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Tips and Tricks: Saving on Fuel Costs

gas pump One topic everyone is sure to have heard about or has been thinking about recently is the rise of gas prices here in the U.S.  I pulled up to the pump this past weekend and asked to fill it up regular.  Well I was in for a little bit of a shock when I saw the total!  I probably should have checked the gas price before I pulled in.  Unfortunately it may not have made much difference as regardless of location, most people are seeing gas prices around the national average of $3.51.  And predictions are saying we can expect to see $4 a gallon by summer!

Regardless of price, there is some great advice available on how to save on fuel costs.  I came across a article on things we can do ourselves to help keep our fuel costs down.  One of the tips they mention is Run errands with efficiency.  Your CoPilot Live is actually the perfect tool to use for this type of advance planning and multi-stop optimization. 

Back in December I posted a Tip & Trick on how to use CoPilot’s muti-stop trip optimization feature to create efficient routes to save time and stress when holiday shopping.   Holiday shopping may be over but it’s a great feature to use for a day packed with errand running and multiple stops.  So check out the tip and start saving on fuel costs!  Read the full blog post here:

Check out’s full article on 10 Tips to save at the pump:

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