Guiding You Home – New Map Update for North America Available Now

Unwrap your map in time for the holidays! Get your new map update now to guide you home this holiday season. Bringing you thousands of new miles of roads across North America. We are happy that we are offering our CoPilot users a free North American map update to ensure everyone has reliable offline maps wherever they are heading to this winter*.

How do I install a map update?

Make sure you have the latest update for your CoPilot app installed and make sure you have a strong WiFi connection.

In CoPilot, go to MyCoPilot and select My Maps. Then select your map region (e.g. North America) and download the map update when prompted. Find the full instructions here >

How do I check if I have the latest map data?

Go to Settings > About CoPilot. Here you will see the map data version number (2017.04). Find out more details here >

How do I manage my maps?

You can store maps directly on your device, but you don’t need to download all of the maps at once thanks to our intelligent map management. Once you’ve licensed a region such as  North America, you can manage which regions/countries, for example Midwest, you need maps for and save a lot of space on your device.

Map Coverage

You can find a complete list of all the countries included in our North American apps here >

*The latest maps are available for your licensed region only.