CoPilot Cares: Distracted Driving Awareness Month

cp-logo-straplineAt any given moment in America, 660 thousand people are using a cell phone or electronic device while driving. This is why the National Safety Council and others have dedicated April as Distracted Driving Awareness Month.


CoPilot takes distracted driving very seriously. We’ve always designed our apps to be as driver-friendly and non-distracting as possible. We believe that navigation apps should focus on navigation while the driver focuses on driving. Unlike other GPS apps, CoPilot doesn’t rely on or make users input information while driving.


There are also specific features in CoPilot that can help you focus on the road ahead while allowing the app to guide you to your destination. Here are a few.

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Win a CoPilot Commute Survival Kit!


We know your daily commute can be a battle. Here at CoPilot, we’re always looking to make  your time in the car shorter and easier. Let us know about the experience during your daily drive from home to work and help us to help you!

Answer our questions by April 8th for a chance to win an exclusive CoPilot Commute Survival Kit complete with:

-CoPilot Premium USA App and 1 Year Free of ActiveTraffic™

-CoPilot USB Car Charger to keep your phone charged

-A premium quality Bad Elf in-car smartphone mount

To enter, simply complete the questionnaire on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter


  1. Like CoPilot on Facebook
  2. Click on the “Commute quiz” tab
  3. Fill out the form

Using Mobile, Google +, or Twitter? Enter here the competition here

We will share the results and announce the winners here on the blog as well as on our social media accounts – thanks for participating and good luck!

MacWorld/iWorld 2014

We had a great time showcasing CoPilot at Macworld/iWorld. We loved being on hand in the Appalooza showcase to answer questions from current CoPilot users and help people discover their new favorite mobile navigation app!


Here’s a great round up of the event from our friends at CNET.


Thanks for another fantastic event – looking forward to seeing you at MacWorld 2015!

Visit us at MacWorld/iWorld



We’re happy to be back at  Macworld -iWorld 2014, showcasing CoPilot and our new intelligent routing features to all the Apple fanatics. Stop by Kisok 8 in the Appalooza showcase (in The Moscone Center’s North Hall) to see us in action and check out some sweet CoPilot promo items.

Can’t make it to San Francisco? No worries – you’ll get up to date event details on our Twitter and Facebook. Want even more CoPilot? Enjoy our sale on CoPilot Premium HD USA. Get 33% off this app March 27-30!



We’re looking forward to seeing all you iFans tomorrow!

CoPilot wishes you a Happy Pi(e) Day!

It’s March 14th – 3/14 …3.14…Pi Day! To celebrate, we’re bringing you a list of some great bakeries to try out today. We can’t promise these pies are any better than your mother’s, but they’re worth a shot.


If Key Lime is your go-to slice, Hoosier Mama Pie (how clever!) in Chicago may be the place for you. This legendary artisinal bakery  uses fresh squeezed Key limes and a crisp ginger snap crust to bring this iconic pie to life.

Photo credit: Thrillist
Photo credit: Thrillist


Nursery rhymes aside, Four & Twenty Blackbirds in Brooklyn have great tasting pies that are anything but a fable. Currently on their Winter Pie Menu: Salty Honey and Chocolate Julep (mint + bourbon + chocolate). We’re so there!

Photo Credit: The Soho
Photo Credit: The Soho


It’s hard to find a better berry than the ones inside the pies at Achatz Handmade Pie Company in Michigan. Their signature pie, the Michigan 4-Berry™, has blackberries, cherries, blueberries and raspberries. The perfect balance of tart and sweet.

Photo credit : Goldbely
Photo credit : Goldbely


For an authentic southern Pecan Pie, head to the Pielab in Greensboro, Alabama. If pie making is a science, then these bakers are definitely in the running for a Nobel Prize.

Photo credit: Southern Living
Photo credit: Southern Living


Wherever you decide to grab a slice, make sure to check out our millions of Points of Interest to find a great piece near you. Navigating there with CoPilot…well, it’s easy as pie 🙂




Helpful Hints: Sound Control During Voice Guidance





SNL is known for parodying real life situations and last Saturday’s episode was no exception. If you haven’t seen it, check out Lena Dunham struggle with a dilemma most of us deal with – being cut off while singing by your GPS directions.


Now – to avoid a plight like Lena’s,  for iOS users, CoPilot has a way to make sure you don’t have to pause when the voice-guided navigation comes on. In addition to changing how often you hear directions, you can choose to reduce the voice prompt or keep the voice at the same level as the music.



You want to hear our directions and we want to hear you singing along. You don’t sound pitchy to us 🙂

CarPlay – Apple’s new in-car innovation

The relationship between cars and our devices is arguably the primary front line in consumer technology at the moment. Mobile devices have become essential in our daily lives, providing us with access to entertainment, information and other content wherever we are and whenever we want.But interacting with a phone in-car can at best be considered distracting, and in many countries, understandably illegal.

The dilemma for the car industry is that drivers want to be able to use their phones while driving. We want to be able to do so with the same ease of use that the phones themselves offer.Volvo-Apple-Carplay-620x411

Unfortunately this has not happened yet due to a lack of a common way of connecting mobile devices to the car. The closest we’ve seen to date has been MirrorLink, a standard which is supported by several major car manufacturers including VW and Honda, as well as some of the largest phone vendors, most noticeably Samsung and Nokia.

The glaring problem is that MirrorLink is not supported by everyone, and most critically that includes Apple who announced their own solution for iPhone and iPad last summer: iOS in the Car. Meanwhile back in January at the Consumer Electronics Show, Google announced their own initiative for Android: the Open Automotive Alliance.

So there’s still no common way for cars and smartphones to connect.

At the Geneva International Motor Show, Apple officially announced a new name for iOS In The Car: “CarPlay” to enable seamless access to certain iOS features through in-car infotainment system ‘head units’. As with MirrorLink and the Open Automotive Alliance, the primary goal is to provide access to content in a non-distracting driver-friendly manner, however Apple’s initial implementation seems somewhat limited initially. Firstly it requires the device to be connected using a lightening cable, which rules-out iPhone 4S and iPad 3, although Honda suggested that WiFi support will come soon. It will be available with new cars from an impressive number of leading brands, but not all – most noticeably VW who have previously stated their support for MirrorLink, and surprisingly Tesla, despite their being considered a possible acquisition target for Apple recently.

The main limitations at launch is the services that CarPlay will support. These consist simply of core iOS apps including iPod, iTunes Radio, iMessage, Phone and of course Apple Maps and are all controlled by Siri voice commands, touch screens and dials. A small number of additional independent music playing apps will also be available, but compared with the choice of apps on the iTunes app store it seems sparse.

We expect that drivers will want to access a much wider range of apps when driving. Of course these should require additional certification for safe in-car use to minimize distraction on the road and avoid unnecessary interaction while driving. We think in particular that drivers will want a choice of alternative navigation solutions to the standard Apple Maps app, whether to access offline maps, enjoy advanced car navigation features like lane guidance and safety camera warnings, or purely for comprehensive street map coverage in their region.

We are already optimizing CoPilot’s guidance display to better support automotive-grade in-car infotainment standards, and we were excited to be able to demo MirrorLink at Mobile World Congress in February. We hope we’ll have an opportunity to extend the CoPilot experience to CarPlay too.

In the meantime, the fact remains: different smartphone platforms connect to cars in different ways., and that seems unlikely to change soon. Car manufacturers  will probably need offer infotainment systems that support multiple standards. The alternative would be to risk alienating a significant number of smartphone owning prospective buyers.

Will car buyers choose their car based on the smartphone they own or the other way round? The wrestling match between the car and smartphone industry looks set to enter a new dimension, yet will likely remain unresolved in the foreseeable future.

CoPilot in the news: February

We told you we had plenty in the works for 2014 and now you know! In case you missed it – check out our announced next generation intelligent GPS navigation technology.

We also showcased our app at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona at the end of the month.

Check out these great reviews of CoPilot from February and as always, thanks for all the support!



cnet logoCoPilot GPS navigation app wants to improve your commute by Sarah Mitroff

“The first new feature is CommuteMe, which learns your daily commute route as you drive, tracking the streets and freeways you prefer to use. Once it gets a good picture of your daily commute to and from work, it will start to alert you about traffic problems on that route. It can even give you estimated arrival times based on traffic conditions.”

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podcast_wpcentral_600 CoPilot to unveil new Windows Phone features at MWC, also coming to Windows tablets by James Richardson

“With Mobile World Congress kicking off in Barcelona this week, users of CoPilot Navigation for Windows Phone are in for a treat as the company is to unveil a bunch of new features to make the app even more user friendly and feature rich. Not only that, but the experience is coming to Windows 8 tablets.”


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GPS-World-logo-185x95Mobile World Congress Features Connected Cars, Indoor Positioning by Kevin Dennehy

“ALK Technologies showed off its free CoPilot GPS app, which has turn-by-turn navigation. The app has a new feature called CommuteMe, which learns a driver’s daily commute routing, tracking streets and freeways they frequently use. ”

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telematics news MWC ALK CoPilot and HUML demo MirrorLink solution

“CoPilot has long been ready for the connected car revolution and designed for safe, non-distracting in-car guidance. ALK demonstrated CoPilot running with MirrorLink at MWC, in partnership with automotive solutions provider, HUML.”

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CoPilot at MWC 2014

We had a fantastic time at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth to chat about our new intelligent routing. Catch us next in San Francisco at MacWorld/iWorld!


Celebrate FeBREWary at these craft beer breweries

If the weather outside is driving you to drink, let CoPilot drive you to the drink! America has some great brewery’s to visit. Thrillist compiled a very comprehensive list but we’ve got some favorites of our own as well. But remember to drink responsibly and always have a designated driver.


Ommegang Brewery, NY


If you’re like us, you’re counting down the days until Game of Thrones returns. The superfans at Ommegang share your love of Westeros. In addition to their own impressive creations, these crafty brewers created Game of Thrones inspired beers, “Take the Black Stout” and “Iron Throne” Blonde Ale.


Rogue Brewery, OR


If you’re of the adventurous sort, Rogue Ales might suit you well. Their brews are delicious flavor combinations like Bacon Maple Ale and Chocolate, Peanut Butter and Banana or Pretzel, Raspberry and Chocolate. They all sound great to us!


21st Amendement, CA


These West Coast beer makers know a thing or two about flavor. Their seasonal offerings like Hell or High Watermelon (a wheat beer) and Fireside Chat (dark English ale) are both popular additions to their other staple beers.

What’s been your favorite brewery? Let us know in the comments!