Helpful Hint: Which Theme Are You?

IMG_1801There are plenty of ways to customize CoPilot to your liking but perhaps the best way to showcase your style is choosing the right theme! The easy part is getting there – Head to Settings – > Themes. The hard part is making a choice between our gorgeous themes.  We might be able to help!


Take this simple quiz to find out which theme is right for you!


Besides CoPilot of course, the app you use the most is:

A)  QR Barcode Scanner

B) Twitter, FB, Tumblr..hold on let me update my status that I’m taking this quiz.

C) HuffPo or CNN

D) Plants vs Zombies


The one show you absolutely cannot miss is:

A) Mythbusters

B) Real Housewives of Anywhere

C) Our America with Lisa Ling

D) The Walking Dead


It’s the weekend! We can find you at:

A) Home.

B)  A party!

C) Book Club

D) Walking my neighborhood…in costume.



Mostly A’s: You’re Neon Rain – a power user who likes their designs like they like their technology – sleek, modern and dynamic!

neon rain

Mostly B’s: You’re Cherry Pop – the center of attention and life of the party! Your personality is bright and bold – just like this skin!

cherry pop

Mostly C’s: You’re Limonade – people probably find you sophisticated, refreshing and a bit of a know-it-all.


Mostly D’s: You’re Halloween– maybe we should have a talk…


And if you are of the giving, charitable sort, why not download our Breast Cancer Awareness Theme? For a one time fee of only $0.99 you can have this amazing pink theme and give proceeds to the National Breast Cancer Coalition.


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