5 Games, 5 Nights

Here’s a fun way to celebrate American’s birth with one of its finest traditions. All that’s needed is your car, your CoPilot and your love of baseball! Major League Baseball Independence Day Weekend Baseball Road-Trip

July 1st through July 5th

5 days! 825 miles!

Phillies       Wed – Jul 1, 2015        7:05 PM     Brewers


Experience a taste of Philly at Citizens Bank Park. Known for its in-the-park snacks, CBP features Seasons Pizza, Planet Hoagie, Tony Luke’s Roast Beef, and Bull’s BBQ. Also, don’t forget thethe post-game fireworks!

Orioles       Thu – Jul 2, 2015          7:05 PM     Rangers

The Chipper’s Crap ChipperCamden Yards gives you that old school feel of going out to the ballpark. The stadium is well-known for its amazing atmosphere and incredible view in the outfield. The city of Baltimore watches over its favorite birds.  Love Crabs? Try These:

  • The Chipper’s Crap Chipper
  • Esskay Gourmet’s Crab mac-and-cheese dog
  • Flying Dog Grill’s Chesapeake fries

Get there early to enjoy the Oriole Alumni Autograph Signing an hour before game time!

Nationals   Fri – Jul 3, 2015            6:05 PM     Giants

Show off your Natitude! This park is known for its DC inspired architecture and patriotic feel highlighted by the President’s Race in the fourth inning. Trust us, you will certainly know that you are in the nation’s capital! Check out their Red Porch restaurant which is a staple of their ballpark or try their newest vendor, The Virginia Biscuit Company. Again don’t forget the  post-game Freedom Fireworks promotion, it’s quite spectacular.

Red Sox     Sat – Jul 4, 2015           1:35 PM     Astros

Welcome to America’s oldest Major League and most beloved ballpark. It’s known for its huge wall in left field: The Green Monster. Check out the Who’s On First sports bar right outside the stadium that pays tribute to Abbott and Costello’s famous skit. That night you can enjoy an All American BBQ before the game included in the price of the ticket!

Yankees     Sun – Jul 5, 2015          1:05 PM     Rays

Have a real New York experience. Reminders of the past Yankee greats including Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, and Derek Jeter are everywhere! Check out their Yankee Museum where they have a well-known Ball Wall. This wall features more than 800 baseballs signed by players, managers, coaches, broadcasters, and executives.

How to Use Live Traffic: 

Given its one of the highest car travel weekends of the year, there’s sure to be traffic.  So make sure you’ve got CoPilot and our info ready to get you there in time for each first pitch!

Use Live Traffic to find Alternate Routes:

On the right side you will see the Live Traffic bar, click on that and it will display the Live Traffic Map.


From the Live Traffic Map, click Alternate Route if you wish to avoid traffic. It will give you three different options.


Receive Traffic Alerts when a Faster Route is Available: 

As you drive, CoPilot will alert you to changes in traffic ahead on your current route. If a faster route is found, it will alert you to the new route.  You can choose to continue on your current route or take an alternate route it suggests.


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