The Apple Watch is here!

Apple revealed the launch details for the new Apple Watch at an event in San Francisco yesterday evening. Prices for the aluminium Sport model start from $349, the stainless steel model from $549 and the high-end Watch Edition models (18-karat Gold model) start from $10,000. The devices will be available to pre-order from 10th April and will go on sale from 24th April.


There are a wide range of straps to choose from – ranging from the rubber sport band at $49, a leather loop and Milanese loop (both $149), a modern leather buckle at $249, right up to a stainless steel link bracelet at $449. Most straps come in a variety of colours too to give a very wide range of customisation options.


Apple showed us again the key features of the Apple Watch, though we didn’t really see much that hadn’t already been demoed back in November at the initial product reveal. The Apple Watch will work as a timekeeper (of course!) – with a wide range of watch faces and modes , a fitness coach with step counter heart-rate monitor and reminders. You can read and deal with emails, and even make phone calls directly from the watch too – thanks to the inclusion of built in speaker and microphone.


An iPhone is needed to setup the Watch and most functions of the Watch require the iPhone to be within range (it connects via Bluetooth 4.0). It is possible to store music on the watch and listen to it with Bluetooth headphones, though Apple haven’t announced how much on-board storage is included.


Battery life is around 18 hours with medium use, so it needs to be charged every night – charging reportedly takes around 2.5 hours


A range of new third-party apps have been announced with the likes of Twitter, Nike, Mint, NYTimes, ESPN, Evernote, eBay and TripAdvisor all ready for launch for next month.


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