field of dreams

Field of Dreams- Somerset, Great Britain

Laice Wright (left) and Olivia Smith both aged 22 admire the wildlife in the stunning field of blooming wild flowers which has been cultivated by Denise and Brian Herrick on a former piece of wasteland. See SWNS story SWFLOWERS: A farmer and his wife have turned a wasteland into an area of beauty with the UK’s largest and most varied collection of wild flowers. Denise and Brian Herrick bought two acres of misused land strewn with rubbish and unsightly buildings in 2008. In 2010 the couple set about transforming it into their own flower-filled wilderness and, 18 months later, boast 57 different flower species from around the world. The ‘Field of Dreams’, which is part of the Herrick’s 85 acre Barcroft Estate in South Petherton, Somerset, is open to the public in July and August with any proceeds donated to charity.

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