CoPilot RV Guest Blogger Summer Series- Part 1

What Happens When You Don’t Have a Good GPS While RVing…

One of the best things about launching an awesome new RV Navigation app is partnering up with people who are doing cool things…like Heath Padgett and his podcast-The RV Entrepreneur.

Check out his CoPilot RV story below:

My wife and I have lived in an RV for two years. We’ve driven well over 40,000 miles and visited all 50 states (we flew to Hawaii, drove to Alaska). I can say that without a doubt, one of the most important factors for mine and my wife’s sanity (and happiness) while RVing is having a great GPS system.

To illustrate just how important having a GPS is, I’m going to walk you through a situation that unfolded during the first week that we were full-time RVing.

Quick backstory: During our first year of marriage, my wife Alyssa and I filmed a documentary called Hourly America where I worked a different job in all 50 states.

We were in Albuquerque, NM and we were on our way to my first job at a place called Project Dojo Martial Arts.

pic 1 guest blog post RV

Alyssa was navigating me from her phone’s GPS.

“You’re getting on the freeway, you’re supposed to be on that road right there.” She pointed to the road on the left.

“Cool,” I responded.

pic 2 guest blog post RV

“Can you even see me in the camera?” I asked. Alyssa mounted our GoPro on the dashboard and I thought it was pointed more at her than it was at me (I should have just kept my mouth shut).

Alyssa gave me a I-know-you’re-wrong-and-it-isn’t-my-fault-look. I didn’t see it at the time and just kept running my mouth.

pic 3 guest blog post RV

“Ah crap,” I said after exiting the highway and turning left to get heading back in the right direction. “That was my entrance ramp. Let me just pull a u-turn,”

“He is going to wreck this RV,” Alyssa mouthed to the camera.

pic 4 guest blog post RV

U-Turn #1

pic 5 guest blog post RV

“I typed in Project Dojo on the GPS, and it’s taking us to Los Angeles now,” Alyssa said to me.

“But we’re in Albuquerque?” I asked.

pic 6 guest blog post RV

U-turn #2

pic 7 guest blog post RV

U-turn #3, made 30 seconds after U-turn #2, as Google Maps directed us.

After 3 U-turns and being redirected to Los Angeles, do you think Heath and his wife eventually made it to their destination? Stay tuned for more of the CoPilot RV Guest Blogger Summer Series and find out how Heath’s trip ended.