iOS 9 Powers to Life

iOS 9 Powers to Life

It’s been several months since Apple announced iOS 9 at WWDC. Now it’s finally here and at first glance you’d be forgiven for thinking not much really changed.

Spend a few minutes with iOS 9 though and the numerous subtle changes it brings start to become apparent. There’s a superbly detailed list here.

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iOS 9 and CoPilot

New versions of the major mobile operating systems we support are always big news for us. Our devs have been testing CoPilot with iOS 9 ever since the first betas came available in the summer. We’ve made some tweaks under the hood to make sure everything’s running fine, and we are exploring new features like Slide Over which allows newer iPads to display two apps side by side in split screen mode.

However there’s one new feature for iPhones which is of particular interest to us here at CoPilot: Low Power Mode.

As with all apps which use your phone’s GPS receiver, CoPilot can eat-up your phone’s battery during use. iOS 9’s new Low Power mode can help reduce this with a few tricks such as lowering the screen brightness and switching-off some background services. We highly recommend you switch this on if you are using CoPilot without a car charger for any length of time – and probably even when you do have power.

You can also now choose to see the % battery remaining on the iPhone status bar for a more granular view of battery life remaining. It’s a useful option although slightly disconcertingly the battery status is yellow all the time when this is switched on.

Finally, iOS 9 shows how much power each of your apps – including CoPilot – is using.


CoPilot Power Saving

It’s worth remembering that CoPilot has its own power saving features to help you maximise battery life. The most obvious is our own Low Power mode which you can switch-on in Settings > Power Saving.

Another great way to reduce power consumption is by enabling Directions View. This minimizes the amount of time we show the battery-hungry map display. For more info take a look at our blog post from earlier this year.

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