On the Move This Summer – Part 2

Need a map that fits your phone?

Joe  made sure to download the Eastern region, pretty much just the states they would need coverage for. With CoPilot RV they’ll never lose reception, their way around plus they can save more money for their adventures instead of a big cell phone bill.

You may be asking yourself, so it’s a nice trip – what’s different here?

Safe, reliable routing is a must-have for RVers

Joe and his wife have used other navigation apps before but ran into the problem no RVer ever wants to have…being routed down a road that is not safe for RVs. It does happen, but it should never happen to you.

How does Joe avoid this? He simply enters the vehicle dimensions into CoPilot RV and creates a routing profile specific to his RV. Wait, you can put in your exact weight, height and length in CoPilot RV? Yep. And you won’t be routed down an unsafe road? Yep.

Every trip you take is a journey and with all the planning – the journey will soon become your destination. Enjoy the adventures, appreciate the time with your family and by the end of it…you’ll be planning the next one! Get CoPilot RV and start your next journey.

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