Tip #2: Avoid The Summer Jams With ActiveTraffic

A CoPilot classic that is always good for a mention. ActiveTrafficTM will ease your drive considerably whether you are a daily commuter or whether you are on your summer road trip. There is nothing worse than getting stuck for hours on a highway on a hot summer day, so make sure you have traffic activated.

Go to Settings > ActiveTrafficTM > and enable the feature. If you do not have our traffic service yet or if your annual subscription ran out, go to MyCoPilot > Features and Upgrades > ActiveTrafficTM. And the best thing? ActiveTrafficTM comes for less than $1 per month! A very small price to pay compared to the substantial time and money you’ll save from using ActiveTrafficTM every day.  Every minute you save avoiding traffic means lower fuel costs and most importantly more time to do things you enjoy!

 Photo 14-05-2015 15 00 54

So next time you plan your route, check your traffic information for any delays. But don’t worry – if we spot a delay on your route while you are driving, we’ll give you an alternative route automatically so you can avoid the jams for good.

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