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Thank You TUAW, AppAddict, ZDNET, and DocMurdock for the Great Feedback

We’re thrilled with¬†the¬†tremendous success we’ve¬†seen with¬†the¬†release of CoPilot Live Premium USA and CoPilot Live Premium USA HD on the iTunes App Store.¬† We’ve been receiving some wonderful¬†feedback from both bloggers and customers and would like to thank a few of the bloggers that took the time to write reviews on CoPilot Live Premium.


Mel Martin of TUAW Says…

¬† ‚ÄúUsing this heavily revised CoPilot app was a good experience. I found the GUI to be responsive, and the on screen GUI is much better looking that the old CoPilot app. Maps were detailed, the voices were clear, and there was a choice of voices.”

-Thank you Mel, we’re glad to hear you had a good experience while using the new CoPilot and also happy to hear you liked the new UI.

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¬†Brett Nolan of AppAddict Says…

“ALK has also made navigation a bit more interactive, allowing drivers to drag their route to adjust it and tap anywhere on the map to go there or discover useful location-specific information. This really does feel like a completely new app and so far I have been really impressed with the work that has been done by the the ALK Technologies team.”

-Thank you Brett!¬† We’ve worked hard to implement new and useful innovations in the app and it’s great to hear the hard work is paying off.¬†¬†

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Matthew Miller of ZDNET Says…

¬†‚ÄúIf you are looking for an excellent GPS navigation solution that supports offline maps then you should consider CoPilot Live for your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.”

-Thanks Matt, we’re happy to hear you see the enourmous benefits of CoPilot Live’s¬†on-board solution.¬† Let us know when you’re ready to give the HD version a spin on your iPad!

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DocMurdock - Technology TidbitsDocMurdock¬†Says…

“I must say out of the gate that¬†I was completely impressed with the revisions to the app. They’ve taken what one would call a dashboard paradigm and moved it to a whole new level of clarity and precision.”

-Thanks DocMurdock, we’re very¬†pleased to hear you’re enjoying the software and thanks for the DocMurdock stamp of approval.

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Thanks again for all the great feedback everyone!



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    Posted July 21, 2011 at 6:09 am | Permalink

    I can’t believe how they did the product test !

    - After over 2 weeks there is still no copilot central for v9 !!!
    - After over 2 weeks there is still no possibility to add customized poi !!!
    - I was using live traffic Italy in v8 and now with Active traffic I have no traffic news for Italy !!
    And I am paying for this service !!!!!!

    Is it a good product ??!

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