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For Thanksgiving, get there on time with CoPilot Live – 50% off all this week!

Leaving the office early and getting ready to hit the road? Don’t forget your GPS navigation so you can arrive on time to celebrate Thanksgiving with the family!

With Busy roads and weather issues today, caution will be needed. In order to make sure you’ll get to the right destination on time, here are some travel tips for driving on the biggest travel day of the year:

1.  Check the car - Is your tire pressure low?  Do you need an oil change?  Is your battery in good shape?  Is your tank full?  Basic things- but necessary preparations.

2.  Plan your trip – Before leaving, plan your trip in our favourite GPS app – CoPilot Live! Make sure you plug in your locations to  see how long it will take you to get to your destination. And if you need to pick up people or stop at different locations, you can add multiple stops and CoPilot will optimize your itinerary. Be clever, save miles.

3.  Limit the distractions – One of the most dangerous distractions is using the cell phone.  If your smartphone is your GPS, make sure you got it properly secured in a car mount.

3. Get Active Traffic updates (Another CoPilot Live feature to help prepare you)

  • ·  Traffic Conditions Along Your Route- A color-coded display roads with moderate congestion as yellow and severe congestions as red
  • · Dynamic Traffic Bar- Displayed alongside the map in guidance views, ActiveTraffic  gives you real-time visibility of traffic conditions on-route at a glance
  • · Find the Fastest Route through Traffic-When ActiveTraffic™ is enabled, CoPilot Live is constantly monitoring traffic conditions ensuring you are taking the fastest route to your destination.

And to help you get there on time, CoPilot Live is offering a special 50% off promotion all through Thanksgiving weekend. – Making the driving experience even easier starting with purchasing your GPS. So don’t think about it too much and get ready for a safe and stress-free Thanksgiving drive with CoPilot Live Premium.

CoPilot Live Thanksgiving Prices:

CoPilot Live Premium USA   $9.99  -  Go to Android Market or iTunes  for Android or iPhone
CoPilot Live Premium HD USA  $12.99  - Go to  
iTunes to purchase for iPad

CoPilot Live Premium NA    $12.99 - On iTunes  for iPhone
CoPilot Live Premium HD NA       $14.99Go to  
iTunes to purchase for iPad

CoPilot Live Standard USA    $2.99Go to Android Market or iTunes for Android or iPhone
CoPilot Live Standard NA    $3.99 -Go to 
iTunes to purchase for iPhone 

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  1. Garreth Jeremiah
    Posted November 23, 2011 at 3:37 pm | Permalink

    The same link again..lots of complaints about this in your other posts…

    …the link for “CoPilot Live Premium NA” for the android market does not take us to CoPilot Live Premium….

    No one appears to be able to find the product you identify in this blog entry DOES NOT APPEAR TO EXIST.

    How can we get the copilot live premium NA for $12.99 ?

    • Helene
      Posted November 25, 2011 at 4:21 am | Permalink

      Hi Garreth,

      There was a slight mistake on the post, we don’t provide NA maps for Android, only USA. Sorry about the confusion, we rectified it. Thanks.

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