iOS 7 7 Day Quiz Answers and Winners!

In anticipation of iOS 7, we asked our fun Facebook fans to participate in a little quiz.

Congratulations to:

  • Paul Smith
  • Eric Daly
  • Lester A. Norman
  • Jerry Manis
  • Brett Nolan
  • Simon Arnold
  • Gary Zuber

And our grand prize winner,  Steven Rose!

We hope you enjoyed answering all of our Apple themed questions. Here are all the answers and for those that won, congrats and enjoy the fruit of your labors!

Women's City Golf TournamentQuestion 1- iOS fans can take their love of Apple out on the green at the golf course in which country, whose 17th hole is an apple shaped island? A: USA. The Apple Tree Golf Course in Yakima Valley, Washington is located in an apple orchard.

Question 2- This apple is BIG, but not the Big Apple. Which country hosts this huge fruit attraction? A: Canada. Yes, the “big apple” is actually located north of NYC in Colborne, Ontario!

Question 3- Which country invented apple pie? A: Even though there’s nothing more American than apple pie, the US of A can’t claim to have invented it! It’s originally from England with early apple pie recipes dating back to 1381. 

Question 4-Which country is home to the largest Apple Store? A: Amsterdam boasts the biggest space for the famed retailer. The store (the country’s only one!) opened on March 3, 2012 and expands over 11,000 square feet. It also employs over 300 Apple geniuses who speak 14 different languages.  

Question 5- A hotel in which country gave their guests 24-karatgold iPads to use during their stay? A:  United Arab Emirates. The luxurious Burj Al Arab hotel allowed their guests to use these unique gold plated 64GB iPads, priced at a measly $10,200.

Question 6- America may have Rydell High but which country is home to the Pink Lady, the queen of apples? A: Australia. It was developed in the 1970s by John Cripps in Western Australia. Today, it is still Australia’s favorite apple and is now grown in around 15 different countries and sold across more than 30 countries worldwide

Question 7- Which country is this?  A: USA. That was a screenshot of Central Park in New York City, New York!