How to Avoid Bridge Strikes?

You’ve seen the videos.  A 53 foot trailer hitting a low bridge.  You think, “Why was that driver even routed there in the first place?” The likely answer – they were following a generic, non-truck specific navigation system, designed for use by drivers of smaller, lighter passenger vehicles.  The result?  Costly damages to the truck and any goods being hauled, potential harm to the driver and countless other drivers on the road, and fines for driving on a truck-restricted road. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation we saw a staggering number of 4,209 bridge strikes in the US in 2014.

Bridge Strikes Problem Across the Country:

Red = major problem. Green = minor problem. Yellow = no response.

Bridge strikes are a safety risk to drivers and pedestrians. Since critical strikes cause road traffic delays as well as repair costs for vehicles and infrastructure, they become very expensive for truck drivers. Here are some steps to avoid bridge strikes:

1. Know your vehicle dimensions


Before you set off, make sure that you know your vehicle height and width by heart. Please note that your truck’s weight can vary slightly according to what type of load you are hauling.  By adhering to routes tailored to your load and trailer specifications, you can avoid fines and low bridges.

2. Plan a truck-safe route


Use CoPilot Truck to plan a route that is safe and compliant on truck-legal roads. First, enter your vehicle dimensions in the app. Second, plan your trip. CoPilot will calculate the best route available for your vehicle. Don’t forget to use a GPS that is built for truck drivers and not for cars and takes into account your truck’s size. When your daily life exists on the road as a truck driver, your decisions are impacted by safety, compliance and cost savings.  If you think truck specific navigation isn’t for you – guess again. It pays to have truck specific navigation.

3. Check traffic signs


Last but not least, make sure you always check for traffic signs and other warnings when you approach a bridge.

Here you can find a good practice guide for truck drivers to avoid bridge strikes:


6 comments on “How to Avoid Bridge Strikes?

  • Would be nice if these truck routing gps apps would stay up to date like the car apps do. Truckers depend on up to date software and features. Copilot car updates more than their own Truck app does

    • Hi Joey,

      As mentioned on Facebook, our team is definitely on it. We couldn’t agree more-you depend on this for your business! Please stay tuned for an update coming soon.

  • We drive a Class A motorhome and are wondering when/if you’ll have a program for RVs.

    Also, my Galaxy S4 heats up and quits at times with CoPilot no problems with hear on my earlier phones…any help?

    Many thanks for a great program…

  • Hi, we are also RV’ers and have a 13.6 high fiver. On the app in settings it only goes to a height of 13. Is there a way to customize it for our 13.6 rig?

    • Hi Sandy,

      Have you updated the app recently? We have increased dimensions, you just need to click on the dimension to change the defaults.

      Hope this helps. Thanks!


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