Size Matters: Customize Your RV Routing

We all know that one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why CoPilot RV safely calculates your route based on your RV’s dimensions so you only drive on roads suitable for your RV size and class.

Here’s how to set up your customized RV routing profile:

  1. In the main menu, tap Route > Vehicle Routing Profiles
  2. Select RV as your vehicle type, tap View/Edit
  3. Choose RV Dimensions
  4. You can select from a list of industry standard RV dimensions or use the ‘Custom size restrictions’ option to enter the Max Height, Max Width, RV Length and Total Weight of your RV.
  5. Almost done, just enter a name for your RV profile and save it.

You’re all set. CoPilot RV is ready to take you on your next adventure.

A size too small? Then spring to bigger and better. Did you hear that we increased the maximum RV dimensions in our last update? We changed these to cater for drivers of larger RVs, these can now be set as follows:

  • Max. height 14ft, max. width 102in, RV length 48ft, max. weight 60,000lbs

Get the latest update from the App Store today. Android app update to follow.

4 comments on “Size Matters: Customize Your RV Routing

  • Question regarding RV CoPilot… will the route options automatically avoid going under bridges too low for the height of the RV and/or provide a warning before approaching one? We will be doing a lot of traveling on back roads in the northeast and this would be beneficial

    • Hi Tim,

      As long as you update the Routing Profile to fit your RV dimensions, the routes provided will be completely built around those dimensions.


  • Jimmie Kester says:

    I have CoPilot GPS with RV profile. I don’t believe it is the same as CoPilot RV. I can on enter two of dimensions for the size of my motor home. It does not ask for length or weight of my RV. The screen shots for Copilot GPS and Copilot RV are not the same. I tried to buy Copilot RV and it was declined. I have a valid credit card registered with Google Play.


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