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Your Devices Hate The Polar Vortex, Too.

The country has been experiencing record lows from coast to coast and if you’ve noticed your smartphone or tablet acting funny – it’s not all in your head.

iphone-snowMikroPC tested 15 smartphones against the elements and found that iPhone was the first to die at 14 degrees while the Samsung Galaxy SII held out until -31 degrees.

They created a great infographic to show which model freezes at which temperature. Find out yours here.

Your battery and screen are affected by the cold which can make your battery drop at alarming rates or just shut off completely. According to the Toronto Global News, you should never try to turn your phone on in the extreme cold.

To keep your device from freezing, follow these simple steps.

1. Keep it close to you – Let your phone absorb the heat from your body to keep it from reaching dangerously low temperatures.

2. Put a ring case on it- Cases like LifeProof or Otterbox can help to keep the phone from acquiring liquid condensation which may happen if the phone is turned on too quickly after being exposed to cold weather.

3. Charge before you go- Getting your phone to 100% before stepping outside will preserve it for the inevitable battery drain the cold air will bring.

4. Don’t leave it in the car – Once CoPilot has navigated you to your destination, make sure to take your device inside with you! Leaving it inside a cold car can cause internal and external damage.


And if all else fails, just head for warmer climates! Our holiday sale is still on until January 14th. We can help you find a warm place to wait out the cold temperatures.


Safe (and warm) travels!

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