5 Hilarious GPS Scenes You Don’t Have To Worry About

GPS mistakes are a common source of comedy for television and movies. Luckily for you, CoPilot is your GPS! With our award-winning navigation and quarterly map updates, we’ve got plenty of ways to keep you from becoming the butt of a joke in a Hollywood script. Have a good laugh watching these videos knowing that you’ve made the right choice in navigation!

In 2011’s Larry Crowne, Julia Roberts uses opera music to drown out the annoying and overly complicated in-car navigation, Map Genie.

In this episode of The Office, Michael Scott follows his GPS directions and finds himself in troubled water.

Poor Larry David. If you’ve downloaded CoPilot on your iOS or Android (and soon-Windows!) device, you’ll never have to know the struggle of opening a GPS out of a plastic container.

On The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon has hacked Leonard’s GPS voice prompts and interjected interesting facts along with voice guided navigation. More of Sheldon’s interesting facts can be found in our app through Wikipedia, no need to hear it along with turn-by-turn directions!

Don’t worry- CoPilot knows where to take you and doesn’t talk back!


Know of any more funny GPS moments on TV or in the movies? Let us know in the comments!