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Use POI’s during your Thanksgiving Holiday Travel!

Have you ever forgotten to bring the volunteered dessert to a Thanksgiving feast?

Or how about the other side of the dinner table, and been the baker,  and burnt the crust of your pumpkin pie?  With all the thanksgiving chaos,  you simply might not have had  enough time for the dessert

Well if you have been  a victim in either case, there is a solution that could help you save the Thanksgiving dinner and make you the hero of the night!

CoPilot Live has a feature that allows you to search POIs; this is especially handy if you are not familiar with the area you are visiting. You can search for any bakery in the local area and then call them, and navigate there Рall within the app- Couldn’t be any easier to ensure there is a proper replacement for that damaged/forgotten baked good!

And to sweeten the deal  (no pun intended)- CoPilot Live apps are all 50% off!

All this week until Thanksgiving Day.

That means that CoPilot Live Premium USA $19.99 is being priced at $9.99 and CoPilot Live Premium NA, and CoPilot Live Premium HD USA normally priced at $24.99 is now priced at $12.99. CoPilot Live Standard, normally priced at 4.99, is now priced at $3.99!

Get your hands on this fantastic deal.  Having CoPilot Live by your side will make your Thanksgiving journey that much less stressful for you and your family. It  will also keep you prepared for the other holiday journeys to come.

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