CoPilot Cares: Distracted Driving Awareness Month

cp-logo-straplineAt any given moment in America, 660 thousand people are using a cell phone or electronic device while driving. This is why the National Safety Council and others have dedicated April as Distracted Driving Awareness Month.


CoPilot takes distracted driving very seriously. We’ve always designed our apps to be as driver-friendly and non-distracting as possible. We believe that navigation apps should focus on navigation while the driver focuses on driving. Unlike other GPS apps, CoPilot doesn’t rely on or make users input information while driving.


There are also specific features in CoPilot that can help you focus on the road ahead while allowing the app to guide you to your destination. Here are a few.

Motion Lock

Motion Lock is the ultimate tool in reducing distracted driving. When activated, it doesn’t allow you to manipulate the map once you’ve reached a certain speed. This eliminates temptation to take your hands off the wheel or eyes off the road.

motion lock

To activate motion lock, go to Settings > Motion Lock.


Just Drive


Sometimes you know where you’re going, or at least 95% of the route. With Just Drive, you can use CoPilot without having a specific destination in mind. Just turn on the app, and you’ll see your position on our maps along with a speedometer, speed limits and a compass.



Accurate Text-to-Speech

“Turn left” is not a good direction, especially if there are multiple streets in the vicinity.

Our clear, accurate voice guidance includes the name of the street, so you’re not wondering about the next turn. You also control how far in advance you receive voice commands. This way, you have plenty of time to merge into the correct lane.


Make sure you select one of our TTS voices, like Frank. Go to Settings > Language & Voice.


Real Exit Displays and Lane Indicator Arrows


If there are two or more lanes at your exit, CoPilot will display the exact one you need to be in. A quick glance at your device will show you the correct lane along with the exit sign information. CoPilot then automatically switches back and provides a moving map so you can complete your turn.


Speed Limit Alerts

Instead of constantly scanning the side of the road for a speed limit sign, or speed traps, CoPilot can warn you if you’re going too fast. Set an audio or visual warning at the speed threshold of your choice (5, 10, 15, 20+ miles over the limit).




To set your speed alerts, go to Settings > Speed Limit.


Directions Only View


Unless you are about to make a turn, do you really need to see your car moving through a virtual map? CoPilot provides a non-distracting (and battery saving!) alternative with Directions Only View.


The app will display large, written text of your next direction. When you get close enough to the turn, the app will automatically switch over to map view, and then back after the turn is complete.


Directions view can be found by selecting the main menu on your map screen and choosing Directions.


Truck-Legal Navigation & Routing

Consumer-based car navigation apps are simply not an option for truck drivers. They need a truck-specific navigation app, such as CoPilot Truck, that routes trucks based on their vehicle size and load type. This not only keeps truck drivers safe, but makes the road safer for all other passenger vehicles as well.


To find out more, check out our video of CoPilot Truck:


We hope you’ll take advantage of all these distraction-reducing features in April and year round. Remember to plan your route before you get behind the wheel and let your passenger make corrections as needed.


To get more information about distracted driving, or to find out what laws apply in your state, visit