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Celebrating a CoPilot Live Style Earth Day

To celebrate Earth Day today, we thought you would appreciate a few easy suggestions on how using navigation apps can help you do your part to preserve Mother Earth.

1)      Going Paperless- According to the Environmental Protection Agency there is 4 million tons of paper used annually.  By using CoPilot Live you are skipping the process of writing down directions or printing mapping instructions. Plus, CoPilot Live provides full voice guidance so you have the added advantage of being less distracted reading directions while you drive.

2)      Preserving on Gas- By knowing where you are going and having a CoPilot as your guide, you’ll spend less time driving in circles and conserve your gas usage. CoPilot Live has the added benefit of allowing you to select specific routing preferences, including the “Shortest” route to your destination. By doing this, you are reducing extra gas into the atmosphere, not to mention saving your dollars with the current expensive fuel prices.

Shortest route setting- Menu>  Plan or Edit Trip>  Show Route>  Shortest>  OK 

3)      Fresh Air Routes- A great feature to use to celebrate Earth Day is CoPilot Live’s Bicycle and Walking Modes of Travel.  This obviously saves on gas, but also gives you a chance to enjoy what Mother Earth has to offer.  And as an added bonus, you get the additional benefits of exercising!

4)      Planting a Tree in the Park – Enjoying the earth and not polluting is important, but it is also nice to help replenish and make it greener.   CoPilot Live’s on-board POI database can help you find the closest park to do so. Most parks around your area are planting trees today. Find which park is supporting tree planting and use your CoPilot Live app to guide you there.

5)      Recycle your Old Phones- After you are finished with your device, it is important to recycle your phone.  People tend to hold onto their phones; in fact over 128 million cell phones are retired and not recycled annually.  By conserving natural resources we can recover the materials rather than wasting them and using up more of our resources. This in turn is helping our environment. Here is a link to find a place to recycle your phone.

We’d love to hear how you’re choosing to celebrate Earth Day.   Whether its one of the ways we listed above or other unique activities to revel in.  We hope you enjoy your Earth Day and the rest of your weekend!

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