Thanksgiving Traffic Travel Tips

No matter what your plans are for Thanksgiving weekend, it is very likely you will end up in your car driving somewhere at some point. According to driving group AAA, nearly 50.1 million Americans plan to hit the road over Thanksgiving weekend – which only means one thing…traffic. Thanksgiving weekend is one the most, if not the most, traveled weekends of the year. CoPilot can help getting you to your families or shopping malls quickly and efficiently.

With real-time traffic info you can avoid delays before they happen and make sure to arrive on time for the turkey! PS. Our real-time traffic service is on sale for 50% off – happy turkey day 🙂

Okay, now for some travel tips for Thanksgiving Weekend:

1.Fuel up beforehand! Gas prices might be a little high but fueling up closer to home before getting on a major highway will save you some money this year.


2. Avoid traveling on the Tuesday and Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Try and do most of your traveling the day of.

3. As just mentioned, the days before are going to be the busiest on the roads. You’ll start to see an increase in traffic between noon and 4pm. It’s best to hit the road in the morning or evening to avoid congestion. [source]

4. Wondering when’s a good time to travel home? That Saturday and Sunday can still be brutal with traffic. Either day, get on the road before 10am or just wait until after 6pm.

5. Last but not least, get an ActiveTraffic subscription with any CoPilot app install. Not only will it help you avoid the delays but you can see what’s on your route before getting on the road.

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