Happy MLK Day!

Martin Luther King, one of the most prominent peace-lovers of our time, is given his own national holiday in hopes that people will spend the day doing charitable work in his honor.

Fun fact: There are over 600 cities in the US that have a street named after Martin Luther King including Austin, Philadelphia, Houston, Baltimore, Charlotte and Miami. That means you should be very specific when you type that street name into CoPilot! Here’s a few with some pretty cool back stories:

Chicago: First city in the US to name a road after the revered reverend. Today, Martin Luther King Jr. Drive  features a Tribute to the Great Northern Migration and a Victory Monument for the Eighth Regiment.


San Fransisco: Martin Luther King Drive is one of two roads that run virtually the entire length of the Golden Gate Bridge

New York City: The famous Apollo Theater resides on Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard.



Saint Paul, Minnesota: The street running in front of the state capitol is named after MLK.


And of course, MLK Drive King’s hometown of Atlanta is a major tourist attraction and just a stone throw away from his alma mater, Morehouse College.


mlk atl


How many MLK streets have you visited? Let us know in the comments!

Where Wednesdays: A CoPilot Contest

We’re bringing you a chance to win a CoPilot Premium app every month with our new contest “Where Wednesdays.”



Every third Wednesday of the month – we’ll put up a location in the US where CoPilot has been spotted on our official Facebook page. And then you’ll guess where that place is. Sound simple? That’s because it is!

Like us on Facebook and check back every third Wednesday of the month for the Where Wednesdays post.  You get four days to guess and the winner will be announced the following Monday. Only one guess per person and no editing!

You can bookmark this page to see the past Where Wednesdays and winners!

For January 15th: Where is CoPilot?



Answer : Austin TX


For February 19th: Where is CoPilot?

honky tonk central

Answer: Nashville, TN


For March 19th: In which city is this baseball stadium located?



Answer: Philadelphia!


For April 23rd: Where is CoPilot?


Your Devices Hate The Polar Vortex, Too.

The country has been experiencing record lows from coast to coast and if you’ve noticed your smartphone or tablet acting funny – it’s not all in your head.

iphone-snowMikroPC tested 15 smartphones against the elements and found that iPhone was the first to die at 14 degrees while the Samsung Galaxy SII held out until -31 degrees.

They created a great infographic to show which model freezes at which temperature. Find out yours here.

Your battery and screen are affected by the cold which can make your battery drop at alarming rates or just shut off completely. According to the Toronto Global News, you should never try to turn your phone on in the extreme cold.

To keep your device from freezing, follow these simple steps.

1. Keep it close to you – Let your phone absorb the heat from your body to keep it from reaching dangerously low temperatures.

2. Put a ring case on it– Cases like LifeProof or Otterbox can help to keep the phone from acquiring liquid condensation which may happen if the phone is turned on too quickly after being exposed to cold weather.

3. Charge before you go– Getting your phone to 100% before stepping outside will preserve it for the inevitable battery drain the cold air will bring.

4. Don’t leave it in the car – Once CoPilot has navigated you to your destination, make sure to take your device inside with you! Leaving it inside a cold car can cause internal and external damage.


And if all else fails, just head for warmer climates! Our holiday sale is still on until January 14th. We can help you find a warm place to wait out the cold temperatures.


Safe (and warm) travels!

Keep Your New Year’s Resolution with CoPilot!

It’s 2014 and we have a feeling that this is the year that you’ll finally be keeping that ambitious resolution you’ve sworn to on the 1st! If you’ve got Copilot (and if you haven’t – what are you waiting for? It’s on sale right now!) then you’ve already got a great head start.

got nyr2

Here’s how CoPilot can help with some of the most popular NYRs:


Lose Weight/Get in Shape:

horizontal running

Every January, gym owners see a surge in memberships as people resolve to start working out more. There’s a way to make sure you can make time for the gym with our Trip Optimization feature. It’s easy to make excuses for being too busy to make it for your work out but if you use this feature to plan your day, you’ll find time you never knew you had!



Be Less Stressed:

alan rickman

We all could use a little more R&R and find ways to minimize our daily stress. With ActiveTraffic, we’re taking the rage you normally reserve for the road and creating a better commute.



Unplug & Spend More Time with Family:


Our technology habits are tricky and often we find it hard to not constantly be checking email or social media. CoPilot can help you curb your habit- especially while in the car. Our new Motion Lock feature will disable you from checking your phone and soon you’ll get used to focusing on things other than your device.



Save Money:

budget kandi rhoa

Along with budgeting, CoPilot can help you save money – specifically on your data plan. With our Data Usage feature, you can save on your monthly cell plan by choosing how our app uses your limited data.



Travel to New Places:



…do we really need to explain? With all of the map regions available with CoPilot, this one should be a breeze.


Whatever you choose to do, we hope 2014 is happy, healthy and fun. Safe travels this year!

Unwrap Your New App and Map Update

maps-blog-banner_NAMappy Holidays, CoPilot fans!

We wish you tidings of comfort and joy but more importantly, we wish you safe travels with newly updated maps. Our latest map and app update is our holiday gift to you – no matter if you were naughty or nice.

Updates for CoPilot Premium iOS and GPS, Android and Windows Phone 8 are all now available!

So what does your present entail, exactly? We made a list (and checked it twice!):

  • Free Quarterly Map Update: The latest premium quality street maps
  • Themes Fixed & Improved:  In our previous update Themes were broken—we are truly sorry for the trouble this caused.  We’ve now fixed the issue and improved the look of all of our Themes
  • For iOS users: iOS 7 Text-to-Speech:  Now you can use Apple’s own speech engine for voice directions
  • For Android users:  We fixed a TTS bug so you can use the Android TTS engine again
  • Traveling to South East Asia? Maps of Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand now available

Download today and learn how to update your maps with these simple instructions.

Also – don’t forget our holiday sale! Take advantage of these generous seasonal discounts with up to 30% off select CoPilot Apps and 30% off an upgrade to full navigation for CoPilot GPS users. Offer ends January 6th!

So instead of spending your winter like this:


Update your app, head to a party and dance away the holiday!


Happy travels this Holiday Season from the CoPilot team!


Happy Holiday 30% off Sale!

sale-blog-banner_NAStart the New Year Headed in the Right Direction! Wherever you or your loved ones are driving in 2014, CoPilot’s got you covered. With quality offline maps stored on your phone/tablet, and clear turn-by-turn directions, you can navigate safely into the New Year!

And now you can get up to 30% off select CoPilot Premium apps from now until January 6th!

copilot-iconBUY NOW

Give the gift of guidance this holiday season:  We can’t all be expert gift givers but one thing that everyone needs is peace of mind! Give your family and friends our dependable navigation app this holiday season and avoid the crowds. Here’s how to gift a CoPilot app.

CoPilot GPS customers – Get 30% off (that’s just $6.99!!) unlimited use of voice-guided, turn-by-turn navigation and 3D maps from now until January 6th!

CoPilot Gps Icon


Don’t have CoPilot GPS yet?  Download it for FREE:

 iPhone/iPad >

Windows Phone 8>

Android >


We wish you happy and safe holidays!



CoPilot Premium iOS users – Get Your Free App Update!

ATTENTION CoPilot Premium iOS users, it’s finally here! We’ve got our app submitted and released and ready to be consumed by you right now! Our developers have worked tirelessly to get this done for you and we think at the moment they are feeling genuinely happy and relaxed.

frodo gif Continue reading

Give the Gift of Guidance

In a world full of online options, is there any wonder more people chose to click Add to Cart then head to the mall? Here at CoPilot, we’ve always got our finger on the pulse of popular opinion which is why we’ve decided to make it really easy on you this holiday season.

CoPilot is the perfect compliment to any newly purchased smartphone or tablet and you can send it as a present from the comfort of your home, office or sitting outside the dressing room holding a purse that doesn’t belong to you.
Here’s how to become the best gift-giver:

For iOS: 

Got the email address of your recipient? Great. Open the App Store on your device and get started.

App Store (via iPhone/iPad):

1.  Search for the CoPilot app you want to gift on the App Store

2. Click  that weird box with the arrow through the top.

3. Click the Gift icon on the bottom row of options


4. Enter your recipient’s email address, a holiday message and the date you want them to receive the gift


App Store (via iTunes on a PC/laptop):

  1. Search for the CoPilot app you want to gift on the App Store
  2. Underneath the app icon, select the arrow to expand the options
  3. Select “Gift This App”
  4. Enter your recipient’s email address, a holiday message and choose whether you want to send the gift via email or print a confirmation


For Android Smartphone & Tablet recipients:

Option 1:  You can gift the app through the CoPilot  Webstore.  Once you’ve purchased the app, you’ll receive an order confirmation to your email containing the order number and product license key that the recipient will use to download and activate the CoPilot  Premium app.  Print the confirmation and present it to the lucky recipient when you choose!

Option 2: You can buy a Google Play gift card and include it with a nice card and the name of the CoPilot app you want to give.


 For Windows Phone 8 recipients:

Microsoft allows you to download a digital gift card for it’s stores.

Download the app from the Windows Phone 8 store, select the card and then the amount. You can attach a personal note, too.

You will receive an email confirmation of the gift card, and the app also presents a history of your gift card purchases.

The receiver of the gift card will get an email with a code that can be redeemed in a variety of places, including the Windows Store app in Windows (Account, My Account) and online via the Microsoft web site.

If you’re not a Windows Phone user, you can still give a physical gift card for the Windows phone store at retailers like Best Buy.

Happy and safe travels this holiday season!