How Do Drivers Use CoPilot?

Have you ever wondered how drivers use GPS apps? Are you more of a long-distance road warrior or a daily commuter? With over 16 million drivers, there is a wide variety in how drivers use our apps. Some prefer landscape mode while others would always use their smartphone in portrait mode while navigating. We asked our CoPilot app fans and received over 2500 responses in the UK and in the US about how they use their app. Check out the highlights in our infographic:

How do you use CoPilot? Tell us in the comments below.

3 comments on “How Do Drivers Use CoPilot?

  • Robert Ferrer says:

    I’ve been having trouble getting CoPilot to respond to my “Report Errors” inquiries. The speed limit for most Illinois highways is 70. It’s been this way for years. CoPilot keeps displaying it as 65. I’ve reported the error many times but get no response or action. Has any one else been having problems getting CoPilot to respond to your reported errors?


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