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February MapSure Requests and Map Update Now Available

We’ve just released this month’s free monthly map maintenance update for the following CoPilot Live North America and USA Android, Windows Mobile & Laptop Customers *.

CoPilot Live Premium, CoPilot Live Standard, CoPilot Live Premium HDCoPilot Live v8,  CoPilot Live v8 HD, CoPilot Truck v8, CoPilot Truck v8 HD  and CoPilot Live Directions

The new update includes emergency road closures, updates reported by users via MapSure™ during the month of February and other improvements. So if you submitted a street or address change in February via MapSure, it’s now available!

*Please note our iOS customers will benefit from this update as soon as Apple approves the update in the App Store!


Here’s how to get the latest monthly map update:

For CoPilot Live Premium and Standard Customers:

- Go to MyCoPilot > News & Updates and tap “MapSure Map Update Available for Download”

- Tap the orange Install button at the bottom of the message. You do not need to restart to begin using the new map data.

For CoPilot Live v8 Customers:

- Go to MENU > Updates and tap “Check for Updates”

- After the download is finished, make sure to completely restart CoPilot Live to ensure the update is complete. If you do not restart, you will not see the new map data.

If you prefer to have your device check for these monthly updates automatically:

- Go to MENU > Updates and select the “Check for Updates When CoPilot Starts” option and tap OK

Quarterly Maps

IMPORTANT for CoPilot Live Customers: In order to receive the monthly update you MUST have the latest 2012 Q1 Quarterly Maps.

Click here for instructions on how to get the 2012 Q1 Quarterly Maps.


For our iPhone and iPad users, we thank you for your patience; we will announce the update once it has Apple’s approval – stay tuned!

This free update is part of our MapSure service that guarantees you always have the very latest map of North America and USA on your CoPilot Live.

Click here to report a map improvement through MapSure today or you can now report MapSure updates directly from within CoPilot Live.

To learn more about the ALK MapSure Service visit  

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  1. Keven
    Posted May 24, 2012 at 8:18 am | Permalink

    Where are the Mapsure updates that were submitted in March? 45 days are long past.

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