Traffic is Costing Truckers, Avoid the Jams with CoPilot Truck

According to the American Transport Research Institute’s study of the national highway system, truckers lost 728 million hours in delivery time to traffic jams in 2014.

 A missed or late delivery time ultimately means more costs and less money made.

Get accurate ETAs that factor in traffic so you know if you’re going to miss your delivery time and call ahead to alert them. The CoPilot Truck apps come with real-time traffic service to help you see what traffic is headed your way along your route so you can plan accordingly.

traffic truckers

With ActiveTraffic™ you’ll drive smarter while always having the fastest route plus more importantly, save time & money.

To renew or purchase a 12 month ActiveTraffic™ subscription at any time, please follow the steps below:

MyCoPilot > Features & Upgrades and select ActiveTraffic