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FREE UPGRADE for all CoPilot Live Standard Customers

We have great news for all CoPilot Live Standard iPhone, iPad & Android customers. You can now upgrade to get the latest & greatest CoPilot features for FREE!

Copilot FreeBy upgrading to CoPilot GPS, you’ll continue to enjoy unlimited CoPilot Live navigation, only better – and with ongoing map updates & regular app updates in the future. Plus, we’ll restore all your existing CoPilot Live Standard subscriptions!

CoPilot GPS gives you access to our latest and greatest navigation features, including Google Search, custom themes and some exciting new features coming soon.

Here’s How to Upgrade:

  1. Download our CoPilot GPS app on iTunes or Google Play
  2. Launch CoPilot GPS, sign in with your existing CoPilot ID (e-mail address). This will transfer your CoPilot Live Standard purchases. It will take a few moments to restore everything.
      • Please note if you tap Create Later you will have to go to MyCoPilot > Register or Sign In to complete the upgrade.
  3. On the My Maps screen, tap Get Maps. Choose the map region you wish to download from the list.
  4. The status of your map download will be displayed. Here you can choose to pause, resume or cancel the map download.
  5. Once the map download is complete, the map will be stored on-board your device. Now you’re ready to start navigating!

CoPilot GPS logoGo even further with your CoPilot GPS app

If you didn’t purchase the 3D Advanced or Personal packs for your CoPilot Live Standard app, CoPilot GPS offers those same premium navigation features in one easy to purchase in-app unlimited use upgrade.  

Upgrade to full voice-guided, 3D navigation and enjoy:

  • Voice-guidance with Text-to Speech technology to speak full street names
  • 3D map views
  • Speed limit warnings
  • Realistic ClearTurn™ display
  • Lane arrows and sign info at highway exits

To Upgrade: Start CoPilot GPS then tap MyCoPilotà Features & Upgrades


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Upgrading from CoPilot Live Standard to CoPilot GPS

1.     How do I find my CoPilot ID in CoPilot Live Standard for the free upgrade?
You can find your CoPilot ID (email address) in CoPilot Live Standard by tapping  MyCoPilot > My Account
2.     What can I do if I forgot my CoPilot ID Password?
You can find your CoPilot ID password by tapping  MyCoPilot > My Account then tap Change Password.
3.     What if I no longer have access to my CoPilot ID email address?
Unfortunately you won’t be able to receive the Password Reset email and won’t be able to use that CoPilot ID. Please contact Support for help.

4.     I purchased my Android app from the CoPilot Webstore, can I still complete the upgrade?
Yes you can still upgrade. You will need to download the free CoPilot GPS application from Google Play, and then enter your CoPilot ID when prompted.
5.     I already have CoPilot Live Premium – do I need to download CoPilot GPS?
No, there is no need for CoPilot Live Premium customers to download the CoPilot GPS app or complete the upgrade. You have all the latest navigation features in your CoPilot Live Premium app.
6.     Can I still use CoPilot Live Standard on my device?
Yes, but we will be discontinuing support and map updates for the CoPilot Live Standard apps, so we strongly suggest you upgrade to CoPilot GPS.
7.     Can I transfer my favorites and recents from CoPilot Live Standard to CoPilot GPS?
No, unfortunately this is not possible.

Transferring Subscriptions from CoPilot Live Standard to CoPilot GPS

1.     Can I transfer my existing ActiveTrafficTM subscription for CoPilot Live Standard to CoPilot GPS?
Yes, when you install and launch CoPilot GPS, it will ask you for your CoPilot ID. Enter your ID to restore any existing ActiveTraffic subscriptions you purchased.
2.     I purchased the 3D Advanced and/or the Personal Routes packs for CoPilot Live Standard on iPhone, can I transfer them to CoPilot GPS?
Yes, when you install and launch CoPilot GPS, it will ask you for your CoPilot ID. Enter your ID to restore any existing subscriptions
3.     I don’t see all of my subscriptions restored to CoPilot GPS?
You may have purchased other subscriptions under a different CoPilot ID. Unfortunately, it’s only possible to transfer subscriptions under a single CoPilot ID.

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  1. clint spaulding
    Posted December 14, 2012 at 11:46 am | Permalink

    I have CoPilot 10 on the dash board computer that came with my Tiffin Motor Home. How do I upgrade the maps

  2. R Lexx
    Posted January 9, 2013 at 5:41 pm | Permalink

    Bought this twice for two devices, it comes up with $6.99 BUY not free upgrade and play store says NO refund. Not biting.

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