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College GPSSending your kid off to College can be a scary thought.  Do they know their way around campus? Where food is? Will they get lost? Not with CoPilot GPS!

CoPilot is unlike any other GPS app…we wont use your data and well save your favorite locations such as where class is located, dorm rooms, student centers, the library, dining halls, and much more.

Make sure they’re ready with CoPilot GPS to guide them on and off campus. The BEST GPS for college students!


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Surf the Roads with CoPilot: Part II

Looking for a sun and sand getaway this summer? Check out the second half of our picks for the top ten beaches in the U.S. and see how CoPilot can help you surf the roads.  Navigate to specific coordinates! Take advantage of our Offline Maps! CoPilot has you covered.



Kalaloch Beach, Washingston


Located within Olympic National Park, Kalaloch is one of the most visited areas within the park. Known for its vast marine life protected by three national wildlife refuges, it’s the perfect place to go camping, hiking, or bird watching! Western gulls, bald eagles, and other coastal birds can be spotted along the southern coast.

Malaquite Beach, Texas


Located on Padre Island, which is the longest stretch of underdeveloped barrier island in the world, Malaquite beach sits on the Gulf of Mexico. Known for its rich history, the beach got its name from the Malaquitas Indian tribe (one of the four tribes associated with Padre Island). Another amazing feature this beach has to offer is their turtle release! There are a number of turtle releases throughout the months of June and July. Definitely work checking out!

Cape Arago State Park, Oregon


Does the huge rock in the picture look familiar? Well, the 1985 movie the Goonies took place in Astoria, Oregon which is about 5 hours up the coast from this national state park! Plan your Gonnies adventure! Cape Arago State Park is home to many adventures including: whale watching, fishing, scuba diving, hiking, and even a secluded cove where tide pools and fossils can be found.

Cape May, New Jersey

new jersey

Cape May beaches are the gem of Jersey! Vastly different from what has been depicted on the Reality TV Show the Jersey Shore; it is a classic beach town with a lot of history. Check out Sunset beach and see the concrete ship the USS Atlantis, which is visible from shore but sinks more and more each year. In the mood to find some treasure? You can find the famous Cape May diamonds (shiny quartz stones) on this beach as well!

Twelvemile Beach, Michigan


Twelvemile Beach is a northern paradise when it comes to fishing, beachcombing, and camping! Located on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, it’s known for its incredible natural wonders such as: the 300-foot high Grand Sable Dunes and chromatic sandstone cliffs. Rent a lakeside cabin and enjoy the beauties that the wilderness has to offer!

You are on vacation, let CoPilot help you relax and take the stress out of getting there!


Going to a National or State Park and all they provide are just coordinates or you just want to keep the location secret so the kids won’t figure out the surprise destination while they are looking over your shoulder? Try using the Coordinates navigation option in the Go To menu.


coordinates1 coordinates2


Offline Maps:

The great thing about the beach is that you are away from work, and civilization.  Some remote beaches may even be out of cell phone range. No Problem with CoPilot!  CoPilot maps are loaded on your phone and can be browsed without service.   It’s like having an old-fashion gas-station folding map right on your phone.  Unlike other map apps, that constantly chew up your precious data, CoPilot maps can be accessed without taking a big chunk of your monthly data.


Miss our first post?

Surf the Roads with CoPilot: Part I

Surf the Roads with CoPilot: Part I

Looking for a sun and sand getaway this summer? Check out our picks for the top ten beaches in the U.S. and see how CoPilot can help you surf the roads. Useful POIs! Get Local Weather at your beach destination!

surf the roadss

Waimanalo Bay Beach Park Oahu, Hawaii


If you’ve ever been to Hawaii then you know that practically all their beaches are incredible with their clear blue waters and soft white sand, but here is Dr. Beach’s* #1 pick for the 2015 beach season! Located on the Island of Oahu which is the home of Hawaii’s capital Honolulu and also the Pearl Harbor Memorial.

Barefoot Beach Bonita Springs, Florida

Rachelle and Matthew Ferraiuolo of Swartz Creek, Mich., play in the sand on Barefoot Beach on Wednesday. Rachelle said they had tried Bonita Beach a few days before but couldn't stand the crowd. Stephen Leatherman, the beach guru at Florida International University's Laboratory for Coastal Research, has listed Barefoot Beach as the 10th best beach in the country. Jeremy Lyverse/Staff

Ahhhh the Sunshine State! It’s no surprise that a Florida beach made it as Dr. Beach’s* #2 pick! What makes this beach special is the fact that it still remains unspoiled! Enjoy kayaking, nature trails, and all the wonderful animals that reside on and near the beach.

Coastguard Beach Cape Cod, Massachusetts


November 9th, 1620 a little ship called the Mayflower made landfall in the New World on this very beach! Enjoy some history along with the amazing sites that come with this beach including: marshes, lighthouses, whale and seal sightings and much more! P.S. #7 on Dr. Beach’s* list!

Beachwalker Park Kiawah Island, South Carolina

south carolina

This beach stays true to its name; it’s a great beach to just take a stroll down. Perfect for all outdoorsy types! Canoeing, hiking, biking, nature tours, tennis, golf, you name it, and they’ve got it! This beach is #8 on Dr. Beach’s* list.

East Beach Santa Barbara, California


Considered one of California’s best beaches! It is known for its palm tree shaded biking and walking trail right along the beach. Its kid friendly with life guards posted at peak times and also a playground located at the far eastern edge of the beach.  #10 on Dr. Beach’s* 2015 list!


Let CoPilot help you relax and get you to the beach to maximize your vacation time!


POI Search: 

While at the beach, boat lovers can use the POI search capability to find local marinas.  If you decide that your day trip needs to be extended, easily search for hotels nearby.  Navigate to millions of POIs and just tap on that POI to navigate there!


POI marina and hotels

Or use it to find other nearby beaches or recreation options through the Sports and Recreation POI Category.


Local Weather:

Tap on your destination then tap on the weather icon. Make sure it’s that perfect weather you’ve been hoping for at your beach destination.



More Road Trip Fun to Come!

Surf the Roads with Copilot: Part II


Sizzling Summer Sale!

summer time

Summer is here and there is no better time to make most of it and travel!  It’s the perfect season to get CoPilot GPS with offline maps to avoid roaming costs when navigating abroad. Plus for a limited time you can save 50% off the regular price of our USA Apps.


copilot-premiumCoPilot’s USA apps include premium quality street maps so wherever you are heading you can always be sure to find your way. There is no need to store ALL of the US on your device though – simply add and remove just the  regions you need – when you need them – to save precious space on your mobile.



Summer Sale: Get USA  CoPilot GPS with 50% off! (sale ends on August 10th 2015)


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copilot-gpsGet 20% off full 3D voice navigation in-app upgrade and/or North America maps for Android, iOS and Amazon*

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If you have questions visit us at the CoPilot community forum where we’re always available to help: or say hello on FacebookGoogle+ or Twitter.:)

Wherever you are travelling this summer, we wish you safe travels from everyone at team CoPilot!

*NA maps requires a purchase of full 3d voice navigation first

Summer U.S. Music Festivals

Jam into July and check out our finds for Summer Music Festivals in the U.S. Keep scrolling to learn how to use our Music Player feature within the CoPilot app!

music map

Eau Clair, Wisconsin July 24th– 26th

country jam

Genre: Country

Tickets: $170 3-day GenAd

Seattle, Washington July 24th– 26th

block part

Genre: Variety

Tickets: $125 weekend GenAd

Denver, Colorado July 23rd– 26th


Genre: Indie

Tickets: $50 GenAd

Detroit, Michigan July 25th -26th


Genre: Alternative

Tickets: $100 2-day GenAd

Camden, New Jersey July 24th – 26th


Genre: Rock

Tickets: $130 3-day GenAd

Newport Rhode Island Folk Festival July 23rd– July 25th 


 Genre: Folk, Country, Bluegrass, Rock

Tickets: $15 a day GenAd

Chicago, Illinois July 31st– August 2nd


Gerne: Electronic, Pop, Rock

Tickets: $275 Weekend GenAd (Very Popular)


Music Player:

Jam out on your way to music paradise! Open your Copilot app, tap for a new destination. Tap on the three dots all the way to the right at the bottom of the app and that’s where you’ll find the music player! Once inside you can import music from your playlist on your phone by tapping the list icon in the bottom left corner. And Viola! Your personalized music list will play through the CoPilot app to give your summer drive some sizzling tunes.

music player final

FREE Map Update for all Android Devices


The original maps: They were elaborate and complex just like most people thought the world to be. Soon after, they made simplifications so the everyday person would be able to read a map…

old-map-311 euro_language_dist_1914


Not as easy of a read as a treasure map of course, but a compass was introduced to help with direction…

treasure compass

Moving on in time: people no longer carry a compass in their back pocket but they do own a dozen fold-able maps located in their cars, how inconvenient…

Not as inconvenient as this however…I present to you the world’s first in car GPS! Just kidding…this expensive and clunky thing was the next map update but have no fear…

lol   window

Because Mobile GPSs are here! So much more convienient since you already carry your phone everywhere and a much better investment. Enjoy free and effortless updates without having to go and buy a new GPS when it’s maps become out of date.  Small and easy to use, mobile GPS maps are the ultimate CoPilot!


CoPilot Truck, GPS, and Premium just released a FREE North America Map update for all Android Devices! Summer is the perfect time for travel so more accurate and reliable maps couldn’t have come at a better time.

Learn more about our North America map update > 


Get your Kicks with CoPilot on Route 66

Established in 1926, Route 66 was one of the original highways in the U.S. and quickly became known as the “Main Street of America” or the “Mother Road”.  For a grand total of 2,448 miles and a whopping 37 hour trip, Route 66 is considered to be the Great American Road Trip! Here are some steps for planning your Route 66 nostalgic adventure!



Step 1: Choose your Start and End points. You can choose to drive the entire route from Chicago to Santa Monica or you can just drive part of the route. With CoPilot you can add all your stops along the way and then rearrange them to optimize your route! See Summer Drives Tip #4  for more information.

66begin 66end

Step 2: Reserve accommodations. Half the fun of traveling on the Mother Road is staying in the quirky motels that can be found along the way!


Wigwam Motel: Holbrook, AZ

Step 3: Select some roadside attractions to stop and see! Here are a few of our favorites…


Ed Galloways Totem Pole Park: Foyil, OK — Cadillac Ranch: Amarillo, TX — Route 66 Drive-In Theatre: Carthage, MO

Hungry? Stop at the route 66 diner to give yourself a complete route 66 nostalgic feel!


Route 66 Diner: Albuquerque, NM

Need Fuel?  Check out this gas station museum and an old time gas station!

66sheas 66gas

Shea’s Gas Station Museam: Springfield, IL — Baxter Springs Independent Oil and Gas Service Station: Baxter Springs, KS

Step 4: Don’t be afraid to stray off the route! Check out the Grand Canyon on a detour during your trip.


Grand Canyon National Park, AZ

Finished? Once you’ve gotten your kicks on route 66, hang them on this shoe tree at the end of your Mother Road adventure!


Shoe Tree: Amboy, CA

Celebrate this 4th of July with 50% off USA Apps

4th of July Travel Facts**

  • AAA projects 41.9 million Americans will journey 50 miles or more from home this Independence Day, the most since 2007 and a 0.7 percent increase from the 41.6 million people who traveled last year.
  • Nearly 85 percent of travelers (35.5 million) will drive to their holiday destinations
  • Lowest Independence Day gas prices in at least five years expected


Because of this high volume of travelers during the holiday there is bound to be lots of traffic!


Not to mention traveling to places you’ve never been.



All great reasons why you need a CoPilot app on your phone or tablet before your holiday road-trip!

O’ say can you see…50% off all USA Apps this 4th of July! See the rockets red glare at a baseball game this summer and take advantage of our Active Traffic feature.


The land of the free and the home of the road-trippers! Already a CoPilot user? Share this limited time Independence Day deal with your friends so they can have a reliable CoPilot on their 4th of July weekend adventure.

Offer ends July 6, 2015



5 Games, 5 Nights

Here’s a fun way to celebrate American’s birth with one of its finest traditions. All that’s needed is your car, your CoPilot and your love of baseball! Major League Baseball Independence Day Weekend Baseball Road-Trip

July 1st through July 5th

5 days! 825 miles!

Phillies       Wed – Jul 1, 2015        7:05 PM     Brewers


Experience a taste of Philly at Citizens Bank Park. Known for its in-the-park snacks, CBP features Seasons Pizza, Planet Hoagie, Tony Luke’s Roast Beef, and Bull’s BBQ. Also, don’t forget thethe post-game fireworks!

Orioles       Thu – Jul 2, 2015          7:05 PM     Rangers

The Chipper’s Crap ChipperCamden Yards gives you that old school feel of going out to the ballpark. The stadium is well-known for its amazing atmosphere and incredible view in the outfield. The city of Baltimore watches over its favorite birds.  Love Crabs? Try These:

  • The Chipper’s Crap Chipper
  • Esskay Gourmet’s Crab mac-and-cheese dog
  • Flying Dog Grill’s Chesapeake fries

Get there early to enjoy the Oriole Alumni Autograph Signing an hour before game time!

Nationals   Fri – Jul 3, 2015            6:05 PM     Giants

Show off your Natitude! This park is known for its DC inspired architecture and patriotic feel highlighted by the President’s Race in the fourth inning. Trust us, you will certainly know that you are in the nation’s capital! Check out their Red Porch restaurant which is a staple of their ballpark or try their newest vendor, The Virginia Biscuit Company. Again don’t forget the  post-game Freedom Fireworks promotion, it’s quite spectacular.

Red Sox     Sat – Jul 4, 2015           1:35 PM     Astros

Welcome to America’s oldest Major League and most beloved ballpark. It’s known for its huge wall in left field: The Green Monster. Check out the Who’s On First sports bar right outside the stadium that pays tribute to Abbott and Costello’s famous skit. That night you can enjoy an All American BBQ before the game included in the price of the ticket!

Yankees     Sun – Jul 5, 2015          1:05 PM     Rays

Have a real New York experience. Reminders of the past Yankee greats including Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, and Derek Jeter are everywhere! Check out their Yankee Museum where they have a well-known Ball Wall. This wall features more than 800 baseballs signed by players, managers, coaches, broadcasters, and executives.

How to Use Live Traffic: 

Given its one of the highest car travel weekends of the year, there’s sure to be traffic.  So make sure you’ve got CoPilot and our info ready to get you there in time for each first pitch!

Use Live Traffic to find Alternate Routes:

On the right side you will see the Live Traffic bar, click on that and it will display the Live Traffic Map.


From the Live Traffic Map, click Alternate Route if you wish to avoid traffic. It will give you three different options.


Receive Traffic Alerts when a Faster Route is Available: 

As you drive, CoPilot will alert you to changes in traffic ahead on your current route. If a faster route is found, it will alert you to the new route.  You can choose to continue on your current route or take an alternate route it suggests.


Additional Helpful Info

Tickets: or

More Ballpark Info:

How to save $$$:

Plan other Baseball Road-Trips with your Favorite Major or Minor League Teams: