CoPilot: the Soccer Dad’s Wingman




Find out how Chris (the soccer dad) used CoPilot as his wingman


With one daughter playing travel soccer and another playing travel softball, I spent my weekends this fall driving all over New Jersey and into parts of New York and Pennsylvania. CoPilot was my guide for all 1,000-plus miles in my minivan—yep, I’m a legit soccer dad—and I became a big fan of several features.




  • Trip planning & Trip saving: With the Plan Trip feature, I can map out my weekend route on a Friday night, save it, and open it right before l leave in the morning. (Often at 0-dark-thirty, before I’ve had enough coffee to do any critical thinking.)  The Save Trip feature allows me to keep and quickly pull up directions to fields we might visit two or three times a year—enough trips that the route is familiar, but I still need a little GPS refresher.




  • Offline maps: One Saturday, our opponents gave us the wrong address for a field in a rural part of Northwest New Jersey that happened to have really bad wireless data coverage. Our coach called for the correct address, and CoPilot’s pre-loaded maps had us on our way, right away.

  • Speed alerts: Your mind can wander and your foot can get heavy after spending countless hours on the road to Mahwah or Morristown. CoPilot’s Speed Limit Warnings are a nice reminder to drive safely.
  • Custom locations: Fields are occasionally located within large parks. Once I find a particular field, I can create a custom location within the park, save it, pull it up next time we have to go there, and impress other parents with my local knowledge.


While our teams lost about as often as they won—sorry kids, keeping it real here—we were undefeated this fall in arriving to games on time.

Moral of the story: don’t be late to another game! With CoPilot, you’ll always arrive one time 🙂