs
  4. Select POIs you wish to see, for example “Diesel Exhaust Fluid” or “Parking”
  5. Enjoy – you can now see the POIs you want while you drive and easily find the nearest gas station on the route.

gps app for truckers

Save battery power

Enable ‘Power Saving’ mode in CoPilot: The power saver mode under Settings > Power Saving updates the map screen display less frequently and in turn causes less drain on the battery. The trade-off is that your movement along the map will seem a little less smooth than normal, however this will significantly reduce battery consumption. You can switch to ‘Always use low power mode’ for optimum battery performance or automatically switch to low power when the battery drops to 30%.

 gps app for truckers

Manage your maps and save space

If you have downloaded maps of all of North America we’ve got some great news for you: you can cut down on some of that storage.

You don’t actually have to download ALL North America maps, but to save precious space on your mobile/ tablet, you can pick and choose just the maps you need.

For example, if you drive from Boston to Philadelphia you only need to download maps of Eastern US and if you drive from L.A. to Seattle you would only need Southwest and Northwest maps. After the trip you can delete the maps you don’t need, and enjoy the freed space. Just go to MyCoPilot > My Maps.

gps app for truckers

Drive without distraction

We at CoPilot have always been advocates for safe use of technology while driving and we’ve specifically designed our CoPilot truck apps to be as non-distracting as possible. In addition, there are some other ways in which you can adjust your CoPilot Truck GPS App to maximize safety and minimize distraction.

  1. Plan your route before you go
  2. Use the Motion Lock feature under Settings > Motion Lock
  3. Pull over if your route changes
  4. Use ActiveTraffic™ to avoid delays on-route
  5. Customize your route
  6. Use a dash or windshield mount
  7. Know your vehicle’s restrictions
  8. Make sure you are using offline maps
  9. Get rid of screen clutter
  10. Plug your phone into a charger
  11. Resist the urge to fiddle with the device

gps app for truckers

GPS app Tip #9: Save Your Trip

You ‘ve now used your CoPilot GPS app to pre-plan your perfect route for your summer holidays with all the attractions, hotels and gas stations before you hit the road.

In order to save the route for your journey or to simply remember where you drove, go to Route > Plan or Edit Trip > Options > Save > Enter a name for the trip. You can always load the trip by tapping Route > Plan or Edit Trip > Options > Load.

gpsSo next time you drive off for your summer holidays, be prepared and have your trip loaded in your CoPilot GPS app all ready to go ahead of time!

Tip #8: How To Change Your Vehicle Type

Planning to take your RV or motorcycle for your weekend getaway? Or do you prefer to ride your bike or walk in the city?

Select your preferred transport mode by going to Route > Vehicle Preferences and choose one out of five options.


We’ll calculate your route so it fits your mode of transport, i.e. we won’t guide you on the busy highway on your weekend bike ride. So next time you change your vehicle, remember to change your settings as well!

Win a CoPilot Summer Travel Navigation Pack with Maps of your Choice!


Summer is here and it is time to travel! Enter our contest NOW for a chance to win a real traveller must-haves: CoPilot Travel Navigation Pack with Maps of your choice! It is available for Android, iPhone/iPad & Windows Phone 8.


The CoPilot Travel Navigation Pack includes:

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Good luck!

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Tip #7: Optimize Your Route With A Few Taps

Driving across the US, but not sure in which order to arrange your stops? We’ve got the perfect tip for you!

You can simply use our optimization tool to rearrange the stops in the correct order. Go to Route > Plan or Edit Trip > Options > Optimise Stops. CoPilot will then automatically put the stops in the most practical order.

Photo 08-05-2015 10 23 31

So next time you are planning a road trip, you don’t have to worry about the exact order of each stop. We’ll take care of that, so you can spend more time packing!

Tip #6: Drag And Drop To Edit Your Route

For those of you who want to change your route manually and now the exact roads you wish to take, we have great news! With CoPilot you can easily drag and drop your route over the map, without the hassle of setting up another stop in the route edition section.

To try it, first plan your route and check the My Route screen. In the upper right hand corner you will see a “Drag Route” option.  Once tapped you will be able to pick up and move the green route line over the map with the touch of your finger. After you release the line, CoPilot will set a waypoint and guide you through it.

Photo 08-05-2015 10 22 42

So next time you want to drive by that ice cream shop on your way back home, just drag the route on your map to pass that exact spot.


Beat the Heat: Save your devices from overheating

As temperatures rise, devices are at risk of overheating whether trapped in the car or laying outside during summer BBQs or pool parties.

burned phone

To keep your device functioning properly, follow these simple rules:

Shade is your friend

Avoid using your device in direct sunlight. Opt instead to take a break from the sun and use your device in a nice shady area.

Let it breathe

If you think your phone is slowing down and not able to perform basic tasks, it’s probably started to overheat. Take off any protective case on the device to let the cooler air help lower the temperature.

Use CoPilot offline

We already have your maps and that’s all you need if your phone is beginning to overheat. Go to the Settings > Cellular Data Usage and control your data. Closing all other apps will also help to keep your phone from working too hard and becoming too hot.


And whatever you do, don’t try this at home 😉

Tip #5: Avoid The Traffic Jams On Your Every Day Drive Thanks To CommuteMe

Are you one of the unlucky ones working through summer and commuting daily?

We are here to help! CommuteMe™ learns and records your preferred daily commute and provides traffic plus ETA info along your personal preferred route.  This means your daily commute will be a piece of a (very yummy) cake. Here is how to get started with CommuteMe.

Photo 13-05-2015 10 13 07

So next time you are driving to work, you will have some time for that well-deserved ice coffee (and your boss will be happy to see you there on-time!)