CoPilot: An App You Can Take Home To Mom

So you’ve waited too long to place an order for a beautiful bouquet? Skip the practically wilted flowers for something that’ll last Mom longer than a couple of days.

Head to the iTunes Store or Google Play Store and download CoPilot Live now!

Mom can use CoPilot to make life easier for the both of you! Like the fierce, multi-tasking wonder woman that she is, CoPilot’s advanced mapping and specialized features will make her even more of a superhero.

CoPilot will give  Mom more free time with the trip-optimization feature, points of interest to find places closest to her and ActiveTraffic™ to make sure she chooses the road literally less traveled.

And with all that free time, Mom can spend it headed to the places she’d really much rather visit:

Myrtle Beach


Happy Mother’s Day


The CoPilot Team

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