Summer U.S. Music Festivals

Jam into July and check out our finds for Summer Music Festivals in the U.S. Keep scrolling to learn how to use our Music Player feature within the CoPilot app!

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Eau Clair, Wisconsin July 24th– 26th

country jam

Genre: Country

Tickets: $170 3-day GenAd

Seattle, Washington July 24th– 26th

block part

Genre: Variety

Tickets: $125 weekend GenAd

Denver, Colorado July 23rd– 26th


Genre: Indie

Tickets: $50 GenAd

Detroit, Michigan July 25th -26th


Genre: Alternative

Tickets: $100 2-day GenAd

Camden, New Jersey July 24th – 26th


Genre: Rock

Tickets: $130 3-day GenAd

Newport Rhode Island Folk Festival July 23rd– July 25th 


 Genre: Folk, Country, Bluegrass, Rock

Tickets: $15 a day GenAd

Chicago, Illinois July 31st– August 2nd


Gerne: Electronic, Pop, Rock

Tickets: $275 Weekend GenAd (Very Popular)


Music Player:

Jam out on your way to music paradise! Open your Copilot app, tap for a new destination. Tap on the three dots all the way to the right at the bottom of the app and that’s where you’ll find the music player! Once inside you can import music from your playlist on your phone by tapping the list icon in the bottom left corner. And Viola! Your personalized music list will play through the CoPilot app to give your summer drive some sizzling tunes.

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