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Google Reveals the New Google Play

On a day when the tech news is likely to be dominated by the announcement of the Apple iPad 3, Google has interestingly chosen to launch Google Play. Google Play takes the Android Market to the next level and offers a one-stop destination to download and store your favorite music, games, ebooks, and movies all in one place.  

Here’s more info on what Google Play is all about

For mobile devices, the Google Play app will be available as a free update to the existing Android Market app for all Android devices running version 2.2 and greater.

The transition has already begun online – you can take a look at the new Google Play store right now.

What does all this mean for CoPilot? Not too much! Instead of  going to the Android Market to purchase and update your CoPilot Live, you’ll now use the new rebranded Google Play (or Android Market for pre OS 2.2 users) app.

Okay Apple, you’re up next!


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