5 MORE Tips to Avoid Distracted Driving With GPS

We want you to be as prepared as possible so in addition to the tips we gave you on Tuesday, here are 5 more ways to keep  you worry-free on the road.  Please take the time to visit the National Safety Council’s page on Distracted Driving.


1. Know your vehicle’s restrictions

If you are cruising the country on the Great American Roadtrip, you might travel in an RV or other large vehicle. Make sure you know your vehicle’s height, weight, and cargo restrictions. Last thing you want is to approach a bridge and not know if your roof will make it to the other side. CoPilot can help with specific routing options for RVs or other large vehicles.


If you are operating a commercial grade truck, the federal government is issuing recommendations for use of truck-specific GPS applications. CoPilot Truck meets these requirements and would be a great option for any driver in need of a truck-specific GPS app.

2. Keep your map data up-to-date

If you haven’t updated your maps in a year or more, chances are the roads you travel will have changed. This is especially true in areas you haven’t driven recently. Take advantage of CoPilot’s free quarterly map updates to keep your data fresh. This allows the app to do its job, navigation, and you to focus on yours, driving.

While we strive to keep our maps up-to-date, no mapping app is perfect. Temporary exits, work zones, or new housing developments change the road map overnight.  .

MapSureIf you notice that something isn’t right, let us know. CoPilot’s MapSure™ program lets you report inconsistencies directly from the app.  Just make sure you don’t report the problem while still driving.


3. Get rid of screen clutter

Some other GPS apps pride themselves on their high levels of interactivity. The map display is littered with icons that move, blink, or otherwise distract you from driving.

CoPilot was designed to be as unobtrusive to driving as possible. We allow you to turn off points of interest icons while the car is moving. Our “Directions View” displays only the written direction for the next turn. Once you approach your turn, the app will automatically switch over and show you the map, exactly what lane you need to be in, and realistic views of exit signs. There is nothing extraneous included to take your attention off that SUV that decided to exit at the last second without a turn signal.

4. Plug your phone into a charger

By the nature of what they do, GPS apps use a lot of battery power. It takes some juice to talk to a satellite in geosynchronous orbit! There are some things you can do increase battery life like using our Power Saving feature, Directions View, or turning down your screen’s brightness.

Power Saving

Even with these precautions, it is safer to have your phone or tablet charging while using CoPilot. This way, you won’t be grabbing behind the seat or rummaging through the glove box to find your charger. You especially don’t want the app to turn off just before reaching that super confusing intersection.

5. Resist the urge to fiddle

We all have the constant urge to check, double check, or otherwise fiddle with our phones. I know I get the itch to check an email or text as soon as it arrives. But you can’t while driving. It’s dangerous for you and for others.

Enjoy driving. Embrace it as a time to unplug and not check your phone every two minutes. And this goes for your GPS apps, too. Let it do its job. If you have programmed it correctly with your destination, travel preferences, and traffic notifications, it will get you there. Relax. You have a CoPilot with you.