Ultimate Tips For Traveling Abroad With CoPilot


  1. Ready for your holiday? If you haven’t decided on your spring travel destination yet, here are some handy tips to get you in that travel mood:
  1. Before you pack your sunglasses and hit the road, check whether all your maps up-to-date. Make sure to download all the relevant maps for your travel destination. Here are some tips on managing and saving maps:
  1. If you will be traveling to another country and you don’t have a data plan activated, make sure to switch your data roaming off before you cross the border
  1. Will you looking for rest stops and petrol stations during your long drive on the highway? Or will you be heading to the country side to find a hotel or restaurant tucked away in a little village? With our POI tips you can make sure to find the perfect stop on your trip:
  1. With ActiveTraffic™ you can be sure that your holiday trip will be relaxing and that you will reach your destination on time without surprises. See how ActiveTraffic and ActiveRoutes™ helps you avoid traffic on the roads:
  1. If you decide to book a rental car for your spring break, these helpful tips will help you choose the best option.
  1. If your trip involves long drives, here is a tip on how to make your battery last longer.
  1. And last but not least, check out these tips on how to avoid being distracted while you drive before you get behind the wheel:

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