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How long is your commute?

The US Census Bureau has just released their annual survey of commuter habits, providing a revealing insight into how people get to work – and how long it takes them.

Unsurprisingly, the report shows that the most popular method of commuting in the U.S. is by car – 86% – with an average journey time of 25 minutes – a 10% increase since 1990.


Commute times vary substantially depending on where you live though:

  • New York City is the home of the countries longest average daily commute, with residents in the metropolitan area spending an average of 34.6 minutes travelling to and from work.
  • Workers heading into Washington DC don’t fare much better with an average 33.4 minute journey
  • At the other end of the scale, if you live in Great Falls, Montana, you can expect to get to the office in a little over 14 minutes – you’ve barely enough time to heat-up the car on a winter’s morning

What makes an ‘average’ commute?

If only the journey to and from the office was always 25 minutes. The truth is that no matter how regular the commute, or where you live, daily conditions can vary. We assume that the 25 minute national average is based on minimal road works, fair weather and constant traffic flow. Of
course the reality is that unexpected delays can occur on any day of the week – usually when you are running late in the first place or need to be somewhere early.

Intriguingly, according to the report it seems that the average commute time for men is longer than women – 22 minutes for the ladies vs 25 for the guys. We aren’t quite sure how to explain that one, although we speculate whether it’s evidence of ‘more haste less speed’ caused by the
constant lane-changing and tail gating favored by certain male drivers.

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    44 miles.

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