Meet Your All New CoPilot


CoPilot version 10 to be precise, and it’s a complete overhaul built specifically to meet the demands of you, the driver. We’ve left no stone unturned to improve every detail of the app, from the driving screens and maps to the routing and menu options.


CoPilot is now safer, faster and easier to use.  Here are some of the features:

  • Strikingly simpler to use. Menus are redesigned to put the tools you need on the road a tap away. Enjoy quick, easy access to search and planning tools, mute directions and end navigation.
  • Transformed maps. CoPilot’s non-distracting maps are now lightning fast too, with pinch zoom, fluid map panning and scrolling!
  • Re-engineered ActiveTraffic. New, improved live traffic status sidebar, accurate ETAs that factor in live traffic conditions in planning and better re-routing around delays.
  • More efficient trip planning. Now automatically view and compare 3 route options with accurate ETAs for every route. Effectively plan even the most complex itineraries.
  • Polished driver-friendly screens. Guidance screens are even clearer and easier to read and follow at a glance while driving
  • Easier destination search. A new search screen makes it easier to find addresses and search millions of Points of Interest
  • More prominent speed limit alerts. Know immediately if you stray over the local limit

And much more, so jump in and explore! Download the app update from the App Store or Google Play today. We hope you enjoy your new CoPilot.  Share your experience with a review or on our user forum.

24 comments on “Meet Your All New CoPilot

  • This is really good news. I have used CoPilot for about five years now to drive all over Europe, and more recently Canada and the United States. I still think it is one of the best satnav tools out there, despite its rather quirky interface (I am a recently retired software test consultant specialising in usability, so I am naturally critical).

    Would like to see the maps updated more often, I can’t remember the last time I received one if ever. There are many glaring errors where roads around here in Burlington Ontario have been changed, and the map update reporter seems to be broken. I hope that is fixed in the new release. I look forward to your updated release.

    • Hi Joey,

      I appreciate you continuing to reach out to us and very much thank you for being interested in our products. The truck app is coming, I unfortunately cannot provide a date but please stay tuned here and on social pages for the announcement! Thanks again.

  • hi. i’m using the Co-Pilot app with the black icon and it’s still version 9. Is this also to be updated to Ver 10? what is the difference with those with the red icons?

    • Hi there,

      The red icon is our paid app, the one you are using is our free app where you can upgrade to the same features as the paid app. This will be getting an update as well, I unfortunately cannot provide an exact date but please stay tuned on here and our social pages for the announcement! Thanks for reaching out.

    • Hi Bill,

      The truck app is coming, I unfortunately cannot provide a date but please stay tuned here and on social pages for the announcement! Thanks for reaching out.

  • This may be kind of a basic question, but does CoPilot download the maps to the device so it works in places without cell coverage? Looking at trying the RV version, which I recently heard about. Not very happy with the RV hardware GPS I use now, but working without cell coverage is a core feature for me.


    • Hi there,

      Correct, you download the maps onto your device so you can work offline. You can even turn your phone on airplane mode to save data. The only thing you wouldn’t get would be live traffic service but navigation works without any cell coverage.


  • jeremy sikes says:

    I was wondering how many points per route CoPilot can handle when I export a multi-day route map to .trp? I have not been able to find that information, and don’t want to overload the app. I am using Furkot Mapper, and it gives the option to set a minimum number of points; default is 10. Is this sufficient usually, or should I set it to more?

  • I’ve been a paid customer since, I think, Version 6. CoPilot 10 is completely unusable to me. Why? Because you eliminated the +/- zoom-in/out buttons on the screen. Yes, I know this is Apple guidance. Apple doesn’t make GPSes. Zooming with gestures is a 2-hand operation. How can I do that when I’m driving down the road? I can’t.

    To work around this I started using CoPilot Truck for everything, even though its interface has its own issues. If you mess up Truck the same way I will, regretfully, become an ex-customer. I would hate that.

  • Are there plains for an oversize load app for permitted loads. No one has a program for us. Every permit has a number, corespondeing with each state. If we could enter the number and the route would come up, no wrong turns, how cool that would be.

    • Hi Smokey,

      Our team is currently investigating the best way to do this…if something comes available you will see it on here and our social channels. Stay tuned!


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