FREE Map Update for all Android Devices


The original maps: They were elaborate and complex just like most people thought the world to be. Soon after, they made simplifications so the everyday person would be able to read a map…

old-map-311 euro_language_dist_1914


Not as easy of a read as a treasure map of course, but a compass was introduced to help with direction…

treasure compass

Moving on in time: people no longer carry a compass in their back pocket but they do own a dozen fold-able maps located in their cars, how inconvenient…

Not as inconvenient as this however…I present to you the world’s first in car GPS! Just kidding…this expensive and clunky thing was the next map update but have no fear…

lol   window

Because Mobile GPSs are here! So much more convienient since you already carry your phone everywhere and a much better investment. Enjoy free and effortless updates without having to go and buy a new GPS when it’s maps become out of date.  Small and easy to use, mobile GPS maps are the ultimate CoPilot!


CoPilot Truck, GPS, and Premium just released a FREE North America Map update for all Android Devices! Summer is the perfect time for travel so more accurate and reliable maps couldn’t have come at a better time.

Learn more about our North America map update > 


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